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all characters are at least 18

Houkago Custom Time [edit]



Technical Help

This is standard gameplay guide for Teatime's game 放課後かすたむ☆たいむ ~Customize Lovers~ (Houkago Custom Time).


Control settings

Controls are mostly the same as in previous LD games, however there are some changes. One of the biggest changes is how you move. Be dafault you move by holding left mouse button and rotate camera by holding right. This can be changed in the options to old WASD configuration though. Here are some basic controls:

WASD - Move Up, Left, Down, Right, respectively Shift - Hold to Run
LMB - Moves you forward, or interacts with things in Grope

Mode or Cursor Mode

1 - Toggle camera view
RMB - Perform selected action, rotate camera Wheel - Cycle through actions
MMB, F - Switches to cursor mode, opens your inventory N - Add random character
Space - Jump PrntScr - Take a screenshot
Ctrl - Crawl mode Esc - Quit game

Moving between areas

Exit to a different area

Most of the game you will be able to roam freely. You may transport yourself from place to place by walking up to gates/alleys and similar ends of the map. There are 3 areas to explore. Those maps are: School, Shrine and House. This is much less than in recent LD games, but there are much more items, mobs and other entities on them.


You can save the game during any conversation at any time by clicking the "Save" icon in the lower right part of the screen. You can save in free mode using the same way, just enter any of the magical circles.

Game modes

Game mode might refer either to whole game mode (e.g. free mode) or current interface mode (touch mode).

Game Modes

  • Story Mode - Complete events to unlock H with girls, new positions and to get one of the girl's ending.
  • Free Mode - You are free to do anything you want, keep in mind you are able to only do things you already unlocked in story mode.

Interface Modes

  • Conversation Mode, where you click to advance the story
  • Exploration Mode, where you can move around and interact with other entities (girls, items etc.)
  • Cursor Mode, which is obtained by middle-clicking. In this mode you can pick up and use items, change clothes (Inventory) or see girl's stats.
  • Touching Mode, which is obtained from the action wheel after clicking the "Fondle" button.
  • H-Mode, which is obtained from the action wheel after clicking the "Unzip" button. Certain requirements need to be met in order to enter it.


Beginning of the story mode, multiple magical circles visible

Story mode is centered around completing many different small events. Those are scattered around all of the maps, to enter any of those you need to find a "magical ring" and stand on it. You can see those rings on the minimap.

Story Endings

  • Nodoka: When Chisato invites for the swimming club event, happens at Ground Floor at the corridor that connects the two buildings. If Nodoka's affection is more than 60% it'll go to Nodoka's good end, if not will go to NTR End.
  • Chisato: You need to have her affection above 50%, while having Nodoka's below 50% before "choosing point" (when Chisato talks to you about club). In this case you first get "bad" Nodoka end, then Chisato will come running to comfort you and you will unlock her route. Complete all events to get her good end.
  • Tamutamu: Get some umeibo (うめいぼー) from vending machine in house and give to Tamutamu. After that enter red circle in the house to trigger a event. Defeat new mobs and score at least 100 points (can be seen from top left corner) to trigger the first H scene. Once you complete that you can treat her as normal girl (all actions work). The 2nd H scene is found in the school toilet, which requires you to score 100 points as well. Note: even after the 2 H scenes, you'll still need to keep your score at least 100 points in order to access Tamutamu's menu (Items, status, etc)

Magical Ring Types

Magical circle used as a shop
  • Story - used to continue story and enable more rings. Be careful to not progress too far (you may get bad ending)
  • Add Girls - In the middle of the lake map there is a red circle that give you a chance to ADD girls in the world (not remove).
  • Store - Some rings work as a shop. You can buy books, foods, sex toys.. etc.
  • Manual - At the beginning you will see a ring with 5 options that is supposed to teach you anything you need to know to play. There might be more of them.
  • Sex Position - They appear in the house and in the school. They are the most common ones at the beginning of story mode. When you enter one of them you will learn a new position (after event centered on that position).

Unlocking H Positions

List of unlocked positions (all unlocked)

There are two types of positions to unlock - Main and Sub positions. Main positions are required to gain corresponding sub-positions. You can't unlock any positions during normal H mode.

  • In order to unlock all main poses you HAVE to play the story mode. They unlock when step on the red rings. Different endings have different positions to unlock.
  • To unlock all sub-poses you have to give the PINK BOOK to the girl. Books that work are either Erobippin or the ONLY book that cause heart symbol pop up after giving it to the girl.

You can use pink book to unlock sub-poses even in free mode (you can buy them from the shop point). However pink book can ONLY WORK after you gain the certain main poses. So...you must save before give it to the girl because if you give it when it not meet its condition yet. It will unlock nothing. OR you may start use pink book after you gain all main poses.You can give pink book for unlock sub-pose to any girl even she is not has relation to the story or has high heart bar.


Inventory and stat menus

Items you collect and buy appear in your inventory. To use those items open your inventory screen, left click on an item to pick it up and left click again to drop it.

  • To open inventory screen press the scroll wheel on your mouse. You can use items you purchased or found there.
  • To open girl's inventory select "Talk" action and press RMB while looking at the girl. The action wheel should appear, select "Status" option.

There are three kinds of items:

  • Consumables: Things you eat (or make the girls eat it). They disappear after use.
  • Clothes: Things you or girl's can equip to change appearance.
  • Weapons: Items you can use to damage different characters. You equip them like clothes.

To delete items drag and drop them on the "Delete" field on the left of your main inventory. Items you delete cannot be recovered. You can just drop item you don't need but girls may pick it up later.

The girls are starving and need to be given food ocassionally. Give them enough food to fill up the hunger bar, but don't give too much at once!

To use an item (e.g. food):

  1. Pick desired item up (doesn't matter if you pick it up from inventory or from ground.
  2. With item attached to your cursor hover over girl's head and click, menu with 2 actions will appear.
  3. Select "Use" action to make girl use the item (eat food) or "Give" to make her put it in her backpack.

Vibrators/Anal Plugs, etc. etc. work as advertised. Which means using them as a female makes you move slower, as well as stopping you momentarily if you max out the ecstasy bar.

Girl's stats

Any of the girls have mood and personality stats. You can view them in status screen of the girl. For personality stats check image on the right.

There are four mood bars and a Tamutamu bar on the top:

  • Tamutamu bar - Only in story mode, fill it up to trigger girl's good end.
  • Health bar - How much health is left. (Star icon)
  • Cum bar - how much more she/he will cum (Strange white icon)
  • Love bar - Fills up in touching mode, if high girl won't run away when you unzip
  • Affection bar - Fills up by giving items.


Shop menu

Money is used to buy items from shops in the shopping mall or from vending machines.

Gaining Items

  • Buy items from shops or from vending machines.
  • Maps filled with items that you can pick up, mostly food.

Gaining Money

  • Mobs will drop small amounts of cash and ammo.
  • H-ing will give cash, raping will not. (needs testing)

Character's health (HP)

You lose HP when you get hit by weapons. This applies to all characters and most animals in the game. If the HP hit 0 character will fall down the ground and have to wait for a few seconds to recover. You can use that time to start H with girl without raising her ero.