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all characters are at least 18

AI Syoujyo [edit]



FAQ & Technical Help


  • Q: Shan (The merchant) can be customized?
    A: No, can't, be customize neither clothes or appareance.
  • Q: Shan is missing!, and I can't find her anywhere...
    A: She leave the island randomly to comeback days later, before she go, you can find her on the port in the beach.

  • Q: How I feed the girls?
    A: You need to find and cook food, and then put it on the kitchen storage (Don't confuse with the main storage, most places to cook (that are not a bonfire) will have a storage).
  • Q: How I can get more girls on the island?
    A: You can have four in total, and except for the first girl, you need batterys and find the pots around the island.
  • Q: The girls are cyborgs?
    A: Actually androids created by YORHA like 2B, they get sick frequently because they are infected with Foxdie.
  • Q: How to install skills?
    A: you need to make girls have at least 3 heart on their status, then you can put skill in ----- right side of the screen.
  • Q: How to change plugin/mod setting hotkey?
    A: Edit com.bepis.bepinex.configurationmanager.cfg in BepInEx\config\
  • Q: How to disable/enable logging console(additional window that start up with the game)?
    A: Edit BepInEx.cfg in BepInEx\config\ under [Logging.Console] set Enabled = true/false
  • Q:What's "darkness" Stat effect PLS?