The Demon's Stele & The Dog Princess

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  • Crown: 5 hearts
  • All: 4 hearts
  • Ribbon/cami: not day 1, or 4 hearts
  • Dress body: 3 hearts

Speech options


  • I still have plenty of stamina for you
  • We are not done yet
  • I'm still loaded for more

Sex +2×Love
Stamina +25%


  • My little boy needs a rest
  • Close one, I almost gave in...
  • Hold on! I got to hold my horses!


  • I'm going to speed up.
  • You are not satisfied, right?
  • Do you like it rough?


  • (I'd lake to taste that tongue)
  • (I would love to give her a taste)
  • (My mouth is not just for talking)


  • What's the matter?
  • How are you feeling?
  • Do you like that?
  • You like this, right?

Mood +5
Sex +5
TaNext = fast


  • How adorable
  • You have done well
  • Good Girl, what a wonderful girl
  • I see now why you are a princess

Mood +10×Love
if Obey < 50: Obey +Love
else: Obey -Love
TaNext = fast


  • Are you alright ?
  • I'm truly sorry
  • I beg for your forgiveness


  • Relax, take it easy
  • Don't worry about this
  • I will be gentle
  • I will never harm you
  • You are going to be fine

Mood +(30-5×Love)
if blood & no collar: Pain /2
else: Pain 0


  • Don't dare to test my patience
  • Don't be so arrogant
  • You shall be punished
  • I shall take you as my pet
  • You are very suitable as a slutty bitch
  • You like that right? You little bitch

Mood +(-10+Love^2)
if Sex < 80: Sex +5×Love