Honey Select 2: Achievements and Unlocks

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all characters are at least 18

Honey Select 2 [edit]


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In order to progress in the game, you must unlock achievements. After meeting the requirements for an achievement, a lock icon will appear upon entering your room.

When an achievement is unlocked you gain points that are used to unlock new options for the player. Call Fur and then click on achievements to see how many points you have and trade to unlock your reward.


Achievement Points Earned Content Tips
Commemorative visit 1P Start the game
First Timer 1P Complete a scene for the first time
Search the Place 1P Go around the hall for the first time
First call 1P Call Fur for the first time
Fur-Alban-Fur 1P Have a scene with Fur
Lecherous 3P Have scene 10 times
Unequaled 3P Ejaculate 10 times
Technician 3P Make a girl cum 10 times
Chance Attack 3P Surprise a girl Attacks while bathing, in the bathroom, sleeping, etc.
Surprise 3P Be surprised by a girl Be attacked by a girl while sleeping in your room.
Lucky Lascivious 3P Encounter a girl while she's in a private moment Head to the place with a happening event
Meeting 5P A girl visited your room and had make it with you "Walk to the Hall" to "your room" when its marked with a happening event. A girl in a favorable state can visits you and make it.
Love Maxed 3P Max out a girl's Favor status
Hedonist Maxed 3P Max out a girl's Enjoyment status
Slave Maxed 3P Max out a girl's Slave status
Hate Maxed 3P Max out a girl's Aversion status
Mental Breakdown 5P Max out a girl's Broken status Use forced position and BDSM on her and continues one more time after she faints for multiple sessions.
Jailed 5P Max out a girl's Dependence status Dependence increases when you play the same girl multiple times in a row.


Reward Cost Content
Love Position Book 2P Unlocks Sleeping Kiss, No Handblow, Chest Fist Cowgirl, and 69 on girls with a maxed out Love.
Hedonist Position Book 2P Unlocks Face sitting cunnilingus, nipple licking handjob, ching repiston, and horn masturbation on girls with a maxed out Enjoyment.
Slave Position Book 2P Unlocks Wall standing back cunnilingus, Wall Irama, Bridge piston, and Dildo masturbation on girls with a maxed out Slave.
Hate Position Book 2P Unlocks Standing Vibe, Restriction Blow, Standing Restraint, and Camera Masturbation on girls with a maxed out Aversion.
Special Equipment 2P Unlocks Restricted double-hole vibe, Delivery table insertion, Restricted toy attack, and Restricted machine fucking.
Wooden Horse 2P Unlocks Triangle horse, hand tied triangle horse, iron ball hand tied triangle horse, and horse whip.
Wall/Rope Utensils 10P Unlocks Wall hole blow job, Wall hole doggy style, Wall hole doggy style + blowjob and Rope restraint insertion.
Unlock Multiple Women 2P Allows selecting a second girl in Meetings, as well as Lesbian and Trio positions.
Unlock Multiple Men 2P Allows selecting a second male, as well as Multiple Men positions.
Break Control 1P Unlocks an option to avoid the Broken status in the Settings.
Escape Controls 1P Unlocks an option to avoid escaping girls in the Settings.
Urine/Squirt Controls 1P Adds extra controls for urine and squirting in the Settings.
Wetness/Gloss Controls 1P Adds extra controls for wetness and glossyness during scenes.
Desire Alteration 3P Unlocks controls for maxing out a girl's desire in Meetings.
Area Permit 1 2P Unlocks the stages Backyard (rain), Office, Public Toilet, and Patient Room.
Area Permit 2 2P Unlocks the stages Classroom, P.E. Warehouse, Chinese Restaurant, and Tavern.
Fur's Room Key 3P Unlocks the sage Fur's Room. You can also change Fur's appeareance while in the lobby.
Status Lock 5P Unlocks controls for a girl's status, breakage, and dependence.
Familiarity Unlock 5P Unlocks controls for a girl's familiarity with insertions, Anal and Pain.