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Honey Select 2 [edit]


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There are two types of translations: Human translations and Machine translations.

A human translation is made manually by people that translates the game, phrase by phrase. Since the game have more than 100,000 lines of dialog the process takes a lot of time and effort, but the quality of a human translation is far superior than the machine one.

A machine translation is an automated process made by translation mechanisms, such as google translate. They have the speed to translate in real time without human effort, but the quality is far inferior comparing to human counterpart.

Installing the translation mod

The mod that makes translations is called XUnity.AutoTranslator. It's part of the Base mods listed in Installing mods section. You'll need to install all the 6 base mods to make your game work properly. In order to show subtitles from dialogs in scenes, install the "Subtitles" plugin from Feature Game Plugins. Packages such as HF Patch and BetterRepack includes these mods already.

This translation mod uses Google Translate if no human translation is found. If your game is not being translated, make sure that it is not blocked on your firewall and the internet is reaching the google translate server.

Since human translation quality is far superior you can put in your game the part that was translated until now. Translations are kept in "BepInEx\Translation" folder. Each language has its own folder, for english the folder is "BepInEx\Translation\en\". To download human English translation see the next topic.

English Translations

There’s an English translation project that is maintained by the community and you can also participate, any help is appreciated!

Coordinate with other translators on the illusion Discord server in #translation channel. To avoid translation conflicts please ask if anyone is working on a file. If you have any questions about the quality of your translations, ask for advice on the server.

Read the guide in Translations GitHub where the translations are committed. You can also make a copy of the must up to date translation and install in your game.

Here’s an example of the translation folder with translations up to July/07/2020 . You can use this in your game folder to feel the difference.