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is a question about the textures

Hi congratulations on this wiki, comprehensive and explanatory, will they have a problem with the textures of clothing, for example underwear, when I go to customize the uniform of a character, textures underwear and skirts me completely depart on black anyone could explain that this is due to? Could anyone give me a solution? thanks in advance and sorry for my english and sorry if this is not the section to ask questions touching

Problems with Quick Step-by-Step Guide

I hit a minor hiccup with the step-by-step installation from scratch guide at step 3. When I attempted to mount the image, the "Disks" were not visible. I figured out that selecting "All files" on the lower right drop list made them visible, but it took a few minutes. People even less computer-wise than myself might get stuck there.

Question about error message

I followed the step-by-step guide for dummies, and got all the way though. (Intall AA2 Japanese into the correct folders. Install HF-patch. Install english patch. Install and run apploc.) When I run AA2Play with English subs, i get a working menu. But when I choose, games start, I get an error in Japanese: "動作設定フアイルが読み 込めなかつたので動作設定を 初期化します。", which translates to 'To initialize the operation setting since the operation setting file has failed to put reading.' Perhaps it means, 'Please initialize the operation setting, since the operation setting file failed to read'? Any help would be great. Link to error message:

Missing textures with blazer

I have a problem where I can't change the skirt or underwear textures when using the blazer or jumper. The textures don't come up as an option, so I assume the game can't find them. Any help would be appreciated.

Game is in Japanese

I downloaded an english patch and it is in Japanese... I don't know how to run the game that way!

Lags on computer with AMD graphics

Has anyone found a solution to the game lagging when playing on a computer with AMD graphics card? I have AMD Radeon HD 8730M and it should be more than enough to run the game. Also, apparently there's no difference in the FPS amount when the game is ran on the lowest settings and on the highest settings. I dare to say that it actually runs slightly faster on highest settings.

Odd Crash interaction with mIRC

First off: I'm on Windows 10, using Locale Emulator to run the game.

I've just experienced an extremely odd crash which was resolved by closing mIRC. The game would not load and I would get a crash dump immediately after. Not really sure what kind of interaction this was causing, but I figured someone else will end up seeing something similar. No mIRC = loads perfectly as it did before.

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