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Dokuno Falls & Dokuno Marshland (ドクノーの滝・ドクノー湿原) is a Difficulty ★★ dungeon in the East Continent. It is unlocked by talking to the infirmary matron in the Hidden Town.


Dokuno Falls

  • Early on, there is an inn run by jellies. The yellow jelly sells stripping spirits for 3000gp each - this is the cheapest and most reliable way to get them. Enemies in Ancient Library also drop them.
  • The first part of the dungeon is a fairly linear series of cliffs. Insects will jump down to attack you, bats will randomly spawn and boulders will randomly fall; they do a large amount of damage if they hit you.

Dokuno Marshland

  • The second part is the marshland. There are 3 varieties of enemy here in 2 colours - the green slimes will try to poison you, the green men will burrow underground and surprise attack you and the green slime women will try to poison you with a ranged attack. The purple slimes will try to jump on you, the purple men turn invisible and try to attack you, and the purplse slime women fire ranged attacks at you. Any attack that hits you in this area will strip your armour slot and getting hit enough times without armour on will turn your character into a slime girl.
  • Walking through the slime water will trigger an event that strips your character's armour slot and can poison her.
  • Getting hit enough times in this area (needs confirmation - I'm sure it's the enemy attacks) will turn your character into a slime girl, though several events will happen before this.
  • Wearing a rubber suit or equivalent piece of equipment, such as a hydra suit or the rubber biosuit, will protect you from the slime accumulation to an extent.
  • In order to reset the slime accumulation progress, use a stripping spirit.
  • You need to have a potion on hand in order to make the Anchidote item used for the quest. Bring a full stack of potions and try not to use them while collecting herbs.