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Bottom rooms, from the left:
Bottom rooms, from the left:
# Service class 1 (at night Student Counceling (unused?)).
# Service class 1 (at night Student Counceling: Will turn Masturbation Hypnosis or Peeing Hypnosis into the brainwashing variant).
# Maso class 1.
# Maso class 1.
# Masturbation class (teacher here at night).
# Masturbation class (teacher here at night).

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RyonaRPG edit

Core version: 150 (2021-07-13)


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Meribel Public School Entrance
Meribel Public School, sometimes referred to as "Melbel Public School," "Meruberu Public school," "Hypno School," or "the School," is a location you are sent to by Hypno (Reaper) to learn how to be a better slut.

Unlocking the School

Save Melbel

  1. Buy the last item from the dog (costs 2000).
  2. Talk to the time-witch in order to turn into the time into night, exit the town and go to the other blue dot.
  3. Find and talk to the man riding a horse.
  4. Go to inn, talk to princess.
  5. Go to Melbel castle (map ID:312 (29,13) and make sure to say "yes" when asked if it's a battle map).
  6. Boss talks to you, answer "no" or you will a get game over.
  7. Kill the boss and all his adds.
  8. Talk to Hypno who appears top-left. You'll kick his sorry ass. If you got a game over, you forgot to buy the thing from the dog in RAY-ON.

Re-Brainwash Melbel

  1. You can only enter Melbel during day, so if you're still in night time go back to RAY-ON and talk to the time-witch to get day back.
  2. Go to Melbel's Inn, talk to time-witch (map ID:383 (17,10)).
  3. At night, go to Melbel's well (map ID:385 (8,8)). This is aaaaaall the way across the map from the inn. Talk to the maid in the well. This will let the caped men loose in Melbel. At this point you cannot exit the town or enter the inn.
  4. Go into Melbel's castle. All the way inside you'll find Hypno (map ID:391 (37,23)). Talk to him to get enslaved.
  5. (Optional) At this point the Hypnostore in the middle of Melbel opens. It costs 50000 to get/remove a specific of the six possible ones, or you can ask for a free therapy which has a random effect. I recommend getting rid of the pissing hypnosis as it slows H scenes down considerably.

Get sent to School

!!Make sure to save before this step!!

  1. Stay a night at the inn. You'll automatically go to Hypno who will say that you should go to his hypno-school. You'll wake with an invitation. Notice that some cores have a bug where this doesn't happen. If this happens, reload and at night manually walk all the way through the castle at night (again) and talk to Hypno.
  2. It will be night again, so talk to the time-witch and exit Melbel.

Now you can attend the hypno school (map ID:543 (12,18)!



  • The man at the entrance won't let you through until you get an admission form or something from Hypno.
  • The stairs down on the left lead to a shop
  • The big doors lead inside. You will obtain "Hypnosis" status when you enter, and lose it when you leave.
Meribel Public School Layout 1F-2F

First floor

To the left is dorms.

To the right is cafeteria (unused?).

Top rooms, from the left:

  1. Teacher's lounge. Time-witch is in here. Also, one teacher will tell you your points.
  2. Exam room (you'll be taken here by a teacher for your first and second year exams).
  3. Nurse's room.
  4. Homeroom.

The four NPCS in homeroom:

  • Warrior lower-right, available from start (though usually obscured by your portrait... she's there!).
  • Blonde on the left, possibly also known as "student council president." Is available from the start. Impossible to convince about Hypno being evil during recruitment event?
  • Witch on the right, joins when you have 45 points.
  • Researcher at the top, joins when you have 45 points. Later, talk to her for to start the recruit event (recruiting people to go against Hypno). Talk to others to get them join you, then go to Researcher's room in the dorms (third room from the left, topmost) to actually start the event. You can only do the event once.

Bottom rooms, from the left:

  1. Service class 1 (at night Student Counceling: Will turn Masturbation Hypnosis or Peeing Hypnosis into the brainwashing variant).
  2. Maso class 1.
  3. Masturbation class (teacher here at night).
  4. Unused.

Second floor

Available after clearing first year exam:
Top rooms, from the left:

  1. Biology (tentaclerape) room.
  2. Futanari room (note, unavailable for futas)
  3. Unused.
  4. Xeno room (cannot enter, unused?)

