Fort of Chains

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  • Combat
    The skill of fighting other humanlikes.
    Helpful on missions where you are expected to fight other humanlikes.
  • Brawn
    The measure of physical strength.
    Helpful on missions requiring physical feats, and also helps combat to some extent.
  • Survival
    Skills for surviving, navigating, and conquering the wilds.
    Helpful for scouting missions, as well as missions that venture far into the wilds.
  • Intrigue
    The art of planning, scheming, and manipulating the stage from the shadows.
    Helpful for missions involving stealth, subterfuge, and infiltrations.
  • Slaving
    The skill of efficiently breaking slaves.
    Helpful for training slaves.
  • Knowledge
    The understanding of the world.
    Helpful for most missions, as well as missions requiring expert knowledge.
  • Social
    The skill of manipulating others into doing your bidding with words.
    Helpful for diplomacy missions, as well as missions involving negotiations.
  • Aid
    The skill of healing and restoring spirit.
    Helpful for rescue as well as missions involving long rounds of combat.
  • Arcane
    The understanding of the otherworldly.
    Helpful for mysterious missions.
  • Sex
    The ancient art of sex.
    Helpful for sexual missions, as well as training slaves to some extent.




  • Fort
    The structural integrity of your fort. As your fort has been abandoned for many years, at the beginning, you need to hire workers to clear out the rubbles to make spaces for other improvements.
    Once all the rubbles are cleared, you can start building new structures to house the other improvements, although this will come at a much greater costs.

    Each time this improvement is upgraded, one extra improvement space is added to your fort.
  • Grand Hall
  • Veteran Hall


  • Quest Office
  • Lodgings
  • Construction Office
  • Scout Hut
  • Prospects Hall
  • Mission Control
  • Hiring Square
  • Dungeons
  • Slave Pens
  • Marketing Office
  • Mail Room


  • Vice Leader Office
  • Morale Office
  • Classroom


  • Duty Room

Slaver Training

  • Training Grounds


  • Scout Tower
  • Scout Office
  • Scout Carriage
  • Scout Harbor


  • Training Chamber


  • Armory
  • Warehouse


  • Hospital
  • Trauma Center

Bed Chamber

  • Bedchamber Wing
    Transforms a small north wing of your fort into a luxurious area for you and your slavers to revel in your success.
    Unlocks private bedchambers, in which you can give ownership of some slaves to yourself or your slavers.
    Very, very slightly increases the slaver's skills, but the main reason this improvement exists is to roleplay.

    Each upgrade unlocks one extra bedchamber.

Rec Wing

  • Recreation Wing