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The Rocky Mountain Cavern (岩山の洞窟) is a Difficulty ★☆ dungeon in the Central Continent. It is unlocked by exiting the Nearby Forest via its easternmost exit. The sprawling cavern is divided into nine areas consisting of multiple maps. There are numerous traps scattered throughout the dungeon; protection against Darkness, ???, Slime, and Bleeding in particular is recommended.

Notable Treasures

There are rare items that cannot be bought from shops in this dungeon:

  • Prime Blue: 3 (Area 1 Maps 001 & 166, Area 7)
  • Crystal Fragment: 1 (Area 5)
  • Soul Jar 4: 2 (Area 1 Maps 103 & 146)
  • フェンシングセイバー (Area 1 Map 166)
  • ヤリ: (Area 1 Map 166)(a dart-like ranged weapon connected to a chain)
  • 謎の避雷針: (Area 3 Map 192; next to Map 194) not shown in inventory list?

Area 1

Area 1 is connected to Area 2 via two different maps; Map 146 with its eastern exit, and Map 166 with its southern one. People unfamiliar with the map may end up in circles. Of note are two Soul Jar 4s; one is in the northern part of Map 166, and another on a boulder in Map 103. Also worth picking up are two Prime Blue; one is behind some bushes that need to be cut by Chain Sickle-class weaponry, and another is past the watery area in the western part of Map 166 guarded by a serpent.

The squids in Map 166 do not respawn when killed until you reenter the map, and can be lured closer to shore where they can be more safely fought.

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Area 2

Area 2 is connected to Area 1 in two places: Map 97 ("Blood Pudding") connects to Map 166, and the cave of the lower path in Map 144 leads back to Map 146 (Squids). Due to a bug entering Map 146 from Map 144 causes the squids to not chase you, allowing you to grab the items they guard with relative safety.

Area 2 connects to Area 3 (Map 164 -> Map 104) and Area 9 (Map 174 -> Map 172, although it's initially locked).

Note that Large Land Rays in Maps 163 and 164 can make you lose virginity.

There is a damaged lower bridge in Map 144 spanning an area with a golem and the path down to Map 175. Attempting to cross this bridge will cause it to collapse and drop your character into Area 7.

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Area 3

Area 3 is a network of ant nests. Some of the small generic "rooms" are actually the same map on the technical side. The game remembers which door you came from and returns you there when you exit the room.

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Area 4

Area 4 is very dangerous. While you are here flowers in this area will emit pheromones every few seconds, inflicting the ??? status. Additionally, killing any slime in melee has a chance for the exploding slime to infest your body (the lower your Health and more negative statuses you have, the higher the probability). If you are defeated in this area a special Slime H event will trigger (to exit, hit ESC and it'll ask you whether you want a rescue); it is implied that victims are brought into a chamber at the end of Map 161 which is inaccessible.

Slimes are weak against fire; charged level 1 fire magic is one of the best ways to kill them. For those who want the infesting slime the easier way is to get it in Ray-On Village by checking the crates between the weapon and item shops at night.

In Map 161 you need to kill all the slimes to leave. There is a raft towards the northeastern end of Map 165 which can be used to return to the world map. Tentacles can be found in the water indicated by areas of disturbed water; if you are infested by slimes they can help you remove them.

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Area 5

Another network of ant nests. You'll find a Crystal Fragment and a healing fairy in this area. In Map 106 there is a pamphlet that marks the Devil's Shop on the world map.

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Area 6

This area consists of a long passage infested with bats that ends in a small arena serving as the stage of a small boss fight. You cannot retreat from this fight. The boss moves slowly and will regularly spew a large spray of slime on the ground. On defeat it drops a random gem and a treasure chest will appear. Defeating this boss counts towards the "Boss Subjugation" count.

Some possible treasures from the chest include:

  • Assassination Sword (adds Poison)
  • Silver-Rimmed Glasses (accessory, negates Darkness)
  • Leftovers
  • Broken Armor
  • Worn Out Clothing
  • Flash Ball (consumable, blinds all enemies)
  • Star Pendant (accessory, negates Poison)
  • Nipple Gum (consumable, increases Magic permanently)
  • High Demon's Fluids (consumable, increases Health permanently)
  • Body Enhancer (consumable, increases Defense permanently)
  • Purification Ankh (accessory, negates Slime)
  • Earrings (accessory, negates Silence)
  • Miraculous Drug of the Moon (consumable)
  • Miraculous Drug of the Night (consumable)
  • Panacea (consumable)
  • Ring of Relief (accessory, negates Paralysis)

Area 7

This underground area is home to a pair of waterfalls. If approaching via the normal route you will need to descend to the second waterfall filled with Blood Pudding and climb up to reach the other side. Otherwise, you will drop from Area 2 into an adjacent map. The adjacent map leads back to the waterfall on its western side although you need to pass several rows of constantly rolling boulders that deal damage if they impact on you; the eastern exit leads to a single tunnel with rolling boulders. This single tunnel can be followed to its source (swing from left to right and vice versa, backing up if necessary) where you will find a random piece of armor and a Prime Blue.

The main waterfall map can be exited to the northeast into a trapped chamber that you need to fight out of.

Area 8

This area is a boss arena. The boss has two forms of attack: the first sees her move forward and launch a series of rapid strikes, and the second causes her to stimulate herself to inflict the ??? status on you. Equipping a Healthy Atmosphere accessory to negate the latter is recommended as it will allow you to dash in and strike (if you are melee only) while she activates it. On defeat she drops the Princess' Scythe. A teleporting fairy will appear alongside a chest containing the Kusarigami which can be used to cut the bushes blocking access to the Prime Blue in Area 1.

Area 9

This extremely small area connects to Area 8 by means of yellow arrows on the ground after defeating the boss. The only item of note is the Rusted Key on the remains near the end which can be used to unlock the door connecting Area 2 to Area 7.