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all characters are at least 18

Ichazura [edit]


Technical Help


  • Q: The game restarts my computer whenever I try to run it. Help!?
    • A: There is region locking in this game. If it fails, it restarts the computer. Short answer: Use Japanese locale when running the game (you can use AppLocale). Read more about AppLocale/setting Regional settings below.
  • Q: I'm using AppLocale as administrator but the installer (IHSetup.exe) won't start. Help?
    • A: Right-click IHSetup.exe, select Properties, change Compatibility to Windows 2000.
  • Q: I have two files and I'm having trouble extracting the archive.
    • A: Try to rename the files to the names below and then extract part1 with WinRAR:
      • "<original name>.part1.rar" to "Ichazura.part1.rar"
      • "<original name>.part2.rar" to "Ichazura.part2.rar"
    • A: Also make sure that the files are in an English folder. e.g. C:\Temp
  • Q: I downloaded a save game. Where should I put it?
    • A: This depends on your version: Some versions are in the folder where you installed the game. Other versions (including 1.05) have the save game here:
      • On XP: "C:\Documents and Settings\<YOUR LOGIN NAME>\Application Data\REAL\Ichazura".
      • On Vista: "c:\Users\<YOUR LOGIN NAME>\AppData\Roaming\Real\Ichazura\".
  • Q: All the characters are black! I tried switching anti-aliasing off and I run Itazura Real just fine. Any advice?
    • A: A user had the same problem with his GeForce 7600GT. Updating graphics drivers fixed it.
  • Q: The text in the menus just keep repeating itself? I installed the menu translation (or the HF patch).
    • A: Try running the game in a different resolution. If that fails, try renaming <Your game folder>\d3d9.dll to d3d9.old and run the game again.
  • Q: I installed the translations (or the HF patch) and I still can't read the menus?
    • A: Run the game with Japanese regional settings (you can use AppLocale).
  • Q: My game crashes when I select the options "insert rotor/vibrator" or select the "pull out" option. Help?
    • A: Update your graphics drivers and if that doesn't help, disable "Enable H/W Vertex Processing".

Unreadable Menus

  • Q: I installed the English translation (or the HF Patch) and now I can't read the text in the menus? It is just garbage text, like "@ .... @ .... @". Anyone know how to solve this?
    • A: You must run the game with Japanese regional settings (you can use AppLocale). This is a requirement even though the launcher and everything is in English.
    • A: If the above didn't help try changing the resolution (you must still run it with Japanese regional settings).
    • A: If the above didn't help try renaming <Your game folder>\d3d9.dll to d3d9.old and run the game again (you must still run it with Japanese regional settings).

Installing the game

A Japanese game is not meant to run on non-Japanese Windows. To get it to work you have to do some tricks: Click here to learn how to install and run the game.

Quick step-by-step guide

  1. Extract the ISO file to an English named folder, e.g. C:\Downloads\Ichazura
  2. Mount C:\Downloads\Ichazura\ICHAZURA.mdf with Daemontools Lite (other mounting software has been known to fail with Japanese games, so please use Daemontools Lite! - it's completely free)
  3. DO NOT autorun, but explore the mounted dvd and right-click IHSetup.exe and select Run with Japanese locale as administrator (you need HF pApploc for the right-click options).
  4. IMPORTANT: Change the destination to e.g. C:\REAL\Ichazura if you want to be able to play the game! (see picture on the right)
  5. Wait while the game finishes the installation.
  6. To run the game you need to right-click C:\REAL\Ichazura\Ichazura.exe and select Run with Japanese locale.

Next step

When you have successfully installed and tested the game you probably want to install official patches/addons as well as English translations and uncensor.

The easiest is to use the HF Patch. The latest version of the HF Patch includes all released official patches and addons. In addition it comes with English translations and uncensors, making it all you need to get started. You can install additional or different mods after you have applied the HF Patch.

How to apply the HF Patch:

  1. Download the HF Patch.
  2. Run the patch by double-clicking on the file you downloaded.
  3. Read the information in the beginning and make sure that you have enough free disk space to run the patch before you click Next!
  4. Click Next and review the components. The Recommended installation is all you need to get the game translated and uncensored, but you might want to check out the options anyway.
  5. Click Next and consider installing an icon on your desktop (TIP: The shortcut using AppLocale is highly recommended, because you still have to run the translated game with Japanese locale. Using the shortcut will make it completely transparent that you actually run the game with Japanese locale!).
  6. Click Next to start patching your game. Beware that patching your game will change installed files and it cannot be reversed or uninstalled. Therefore you should keep the original files, so you can restore the game to it's original state later on if needed. Having the original files might be a necessity if you plan to install additional or different mods later on.
  7. Let the patch finish. Patching may take several minutes and the progress bar may not move. Just be patient. It is guaranteed to work if you installed the game as outlined above.
  8. Play the translated and uncensored game by double-clicking the desktop icon. :)

Note: It is normally safe to run the patch again if you want to install additional components or change options. Just uncheck the components you previously installed and patching will be relatively quick.