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all characters are at least 18

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Main Charcter; An alchemist who used to live with Kana. Now he is raising his daughter Natane.
The wife of Oto; Apparently died before giving birth to their child. Oto has flashbacks/visions of her from time to time.
Oto's daughter; She was supposedly born out of a strange mineral found by Oto in an underground cave. Because of this unnatural orgin, she grows unnaturally fast.
Found by Oto in a cave, this creature led him to the strange mineral that eventually tirned into Natane. Acts as a guardian of Natame. Refered to as Hopo-chan by Natane and Oto. It seems that Natane understands his growling to an extend.
An old woman and business associate of Oto, she helps him with raising Natane. Refered to as grandma by Natane. Always has her eyes hidden under her hood(anyone else reminded of krea from swkotor2?).
Shopowner who is ocationally helped by Oto. Seems to be the seductive type.
Apparently the daughter of a (famous?) court alchemist. Has a demanding, rash and egoistic character.
She seems to have some connection with the church. She's quite an airhead and doesn't really fit into society.