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Spruced up this page.

Few questions: Is the way I'm using energy looking okay, or will it cause some confusion? May look off when paired next to something similar like "More** (5*)".

What is the point of making Tonic Elixir if even a master alchemist produced version still only restores 1*? I assume it's something that OldHuntsman will fix later.
Falconlunch (talk) 04:49, 19 November 2014 (UTC)

I suppose it could be confusing. I think the display of energy as stars is fine, but there are alternatives for footnote markers. For example, the dagger (†), the double-dagger (‡), and the whatever-the-hell-this-is (§) could be used instead of asterisks.
While you're changing things around (if you're changing things around), I think it would also be better to change the order of appearance of your asterisks. Right now, the order of appearance is (*), (***), and then (**). You might want to swap the "Varies" and "End of Day" note numbering. I could do this myself, but I'm too lazy to even make an excuse for why I'll write all this instead of changing it.

Regarding the potions: Increasing the restoration value with skill would make sense, but my understanding is that OldHuntsman is done with development and will only do bug-fixing updates from now on. That's what he said on his blog anyway, albeit in Russian.
The game looks pretty simple to mod/change things in any case, though the potion making section (and the combat section) looks largely untranslated. We could always make a "HGames Wiki" patch or something and change how potions work. Maybe a HongFire thread so we can list it in the "HF Patch" section in the contents table on the main page. We could even fix the broken English while we're at it, heh.

On another note, I'd like to move this page to a separate page under the "Gameplay" heading (I.E: down where "Locations" and stuff are) and then remove the "Gameplay" page (because it should be a heading, not a page, in my opinion) but I don't know how to move a page. Well I just found out there's a "Move page" button. What do you think?
Suddenly Radish (talk) 05:44, 22 November 2014 (UTC)
Alright, changed those footnote markers and their order.
OlHuntsman is done with development? Feels like there's a lot more than just bugs that need to be sussed. Ah well. Modding it is.
Double checked it, and I think this good to move over to another heading.
Falconlunch (talk) 08:56, 29 November 2014 (UTC)
Thanks for that.
Yeah, I thought it was a bit strange considering how much can still be done with the game.
This is a paragraph from his post about JoNT (yay acronyms):
Roughly translated: "PS: This is the final version. Althought not all of my original ideas are implemented and sometimes it feels unpolished, the game still turned out quite well. Enjoy! I am now just going to be fixing bugs, and my creative efforts are aimed at creating new games, including the Fogs of Eternal Rome universe."
I'll move this page to an "Energy" page.
Suddenly Radish (talk) 03:17, 30 November 2014 (UTC)
Did you seriously leave a redirect to energy on the general gameplay page, messing up the whole navigation? Now every time someone clicks "Gameplay" from a gameplay subpage he is redirected to Gameplay/Energy. --hmoeller [ Talk - Contribs ] 07:33, 2 December 2014 (UTC)
Well, shit, I did too. Moving a page leaves a redirect. I don't see how it messes up the whole navigation, though; the previous gameplay page was empty except for energy stuff, which is why I moved it to a separate page. I'll remove the redirect and someone can turn it into a proper page or something.
Suddenly Radish (talk) 00:50, 9 December 2014 (UTC)