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all characters are at least 18

Love Death 4 [edit]


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This is list of characters in Teatime's game らぶデス4~ν-Realtime Lovers~ (Love Death 4 ~Realtime Lovers~).  桜井 晴美 (Sakurai Haruyoshi) is protagonist of the game, he is controlled by the player.

This list is heavily based on Getchu!, go there for videos and images of the game.

If you have a question that is not answered on this wiki feel free to ask in the LoveDeath4 Discussion thread.

Photo Name B W H CV Introduction
LD4 NagaharaShouko.jpg

永原 翔子

Nagahara Shouko
82 51 84 金田まひる

She is a little violent and tends to do things without thinking. She has low blood pressure and is a very deep sleeper. Haruyoshi will often wake her up by messaging her breasts (and she beats him up for it) every morning like a everyday normal activity.

LD4 SawasumiMiharu.jpg

沢澄 美晴

Sawasumi Miharu
98 56 78 澄白キヨカ

A mysterious girl who seems to know Haruyoshi and Yuuki. Looks like only Sachiko knows who she really is.

LD4 SakuraiYuuki.jpg


Sakurai Yuuki
73 50 75 民安ともえ

In a car accident 10 years ago, she lost her parents and got a serious mental scar. She underwent treatments and nowadays, she is able to live normally (she lives with Haruyoshi and Sachiko). Yuuki has an extreme brother-complex and is really close to Kaede.

LD4 HiiragiKaede.jpg

柊 楓

Hiiragi Kaede
70 48 72 金松由花

Haruyoshi's classmate. She lives in a small apartment and often visits Nagahara Mansion. Her record is pretty mysterious and she seems to be keeping an eye on Haruyoshi and the people around him. She often hangs out with him and Nagahara.

LD4 HoshinaShiina.jpg

保科 椎菜

Hoshina Shiina
110 59 89 芹園みや

A shinigami that fell from nowhere when Haruyoshi was in the kitchen. She's pretty naive and really loves to eat very spicy food.

LD4 ShindouNanami.jpg

進藤 奈々美

Shindou Nanami
69 47 71 草柳順子

Haruyoshi's homeroom teacher. She doesn't show any emotions in either her actions or speech. She always seems to appear where strange things happen and is constantly observing Haruyoshi and others around him including Kaede. She doessn't like to eat normal food (instead she prefers nutrient pills).

Sachiko .jpg

永原 祥子

Nagahara Sachiko
 ?  ?  ? かわしまりの

Shouko's mother and Haruyoshi's aunt. She is the owner of Nagahara Mansion. She likes tv-shopping and often buys strange stuff (most of them are useless). Sachiko is a world professional wrestler who still holds a undefeated record. She likes to be called Sister and gets angry if she's called Aunt.

LD4 SakuraiHaruyoshi.jpg

桜井 晴美

Sakurai Haruyoshi

Protagonist of the game (controlled by player). A mysterious power awakened inside of him after he obtained key left by his father. Shortly after he met many mysterious people. He's sometimes called Harumi (a girl's name) by other characters, since that's a more common reading of his given name's character combination.

LD4 ShishioMadara.jpg

志子 尾斑

Shishio Madara
N/A 10年前、Fifth管理局から人間の魂を無断で持ち し、実験に使用した罪によりイリーガル認定され、ベテラン捜査員 った10370(みなも)に追われる。