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all characters are at least 18

Love Death 2 [edit]


Technical Help


Quick FAQ

  • Q: How do you get her naked?
    • A: You have to get the glasses. Item Map
  • Q: I seem to have lost two of the touch modes. Now I only have 1 hand?
    • A: If you cant seem to be able to take off the clothes or/and remove the panties and bra you have enabled Low polygon. Click Options on the English launcher and make sure that Use Low polygon conversion is disabled. Enabling this will improve performance and loading times slightly, but is not recommended.
  • Q: I can't get her naked, have the glasses, and my game settings are correct.
    • A: The "0" key and the glasses will only take off most of the clothes. To take off the bra and panties you need to start "Touch" mode (Clicking on the heart in the lower left hand corner) and change the type of touching to the option in RED text. That option will allow you to click and drag off any piece of clothing.
  • Q: How do I remove the socks/stockings?
    • A: You cannot remove these no matter what.
  • Q: How do you turn off the music?
    • A: You need to upgrade to version 1.03 or later. Then you get a new interface with new options in the options menu which contains music, sound and voice sliders as well.
  • Q: How do I make a girl willing to my advances (i.e. I can use the "Monster in my Pants" Tool without them fleeing)?
    • A: Raise the girl's Ero (エロ, in the bottom-left of the screen) to a high level (above 70), then she'll just submit when you do that.
  • Q: How do you get her naked in the DEMO?
    • A: You have to keep ripping her underwear. It requires quite a bit of patience.
  • Q: While touching her, she has an orgasm, and lies down on the ground... how do i get her to stand back up?
    • A: If you hit her using the hit tool, she will stand while her health decreases. If you want wake up her without hitting, use a consumable item like a plant, a juice (blue or red), a mushroom, a diuretic, etc...


  • There are 3 modes you can be in.
    • Conversation mode. (Advancing the game story.)
    • Explorer mode. (Used to explore the world and find items or girls.)
    • Touching mode. (Used to fondle, strip, seduce, and have sex with the girls.)
  • Unless your game choices force you on a different plot path. The main story will end in 7 days. Each day has a variety of scenes. A day always ends with a scene at night.
  • There are many endings. All of them depend on the choices you made at the discussion points and how happy the girls are with you. (There is no gauge that tells you how happy the girl is.)

The Girls

There are six girls in LoveDeath 2 - Realtime Lovers:


Story Basics

  • The game for the most part is one continuous story. It consists of many hours of spoken dialog and is periodically stopped so a player can make a decision.
  • The plot will take you through multiple scenes and have different girls as the main narrator. The narrator of a scene is located in the upper right hand corner. This is important as you need to know who to talk to in order to progress in the game.
  • If you do nothing but skip text and avoid interaction the story will continue and eventually the game will end. To get the most of the game you need to break from the narration.
  • You break from Conversation mode by using the Interaction Tool or by starting Touching mode.
  • Should something happen to the narrator of a scene. You can revive her by using drinks, Morphine, or by hurting her in some way. (Lowering your Level Meter Slider to Zero and using the "Hit" Tool works well)

Conversation Tree

This is the typical conversation tree. The basic subject is listed as well as the choice you can make to continue the story.

Original source:

Japanese Wiki

Desertrain Walkthrough

Day 1:

  • Itsumi is trying to wake you up. Choose your response.
    • Snap at her.
    • Ignore her.
    • Talk to her gently. Itsumi gains +10 happiness
  • Itsumi asks if you'll eat her bento.
    • Eat. Itsumi gains +10 happiness
    • Don't eat.
    • Give it to Itsumi.
  • Talking to Koto.
    • If you don't mind, a little longer.... Koto gains +10 happiness
    • Goodbye, Senpai.
  • Thinking about Ayumi.
    • It bothers me. Ayumi gains +10 happiness
    • If Koto's happiness more than 45, the way she talks changes.
    • It doesn't bother me.

Day 2:

  • You see Ayumi and Itsumi.
    • Ignore them.
    • At least call out one of them. Ayumi gains +10 happiness
    • Call out only to Itsumi. Itsumi gains +10 happiness

Day 3:

  • Itsumi asks you if you'd save her if she looks like she's going to commit suicide.
    • Of course I will Itsumi gains +10 happiness
    • Don't say strange things
    • You'll be alright, right?
  • You talk with Itsumi whether you interest on Minamo and Yotsuba
    • Not really. Itsumi gains +10 happiness
    • I'm a little interested. Minamo gains +10 happiness
    • Why...?
  • You have lunch with Ayumi, Itsumi, Koto, Minamo and Yotsuba.
    • Return.
    • Stay a little longer
  • The girls ask you whose lunch box is tastier
    • Koto's boxed lunch: Koto gains +10 happiness
    • Ayumi's boxed lunch. Ayumi gains +10 happiness
    • Yotsuba's boxed lunch: Minamo gains +10 happiness