Bottom rooms, from the left:

  1. Service class 2 (at night, teacher having sex with dragon).
  2. Beastiality (horse/dog) room.
  3. Unused.
  4. Unused.

Third floor

Available after clearing second year exam

At the top, elevator to Principal's office. Only available for graduation exam.

Top rooms, from the left:

  1. Demon impregnation room.
  2. Maso class 2.
  3. Hypno's class.
  4. Mostly Unused. (newest patch includes a lilin (succubus/demon) rebirth class in far top right) Taking the class once unlocks a quest to transform permanently.

Bottom rooms, from the left:

  1. "Turn you into a slut" class. Adds a random Hypnosis.
  2. Sex with elves class.
  3. Unused.
  4. Unused.

Lilin transformation

Available after taking the lilin rebirth class once.

  • Return to the class at night. One of the students will be telling the teacher that she wants to become a lilin permanently.
  • The teacher gives her a letter and begins to leave. On the way out he asks you if you also want to become a lilin. Saying yes or no only changes the text, the end result is the same.
  • The teacher asks you to bring her to the life science institute. If you do not have Slave City Shrike or the Institute unlocked, this will grant you access to both.
  • Go to the Brain Reconstruction Laboratory (Door immediately right of Dr. Daijoubu) and talk to the man in the top right of the map. He will transform you and the other girl into dog girls (Dog name tag, Bitch Collar, Bitch ears/tail). Again, this is regardless of whether you told the teacher yes or no.
  • Once a dog girl, return to the classroom at night to be transformed into a lilin. This will change your character sprite, Young Rydia and Nakoruru have lilin portraits. You also gain the lilin ability, which causes ??? state to not disrupt charging.
  • Once permanently transformed, taking the class again will have you and the other girl participate as assistants.

Advancing in School

You start with 0 points, though you get 1 point per caped man who caught you in Melbel.

First Floor/Year

  • First year classes: Available from start, awards 1 point.
  • Around 6 points in, you can talk to the teacher next to time-witch at night for a very fast 1-point blowjob. This is by far the fastest way to rake points unless you can take Hypno's class (which required 70 points and clearing two exams).
  • Advanced first year classes: 15 points required, awards 2 points.
  • First year exam: all advanced classes done.

Second Floor/Year

  • After first year exam is done, you can talk to blonde in homeroom twice for some "studies." Worth five points, repeatable and available until second year exam is completed.
  • After first year exam is done and you've done the quick blowjob in the teacher's room at least once, at night go to third first-year class for a very, very, VERY long scene. Make sure to answer "no" after the extremely long scene or you'll get a game over. Awards 1 point. This is also a requirement for getting a scene with the school nurse at night, but there are other requirements I've been unable to pinpoint.
  • Second year classes: Available after first year exam, awards 2 points each.
  • Second year exam: Available at ? points.

Third Floor/Year

  • After second year exam, you can read the Blonde's diary in the dorms. First room from the left, topmost.
  • Third year classes: Available after second year exam. Awards 3 points.
  • Hypno's lecture is available starting from 70 points. Worth 15 points and repeatable until you attack him. More details on what can happen if you attack him below.


Graduation exam is available starting from 75 points. Failing the exam drops your points to 74 no matter how much you had before. I recommend usage of Print Screen and Paint to clear the exam, but note that succeeding in it always seems to lead to game over. All of the following leads to the same dead end (Hypno's slave for eternity, or with 100+ points when completing graduation exam you get the option of becoming a teacher at the academy... then get raped by students and die):

  • Graduation after event with recruited witch and warrior.
  • Graduation after event with recruited warrior (despite what the scene may suggest, there's no difference whether or not you have the peeing hypnosis).
  • Graduation without starting the recruitment event.

If you don't do recruitment event and talk to warrior about Hypno (need to have read blonde's diary in dorms) and take Hypno's lecture, the warrior will kill him. Funnily enough, even though Hypno is dead you still end up as him slave if you graduate. Unfinished at core50?

Game overs which do no require graduation

  • Doing the recruitment event with only witch recruited (forever making more slaves for Hypno).
  • Doing the recruitment event without recruiting anyone else (devoted sex slave to hypno).