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The Ghestahl Sorcery Ruins (ガストラ魔導遺跡) is an unranked dungeon in an unknown location. It is not on the world map. It is reached through a teleporter located in Capital Avalon's magic guild after speaking to the deputy chief of the Avalon Magic Guild following the events in Roland Underground Prison.


  • This dungeon is short and linear.
  • Traps are uncommon early on; they are usually floor spike, silencing or ether stealing traps.
  • Parasite eggs are scattered across the dungeon, usually forcing you to either accept being infested with random parasites or take long detours.
  • You cannot save in this dungeon.

Ghestahl Library

Most of the dungeon has little worth exploring. Enemies here consist of low level common insects with some knockback. From the second map (beyond the initial starting area) are two main paths: the southern one will take you to two switches and a lever, and the one to the southwest to Arachne, the missing researcher. For the southern route, in the room with the switches and lever you will want to use the switch at the northwest side of the room. This unlocks the door to Arachne.

Boss: Arachne

Arachne will try to avoid engaging directly with you, preferring instead to send insects in your direction while occasionally jumping on top of bookshelves. The researcher's high movement speed may make it somewhat annoying for melee characters to catch up. If the insects hit you will be "marked" and the arena temporarily changes; parasite eggs will spawn, more dangerous enemies will appear, and Arachne's attack pattern changes. The mark disappears after a short period of time. Be careful of traps in the arena as you fight. Arachne does not have much health, so higher level characters with good equipment might even be able to instantly kill her with a charged attack. This boss does not count towards the Boss Subjugation counter.

On defeat Arachne will spawn a treasure chest; items include the Resist Crown and Phantom Robe. The escape route to the northeast will take you back to the starting point. Note that leaving the dungeon at this point will permanently make it inaccessible so if you want to fight the true boss you should not leave at any point.

Hidden Base

This base is accessed via a door hidden by a narrow bookshelf to the south of your starting point. Initially it will be blocked by unbreakable spider webs but after defeating Arachne it will become accessible. Unlike the library there are no parasite eggs here.

Be sure to pick up the key on the floor as it will allow you to acquire the Marionette Powder needed for a quest given by the Melbel City head maid; you will not be able to return here until after defeating the second boss.

In the next area, there is a teleporter to the east and another to the west. The eastern one takes you to a small living area blocked by a door with an evil eye painted on it; the teleporter will send you to just outside the mage guild. The western teleporter is an instant death trap which teleports you into a wall.

Boss: Eras

The deputy chief of the Avalon Magic Guild is a very fast moving and jumping enemy who, like Arachne, will avoid fighting in melee range. Instead she will rely on her four thralls who will aggressively chase you across the arena. The two fighters have strong attacks which should be taken into account; they may also execute a medium range charge to close distances. Killing any of the thralls will have Eras turning them into zombies. Compounding the difficulty are the numerous moving glyphs and traps which will inflict various negative status ailments; having a Perfect Libra or Ribbon will largely negate these. Eras has little health but her speed and jumps (which can easily take her far behind you) will make up for it.

Once defeated you will be able to pick up the Manipulation Ring. Terra, Celes, or Hexer will, if sufficiently sadistic, be able to use this ring together with the Book of Necromancy to control Eras. The most interesting of several possible orders is to make her prostitute herself, which will earn you gold over a number of days (her earnings can be collected during daytime). Additionally this will also allow you to continue accessing this dungeon.

Magic Guild Changes

Defeating Eras will make another vendor available at the first floor of the guild. She will sell you ancient magic but warns you that there will be no refunds.

The old man by the throne will comment on the death of the young guildmaster and the disappearance of the deputy chief.

Older Notes On Items

  • Only place to obtain the Manipulation Ring (あやつりの輪) Marionette Powder (マリオネットパウダー) and Rune of the Dead (冥府の魔符) you need to complete the quest the Melbel head maid gives you.
  • あやつりの輪 can only be obtained by Terra or Celes, simply pick up the right most tiaria in the secret passage. This device contains enough mind control data to complete the quest by itself, Other characters must turn in any two of マリオネットパウダー, 冥府の魔符, and the マインドコントローラ (Mind Controller) from Demon Castle Goddamn, this means either entering another dungeon, or leaving this one incomplete as you must choose between completing the dungeon and grabbing the rune of the dead.