Day 4:

  • Storm clouds are brewing.
    • Go back and get an umbrella.
    • It'll be alright. Itsumi gains +10 happiness
  • The girls want to know who's cooking is the best.
    • Itsumi's food is the best. Itsumi gains +10 happiness
    • Maybe Minamo's food. Minamo gains +10 happiness
    • Yotsuba, absolutely.
  • It's raining...
    • Go back to school. Umbrella Flag
    • Go home. Minamo gains +10 happiness
  • You're talking with Koto about Ayumi Umbrella Flag
    • Go after Ayumi. Ayumi gains +10 happiness
    • Nope, but instead... Koto gains +10 happiness

Day 5:

There is a chance at this point the game will end if you have raped any of the girls.

  • Story starts to branch here. (These choices may not appear depending on happiness levels.) Most of the time their will be a discussion about beauty.
    • Help out Nanami. Nanami gains +10 happiness
    • You inform Nanami.

Day 6:

  • More story branching.
    • Return to the school.
      • When you go to school you will need to decide to help Koto.
        • Refuse to help her. If Koto's happniess is under 50 this is selected automatically.
        • Help Koto. Koto gains +10 happiness, Koto FLAG: ON
    • Look towards the town.
      • It seems you have a choice to avoid people or confront them.
        • Try to avoid. Bring you to an alternate story branch.
        • Continue on your way.


  • You get an Ending if you Raped 1 girl.
  • You get an alternate ending if you Raped more then 1 girl.
  • You get an ending if most of the girls have their flags set to ON and all the girls have a happiness of over 60.
  • You get an ending if Itsumi's flag is on and you navigated her decision tree.
  • You get an ending if Koto's flag is on and you navigated her decision tree.


  • Almost all interactions in LoveDeath2 are governed by your tools and the Level Meter Slider.
  • You can find these tools in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
  • Every action and tool from groping to talking is influenced by the slider. You can change the power of an action by scrolling your mouse wheel. You change the tools with the Q or E buttons.
  • At the beginning of the game you have 3 tools available for use:
    • One is the "Hit" Tool (Use to hit the girl).
    • Next you have the "Monster in my Pants" Tool. (Use this to have sex with a willing girl or one that can't resist.)
    • Then the "Interaction" Tool (This you can use to start or stop Conversation mode. You will put in Exploration mode as soon as you stop talking to a girl.)

Exploration Mode

  • By using the "Interaction" Tool you can enter and leave Exploration Mode.
  • Use your middle mouse button to go into and out of 1st person perspective.
  • Most items in the game respawn after a time. The only exceptions are new tools that pick up. (The Whip for example.)
  • You can always get back to the school by pressing the HOME button.
  • You need to click the right and left mouse buttons to activate or deactivate your mouse cursor. You cannot move around while the mouse cursor is active.
  • Here is the Item Map

Touching Mode

There are two parts to "Touch" Mode. One is foreplay the other is for sex.


Foreplay is the primary way of building Ero with the girl. You need a high level of Ero to have consensual sex. Every time you bring a girl to 100% Ecstasy she gains +20 Ero. (The Ero rating for the girl is the second set of numbers in the lower left hand corner.)

You start "Touch" Mode by standing in front of a girl and clicking on the heart icon in the lower left hand corner. You disable "Touch" Mode in the same way.

Certain graphic modes need to be turned on before every type of touch skill is enabled. Make sure the options with the blue arrows are the same as the picture. Setup Picture

There are multiple ways of touching a girl in "Touch" Mode. They are selected by clicking the button next to the heart icon. Here are the touch skills in order.

  • Grope skill - Used to touch body parts. You can hold down your mouse button to rub an area. This skill can be used to give a hand-job if your quick enough to rub her ass or vagina before she moves your hand away.
  • Poke skill - The fastest way to get your girl excited. Poke her by rapidly tabbing the left mouse button on different area's of her body. (Usually the breasts, legs, ass, pussy)
  • Pinch skill - Allows you to snap clothes. You can rip off clothing with this skill. It takes a lot of work but can be done.
  • Undress skill - To remove girl's dresses & underwear: Make sure you have the glasses, then change to Touch mode (click the heart at the bottom-left corner of the screen), use N to switch to "take off" (脱がす), then you can 'drag away' the girl's clothes layer by layer. You can restore dresses by using 0, while underwear cannot be restored (only when the game changes the girl's dresses).
  • Kissing: Clicking on the head of the girl in foreplay initiates kissing mode. You need a high level of Ero (>75? or pink smile icon) for her to comply. Clicking and moving the mouse while kissing quickly gets her ecstasy to max.

