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The Treasury in Suburbs (郊外の宝物庫) is a difficulty ★ dungeon in the Eastern Continent. It is an unassuming building with no obvious entrances in the middle of a forested area north of the casino resort of SchwarzMädchen. It is unlocked by paying 1,000 gold to a man playing slots in SchwarzMädchen's casino.


  • This dungeon has no enemies.
  • The traps here may inflict Poison, Slime, and Darkness.
  • Completion grants you access to the single use Cat transformation.

Dungeon Layout


The entrance to the treasury is via an old well to the east of the area. Head to the eastern side of the building and you will discover footprints leading into the shrubbery. Making your way northeast will take you to the well, while southeast will take you to a chest with a Phoenix Down.

First Puzzle

Press the button which the sign warns you against pushing, and you will both create a bridge to the next puzzle and drop into a small maze with moving cursors and projectiles that will deal damage (the green cursors can be guarded against to avoid damage). Each room you encounter will have four exits that lead to fixed destinations. Your goal is to find the cloud-like exit point which will take you back to the exit; refer to the map below if needed.

From there make your way back to the first area. Cross the bridge into the second section where you will need to time your movements to cross safely to the second puzzle.

Second Puzzle

This puzzle requires you to push all of the barrels into the white tiles. Completing this will create a bridge in the first puzzle area to the third puzzle. You may fall into the maze if you step onto the inner black squares during this puzzle.

Third Puzzle

This puzzle requires you to navigate between platforms; the connective floors will appear and disappear with random patterns at regular intervals. Falling will drop you into the maze. The chest at the bottom right is a friendly Mimic that informs you about a shortcut; examine the wall to its south and you can walk into a hidden passage.

Fourth Puzzle

This puzzle traps you in a room slowly filling with an aphrodisiac gas that will gradually increase your EX gauge. You need to find the hidden switches and pull the correct lever to unlock the door and escape. Most of the objects here are red herrings or (the books on the bookshelves in particular) deal damage. Pulling the floor levers will accelerate the infusion of gas, while checking the crate on the third row and pressing the switch will crush you instantly. You will be given one warning when time is running out.

The solution to this puzzle is found on the reverse side of the sign just above you at the entrance; it will instruct you to examine:

  • The barrel on the third row;
  • Behind the empty shelf on the first row;
  • Behind the crate on the second row; and
  • The lever in the middle of the second row.

Completing this segment will cause a bridge to form in the second puzzle area.

Fifth Puzzle

This straightforward puzzle has a floor with different colored tiles. There is an audible regular clock tick that will trigger a trap based on the tile you are on while making others safe to cross. In practice it may be easier to just force your way to the red tile in the east, have accessories like the Ribbon or Perfect Libra to ignore the minor trap effects, and/or possess the passive skill Vigilance to evade traps. Note that approaching the red tile from the south will trigger a pitfall that lands you in room seven of the maze.

Sixth Puzzle

In this puzzle room there is a constantly changing tile in the center. Your task is to step on the matching tile and repeat this several times to bridge this room and the next.

Seventh Puzzle

There are four crystals in this puzzle room:

  • The Yellow Crystal will shock you and create a bridge to the northeast to the treasure trove.
  • The Red Crystal will impale you and cause damage; if you are sufficiently high level and/or have good blocking ability the damage will be negligible. Otherwise you may be knocked out and need rescue.
  • The White Crystal will spray a petrification cloud, triggering a game over.
  • The Black Crystal will strip your armor and infest you with a flesh parasite.

Upon reaching the area past the bridge, attempting to examine the eastern wall will reveal a secret passage back to the exit.

Treasure Trove

The first treasure trove you see to your left is a trap; the chests will contain either treasure, parasites, or explosives (the latter of which will destroy nearby chests). None of this matters however as taking anything or opening any chest will result in a pitfall in front of the exit becoming active, killing you by impalement should you attempt to leave. Neither the Exit spell nor the Magic Spool will work here.

If you examine the eastern wall to at the end of the passage to the south you will find a hidden passage leading to a chest containing a Soul Jar 16. You will also spot the actual treasure trove to the south. To access the real treasure trove you need to head directly north from the stairs.

In this room you will find the following on the northern wall:

  • Star Piercing Seal
  • Rogues Medal
  • Cat Ears (must be used on the spot, transforms your character into a Cat)
  • Scarlet Robe
  • Queen's Crown
  • Emerald Robe
  • Great Runner's Shoes (consumable, temporarily increases movement speed)

Of the dozen chests, three of them are special. The second row first chest of the right cluster is a mimic that can deal massive amounts of damage in seconds and cannot be fought as the area does not permit combat. The first row second chest of the left cluster will force a Magic Leather Strap on you that cannot be removed and prevents your character from fighting; it is worth 2,000 gold. The second row first chest of the left cluster will spew a gas that will increase your Mature Charm score by 13.

The other chests contain the following:

  • Left Cluster
    • First Row, First Chest - 61 to 1,920 gold (as tested)
    • Second Row, Second Chest - 1-5 Honey (Consumable, recovers Mana)
    • Third Row, First Chest - つけみみ・いぬしっぽ (SM equipment, Sub Armor)
    • Third Row, Second Chest - 1-5 Spirit Stone (Consumable, does elemental damage to enemies)
  • Right Cluster
    • First Row, First Chest - Fire-eating Bird's Feather (Accessory)
    • First Row, Second Chest - Water God's Tabi (Accessory; no movement penalties in water.)
    • Second Row, Second Chest - 10 to 5,000 gold (as tested)
    • Third Row, First Chest - 1-5 of either Lava Bomb, Oil, Time Bells, Pest Control Magic Sticks, Magic Stones, Ice House Shaved Ice, Red Spices, ねんちゃくだん, or Flash Balls.
    • Third Row, Second Chest - 1-3 of either High Demon's Fluids (+Health), Magic Source (+Mana), Muramasa (+Attack Power), Body Enhancer (+Defense), Nipple Gum (+Magic), or Octopus Dumplings (+Spirit). Each increases the associated attribute permanently.

To leave you can either return to the previous level and take the shortcut, or search the eastern wall in the invisible passage between the treasure troves to reach an area with a crystal ball in it. Examining the crystal ball will create a pressure tile to the south that will teleport you back to the exterior of the treasury.


  • Aphrodisiac Trap Room
    • Staying in the room too long will trigger a short scene describing your character masturbating to death.
    • Examining the crate in the third row and pressing the switch there will cause a tombstone to crush your character to death.
  • Trapped Treasure Trove - Taking anything or opening chests will kill you when you attempt to leave.
  • White Crystal - Examining this crystal will petrify you.

Maze Map