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Core version: 140 (2018-10-26)


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Lionel Castle Church (ライオネル教会城) is a town in the Eastern Continent. It is a forbidding and heavily guarded fortress, inhabited by strangely happy people who all willingly serve the church and its leader, Grados. Travelers have to seek permission to stay in the town, although strangely only females have been granted residence in recent times. The town is marked by a nun in Capital Avalon who requests you to travel there in her stead.



To the far northwest is a storehouse where two vendors reside. The one on the left sells potions and curatives, while the other only sells an accessory to counter ??? status.


The church building to the north is filled with acolytes and guards, with the former busily tending to the inhabitants in their endless happiness and service to Grados. Grados herself is on the second floor; although you are female she will say that applications for residency are on hold. The only other thing to do here is access the extensive underground sections of the church via a large door to the southeast, which is only possible after you have infiltrated the basement from the inn. The church building is inaccessible at night.

Grados' Office

Located on the second floor, the office is only accessible via the basement. The entrance to Gorg Organization Base's deeper levels may be found by checking the lights to the northeast of the room, which will reveal a hidden exit.


The inn is reserved for those permitted to stay by Grados. The only thing to do here is to attempt to access the toilet to the northeast five times, after which it will be accessible and gives you access to the basement and Gorg Organization Base.


  • You cannot save in this town.
  • There are only NPCs with some dialogue in all of the houses.
  • After defeating the boss of Gorg Organization Base the town will become permanently inaccessible.