When one of the girls lie down, you can change her pose by selecting the Grope skill and click on her.


In order to start having sex you need to use the "Monster in my Pants" Tool.

  • If you use the "Monster in my Pants" Tool while a girl is awake she will do:
    • If the girls Ero rating is below 75% she is not arroused. She will most likely run from you in fear.
    • If you have a high Ero rating she will want to have sex.
    • If you have previously raped her. Hit/whip her if she runs the first time. (You don't need to KO her). Eventually she will comply.
  • You can also use the "Monster in my Pants" Tool any time a girl is knocked out. There are 3 ways to knock out a girl.
    • The easiest is just hit them with the "Hit" Tool. Eventually they fall to the ground.
    • If you enter "Touch" Mode and grope, poke, fondle the girl enough her Ecstasy will fill to 100% and she will orgasm. Give her 3 orgasms and she will fall to the ground.
    • The third is to find drugs and to dope her. The girl will be off balance and eventually fall over. You can take the opportunity to use the "Monster in my Pants" tool.

Unless the girl's Ero is over 75%. When you have sex it will be labeled as a rape.

Clicking on the male hip will bring up a button to start intercourse.

  • Click the button to penetrate.
  • Hold LMB to get an alternate position with Cum inside
  • Hold LMB and move mouse to control thrusting. Might be tied to blue button.

Clicking on the male head will bring up buttons with various positions. Click any button to change position.

After starting intercourse. If you hold down your right mouse button and then click the left button you automate the sex.

There are five buttons along the top of the display, although they give no indication that they have been pressed.

  • Green - Select Cum inside mode
  • Yellow - Cum outside mode/Stick it back in
  • Pink - Cum together (even works in BJ)
  • Blue - Some sort of mouse control toggle at a guess
  • Brown - No idea

You can use most tools during sex.

Clicking on the girls head will cause you to kiss. (If not being raped....maybe)

If her Ero is high and she likes you, she will insert and move by herself if you do not touch the mouse.

You can "do it" in a variety of different locations (ie a table, sitting on a chair etc). Pretty sure the different places require you to have some "experience" with the girl you are trying it on. (All this worked with one, an didn't for another). If you whip out the pants monster while she is standing she will lay on a table, if you are near a chair you will sit.

While in the sitting position you can have her give you a BJ. Left click the male character's head, and select the other "position". Voila.

I am pretty sure there is a kneeling BJ scene, considering one time a girl dropped to her knees instead of her back after she climax from foreplay. At the time I don't think I had enough "experience" do to it, since I tried and no go, however when/if I can duplicate the falling to the knees position I'll try it again.

When your done having sex, use the "Monster in my pants" tool to finish the encounter.


This picture shows the buttons that are the possible positions during sex. These may be dependent on the girl, the Ero level and if she likes you.

Pis sp.jpg

The buttons from left to right:

  • Missionary
  • Sideways on floor
  • Her on top, sitting on floor
  • From behind, doggy on floor
  • From behind, doggy against wall (unzip near a wall)
  • Her on the table (unzip near a table)
  • Her on top, lying on floor
  • Blowjob, sitting on chair (unzip near a chair)
  • Her on top, sitting on chair (unzip near a chair)

In addition to the positions. The sex animation is based on the amount of power in the Level Meter Slider.

If the girl is both arroused and likes you, there are more animations. To get the additional animations you need to leave the girl alone during the sex mode. Eventually she will take over. (Even when she's the dominate sexual partner the Level Meter Slider still influences the sex animations.)

Girl States

  • Each girl can have a number of good or bad things happening to her. These are her mood states. They can be found at the lower right hand corner of the screen.
  • States:
    • Red Frown Icon - Has to use the bathroom really badly.
    • Yellow Dizzy Icon - Drugged.
    • Green Wide Eyed Icon - Scared.
    • Blue Screw Icon - Sexually abused. Will most likely need violence to start sex.
    • Blue ZZz Icon - Character is tired.
    • Red Smile Icon - This icon flashes when their is a gain of happiness.
    • Pink Smile Icon - Cares for you. The girl may still refuse sexual advances if her Ero is low.


  • The glasses will take off most clothes. The only way to totally strip a girl is if certain game options are enabled and disabled (you cannot remove socks/stockings). If you want to have all the touching options, including the option to take off all the clothes. You MUST have the Low Polygon option off.
  • In some cases if you KO the main narrator you are free to roam around. This is only necessary when the Interaction Tool does not work.
  • There are usually other girls at other sections of the school and surrounding area. As these girls are not the main narrator you don't have to worry about knocking them out.



