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all characters are at least 18

Love Death 4 [edit]


Technical Help

Sex Tea addon

This is H gameplay guide for Teatime's game らぶデス4~ν-Realtime Lovers~ (Love Death 4 ~Realtime Lovers~).

For other gameplay info check Gameplay Guide and other pages on this wiki!

Groping Mode

Girl's love bar must be max so that you can use unzip selection on her without her running away. Touching fills up her love bar. With half of the bar you can remove clothes.

Entering groping mode

  1. Walk up to her and click middle mouse button. Camera view will switch to first person view. On the bottom left, three new selection will appear around the circle
  2. Click on the most bottom left option (Fondle) to enter touching mode.

Touching her boobs/butt/pussy will fill the bar around the circle, when it fills up, the love bar will go up a bit.

On the top right, click on hand icon to change touching type. There are 5 touching types, last one (blue icon) is to remove clothes. The clothes removing mode can also be used to stroke the girl.

Removing her clothes

  1. Top right, click on hand icon until it changes to blue icon.
  2. Left click on girl's clothes, hold and move mouse around. You might notice the clothes stretches a bit, that means you have grabbed on to it.
  3. Its easy to just drag the mouse in one direction, if you do it right "taking clothes off" animation will start.
Alternatively, you can access the girl's inventory screen by pressing middle mouse button on her head and take off clothes.

When the love bar is full you can unzip and she will not run away. To enter H you need to turn groping mode off and unzip.

Tip: You may use the watermelon or the snack bar to have a constant boost of arousal whilst groping. The girl will attempt to go to the nearest washroom. When she does, this arousal boost stops. Use this to your advantage to double the rate of arousal. She will not break off from you if you have initiated Groping Mode.
Changing positions in fondle mode

Changing positions

  • If you want to make her crouch you have to click the IK icon and right-click and hold to grab her head forward, then backward like shown on the picture. Sometimes it is easier to simply right-click and hold the gray circle on her hand and drag down and forward.
  • To make her sit on the ground (with legs spread) you have to make her crouch first, then right-click and hold to grab her head and move to left or right(if doesn't work try left first, then right). Sometimes it is easier to simply right-click and hold the gray circle on her hand and pull her hand down and forward again.
  • To make her sit on the ground (with legs in front of her and hands behind) you have to make her crouch first, then right-click and hold the gray circle on her hand and pull it down and backward.


In h-mode, on the bottom right are options/selections. Available positions depend on the place you started H.
created by cetra00

Basic controls

  • The left most button next to the mushroom is to insert/take out.
  • The button above that one is to change position. Press once to make a selection, click on left or right to select position and then click in middle of button to choose that position.
  • Green button next to insert/pullout changes between different animations available for the selected position.
  • Purple button below it toggles between cumming inside or out (x doesn't have any effect on that in my experience..)
  • To kiss click on girls face. Kiss mode indicator will light up when enabled.


  • Left click and hold on guy's crotch area or on the mushroom, and move your mouse around to pump. When guy inserts, the girl will moan and make noises for a while, during this period you can not start pumping.
  • To have guy automatically move without you having to move mouse around left click and hold on crotch area or on the mushroom, and move mouse around. While doing that click the right mouse button. Guy will move on his own now. To stop it, do the same thing. Auto mode indicator will light up when enabled.

Girl Initiative

The girl will start on her own if you do nothing for a few seconds.

  • The Affection bar (below the love bar) must be at 100%. The only way known so far to raise this is with food items in particular the candy/snack bar.

Rape mode

While in rape mode the rape indicator will light up (the smaller red circle). There are many ways to enter that mode:

  • Forceful way:
  1. Walk up to a girl, mouse-wheel select to the icon with the cat striking the screen or a weapon (usually the ? icon).
  2. Right-click to hit her. Quick clicks are weak hits. Clicking and holding result in stronger hits. Keep hitting her till she falls down.
  3. Now select the "unzip" icon and start H.
  • Unzip while the girl is sleeping (She is considered knocked down in this state).
  • Make her fall down in IK mode and unzip. To do that enter IK mode and grab both of her feet so they are not touching the ground.

3P mode (Threesome)

You can get 3P action if you unzip with more than 1 H-ready girl (full love bar) next to you. You have to make H at least once with both of the girls before you can do 3P.

H-mode positions(not standard)

  • Near a car
  • Near the jungle gym (it's near a car on the school map)
  • Near a wall (school toilet - girl section is working, other walls need confirmation) . Girl must be standing near a wall, not the player
  • Near a chair
  • Near a table
  • On the roof of the house
  • In a bus
    • Under the hanging cuffs
    • Near the long seat

Love and Affection bar effects

' 0% Love Bar vs 100% Love Bar
Unzip She runs away H mode
Walking Normal Usually has her hand on her crotch while walking around
Enter shower Starts shoving you out Doesn't make a big deal of it
' 0% Affection Bar vs 100% Affection Bar
H scene - initiative Is passive After a few seconds start moving on her own
H scene - cum inside Doesn't like it Is happy you came inside her
Talking Normal Nicer to you, sometimes they'll say something flirtatious