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all characters are at least 18

Custom Order Maid 3D 2 [edit]

  • FAQ & Technical Help


Running the game

  • Q1: I keep getting an "(0) Yotogi.Category enum parse error (character not japanese)" error when I run the game and I have AppLocale?
A: If your receive an error "(0) Yotogi.Category enum parse error (character not japanese)", that mean your computer have not completely changed the located system to japan because AppLocale don't support x64 version. You must do the follow below (choose one method only).
  1. For x64 version without set window system locate to japanese, you can using NTLEA x64 by setting here and press the arrow on the bottom right. That makes you can right click COM3D2x64.exe to run with NTLEA x64.
  2. Set window system locate to japanese to do the following (note: recommend this method because it simple and work fine on window 10).
    Control Panel > Region > Administrative Tab > Language for non-Unicode programs choose Japanese(Japan) and restart your computer.


Installed Guide

Installing the Game

Updating Patch

Installing Sybaris2

Transfer Data

Transfer the data from CM3D2 to COM3D2, you must to do the following. (example: main characters, DLC etc.)

  1. CM3D2 and COM3D2 have been installed correctly on windows. (note: The game will check the registry on windows)
  2. CM3D2 must update to ver1.58.1 or higher.
  3. COM3D2 must update to ver1.02 or higher.
  4. Install the update 互換アップデートパッチ from Official Update.
  5. After complete installing the update above, open the COM3D2 launcher and select 互換設定 or Gear Icon > 設定.
  6. And then go to compatibility setting (カスタムメイド3D2 互換設定) and choose the directory of CM3D2 game folder. After done press 保存 for save your settings.
From step 5 press the compatibility setting button for open the settings menu. (highlighted in red)
The settings menu from step 6
- Internet connect for display information and updates.
- Compatibility setting for transfer data from CM3D2.
- VR for display VR button on luncher

Installing Mod

Example installing mods within folder

Installation the mod, you can follow the steps below.
For Vanilla
1. Go to game folder create a new folder "Mod" (example: C:\KISS\COM3D2\Mod)
2. Put the mod files into COM3D2\Mod folder.

For Sybaris2
1. You need to install Modloader Plugin in sybaris.
2. After complete installing the plugin, put the mod files into COM3D2\Mod folder.

Note1: For .mod file should be placed without the folder.
Note2: For body mod, you should have the BodyCategoryAdd Plugin in sybaris before it will appear in edit maid. (example: Body kupa, TKbody)