  • End Game: Esc
  • Remove Dresses: 0 (player must have obtained glasses)
  • Remove Clothes: get glasses, toggle Touch mode, change to "take off" (脱がす), then drag clothes away.
  • Save: 2
  • Load: 3
  • Return To Title: 4
  • Shoot: Z
  • Show/Hide Text Windows: SPACE
  • Capture Screen: Print Screen
  • Change Skill/Item: Q, E, Left/Right Arrow
  • Reset Skill/Item: R
  • Use Skill/Item: Right Mouse Button
  • Change Screen Mode: F3 (full-screen or windowed)
  • Toggle Shading: F10
  • Toggle HDR: F11
  • Toggle Auto Reading: F12
  • Skip Reading: Ctrl (well-known)
  • Change Touch Method: N
  • Change Shading Level: I, K
  • Change HDR Level: J, U
  • Player Jump to School: Home
  • Current Girl Jump to School: End


(Wide-Screen) Mode (where you see black borders at the top & bottom)

  • Break Dialog: use Conversation (会話) skill (you cannot see what skill you're using thought, so be careful)
  • View Conversation Log: Mouse Wheel

Conversation Mode (会話モード)

  • Break Conversation: use Conversation (会話) skill
  • View Conversation Log: Mouse Wheel
  • Change Camera Distance: P

Movement Mode (移動モード)

  • Walk Forward: W, Left Mouse Button
  • Walk Backward: S
  • Rotate Leftward: A
  • Rotate Rightward: D
  • Change View (first-person or chase): Middle Mouse Button
  • Change Camera Distance: P
  • Change Skill Power: Mouse Wheel, Up/Down Arrow
  • Take Girl's Hand (tell girl to follow): H

Cursor Mode (カーソルモード)

  • Toggle Cursor Mode: in Movement Mode, click both Left Mouse Button and Right Mouse Button

Touch Mode (おさわりモード)

  • Rotate Camera: move mouse while pressing Left Mouse Button
  • Move Camera Vertically (& Distance): move mouse while pressing Right Mouse Button
  • Move Camera Horizontally (& Distance): move mouse while pressing Middle Mouse Button
  • Change Camera Distance: P
  • Change Skill Power: Mouse Wheel, Up/Down Arrow

Performance Mode (本番モード)

  • Toggle Performance Mode: use "Unzip" skill
  • Show/Hide Player: 1
  • Choose Body Position: Left Mouse Button on player's head, then use the menu
  • Put In (挿入)/Take Out (抜く): Left Mouse Button on player's hip, then use the menu
  • Toggle Kiss Mode: Left Mouse Button on girl's head
  • Change Shoot Mode to Inside (中出し): C
  • Change Shoot Mode to Outside (外出し): V
  • Shoot Inside: Z
  • Shoot Outsize: X
  • Shoot: Z, X (if you click both, then there'll be a lot)
  • Perform (抱きつき): Press Left Mouse Button on player's hip
  • Toggle Auto Perform (Mouse ロック): Press Left Mouse Button on player's hip, then click Right Mouse Button
  • Remove the white web that you shoot: Delete


Some items reappear when you come back to the place you found them.

  • Blue can drink - Juice (Gives +10 health, +15 Ero, mild diuretic, mild gain of happiness)
  • Red can drink - Coffee (Wakes up KO, mild gain of happiness, cures Tired state.)
  • Mushroom - Causes fear.
  • Prescription Drugs - Causes Confusion
  • Plant - Aloe (Eliminates most negative physical conditions of a girl)
  • Brown medicine bottle - Morphine (Removes fear, gain happiness, wakes KO)
  • Blue medicine bottle - Diuretic (Makes her have to go pee)
  • Pink Bottle - Love Potion (+10 Ero, gain happiness, gives a boost when having sex.)
  • Gift - Big gain to happiness.
  • Needle - Drug (Drugs the girl and scares her)
  • Baseball Bat - Scares, hurts the girl.
  • Soccer Ball - Scares, hurts the girl.
  • Whip - Scares, +1 gain in Ero, hurts the girl.
  • TeaTime Book - Scares girl, brings life to 0. (On the Official site its described as the Book of Written Revenge or a DeathNote. Perhapes its a nod to the Manga?)
  • Glasses - Enables player to (1) strip girl's clothes off and (2) gives player x-ray vision.
  • Collar - It seems to work like the "H" button( it is not required for you to have the collar for the "H" button to work). The girl will follow you if you face forwards but this seems to be bugged, as she will sometimes stop and she wont walk through barriers like this. If you go backwards she will follow you around including through the zone barriers, but she may get stuck or pass through without the new zone activating (Also gives +5 Ero each time it's used, though you won't gain the Pink Smile Icon this way).


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