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Core version: 140 (2018-10-26)


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The Hall of the Dead-Myurondo (ミュロンド死霊館) is a Difficulty ★★★★ dungeon in the Eastern Continent. It is a ruined noble estate infested by the undead that has seen some failed attempts by adventurers to explore it, who then join their undying ranks. It is unlocked by talking to the woman with purple hair seated at the southeastern table in Hidden Town's pub at night.


  • This dungeon has mostly undead enemies and many traps.
  • Common status ailments include Silence, Poison, Bleeding, and Darkness.
  • Traps include delta horses and instant death scythes.
  • Robed Skeletons cast very damaging spells that can instantly kill lower level characters and moderately damage higher level ones.
  • There is almost no treasure of note in this dungeon except for the inaccessible Marionette Powder and the Hope Sword, which is the dungeon end reward.

Dungeon Layout


There is little of note of the dungeon's exterior. There are three buildings here but only the mansion itself is accessible.

First Floor

The route will take you northwards; in order to proceed you need to find secret doors hidden behind the green banners. One of these is activated by a candelabra switch in the room with the bodies on tables. In the same room is a set of stairs leading upstairs that is blocked by a gate; this gate will only open after you press a switch in the northeastern side of the main room.

The main room is marked by a portrait of the 12th and 13th lords of Myurondo behind two empty thrones. The stairways to the east and west are broken and can only be accessed from the second floor. In order to proceed you have to trigger a hidden pitfall marked by a tile with slight grey discoloration to the south and middle of the two thrones.

To the southwest is a door that will take you to the inner garden, although it is only useful towards the end of the dungeon. The other areas are blocked off by gates which are unlocked using levers found much later.

  • The southeastern gate is unlocked after pulling a lever on the second floor.
  • The northeastern gate is unlocked after pulling all the levers in the room accessed from the southeastern gate. You will need to kill all the undead in that room in order for all the levers to appear. It is much safer to then pull the levers from the sides as scythe death traps are more likely to appear if you approach the levers from their southern sides. The switch behind the gate will unlock the gate in the room with the bodies on tables just before the main room.
  • It is unknown what is required to unlock the northwestern gate; it contains a Marionette Powder similar to the one found in Ghestahl Sorcery Ruins.


Falling into the pitfall will take you into the basement level. There are four levers to be pulled in order to access the ladder leading out; pulling any of them in the wrong order will trigger a scream and refreshes the enemies in the area.

The correct sequence (from top to bottom) is the 3rd, 1st, 2nd, and 4th lever. The ladder will appear near the 4th lever and take you to the second floor.

Second Floor

Past the library you will enter a long hallway with cruising specters which travel along fixed paths, may occasionally be avoided with Vigilance, and will deal damage as long as you are in their way.

The hallway's right sides are dangerous compared to its left. The path opposite the starting passage has a Mana recovery pool but also a pitfall on its southern route south of the dividing wall. The path just above it leads to a scythe death trap. The third route leads downstairs back to the main room. A niche above is yet another death trap.

The final eastern route leads to an empty chamber that has a lever which reveals itself only when you find and activate a hidden switch in the red carpeted room on the left side of the main hallway; that switch is a single square tile on the far left of that room. Pulling the lever will cause enemies to spawn from that point onward, but you will be unlikely to pass through it again.

Once you are able to access the stairs behind the locked gate in the room with bodies on tables you will end up in a second long hallway. The first niche to the left is a deathtrap, as are the first and fourth niches on the right side. The second left side route will take you back to the main room.

In the last hallway the lone niche in the route is a deathtrap; follow the main path all the way to the southwest where you will find a door with an evil eye on it. Reading Lady Moldova's diary nearby is optional and not needed to access the door which leads to the boss of the dungeon.

Boss: Reymos & Moldova

Reymos is a necromancer that has revived the deceased Moldova during her experiments on the dead. She will hop medium distances away from you and frequently summon up to four untargetable zombies which will deal moderate damage on collision. Her magic is also dangerous as it is more powerful than that of the Robed Skeletons and can potentially maim or kill even high level characters in a single cast. A constant danger is Moldova herself who moves extremely quickly and aggressively while rapidly hopping over you from side to side; she can be defeated to temporarily stop her from following you.

Once defeated, Moldova will ask you to bring her to the mansion's garden; the emergency exit is a shortcut that will take you back to the main room. Once you bring her to the patch of bare ground beneath the pillar with a banner the last lord of Myurondo will be laid to rest and you can speak to her spirit to acquire the Hope Sword.

Being killed by Reymos will trigger a scene where you wake up in one of the beds and find out that she has revived you as a zombie on par or even better than Moldova. However, there is an issue with portrait setting that will cause standing portraits to be disabled, assuming the character has proper zombie images at all. Beyond this the zombie transformation has little effect and there are no further events with Reymos.