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RyonaRPG edit

Core version: 150 (2021-07-13)


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All known H-events and endings in a sortable list. Scroll down past the sidebar or click here for the list.


  • Slave - your character must be a slave
    • Full - your character must be a full slave
  • End - leads to ending / game over

H-events and endings list

Map Details Slave End
Ray-On Village
Talk the maid in the inn when she is on 2/F (if you are severe wound/just lose from a battle, she will cure you first)
At night, interact with the box with slime on top of it and choose to touch the slime. Your character will be infested by a Riverblossom Slime.
At night, talk to the man in the black robes and select the first option to get a parasitic armour. The armor provides immunity to slimes, parasites and status effects, and also seems to make you invulnerable (it seems to cause a small H event you and heal you when you take a blow that would otherwise kill you) - the only downside is that your movement speed is permanently decreased (extacy state), the suit continuously uses H-attacks on you and as a result your character is usually tired from climaxing. However, your movement speed is constant regardless of health or status.

You can "upgrade" the armor by talking to the man who gave it to you, then choosing "no" and then "yes", and then using the Vitamin Pills? item he gives you. After a little bit, you will gain the second part of the armor (shield slot, Insect Husk, stops you from wielding 2 handed weapons). Talk to the man (no, yes) to get the vitamins again, take them and the suit will form the abdomen (around this point you also become a futanari). Another pill later, you gain a tentacle (weapon slot, whip class) that causes you to regain health and mana when you kill an enemy. Take one more pill, and the suit takes over your mind (headpiece, magic slot). After this, wear the armour for a long period of time without taking it off (this can cause glitches). Just wait, eventually (It takes a LONG time) the first piece ("Invasion insect") will completely take over and mature, turning into an Adult Insect, and the armor will turn into the best armor in the game, increasing speed and stats with no downsides. Note that this process also happens over time; the pills only speed it up. (Tested in rev. 842)

Entering the room under the park while wearing the armor leads to an instant game over where the woman there replaces your conciousness with that of the armor (you still get the game over even if the armor has already taken over. This is likely an oversight.)

Yes? (unknown factors)
The right door in the church will lead to the imprisoned game over ending Yes Yes
Inside the pub, the blue-haired "Hit & Blow" player will tie you up and abuse you if you talk to him as a slave. Yes
Talk to the boy on the street and answer no to his question as a full slave. He will abuse you. Full
Talk to the guy in inn 1/F left side Full
Go to the grocery store and talk to the girl in the left side Full
Sleep in the bed at inn 2/F right side Full
Talk to the girl on the street, she will give you a random parasite if you are a full slave and fetters if you are wearing the noble slave collar, if you accept. Full
Back streets
If you faint in the back alley, you will be used as a sex slave by the thugs in the sewers. After rescuing the character (you will find her in the large pool of water in the east part of the sewers, near 40,50 map ID 215), there is a chance that the rescued character will have a number of slave or masochism piercings, or be pregnant. Additionally, the character will be equipped with Fetters, Indecent Underwear, Princess's Manacles and a Demonseal Collar. Note that if you take too long to rescue the character, she will be moved to the slave auction (you will be told if this happens; the time it takes depends on the character's experience level and the character slowly loses xp as time goes on).

One thing that has been noticed is that as a character is used (by not giving up), the character can gain items such as a T-back. In addition to this, it is possible for a character to wind up with two slave nipple piercings in addition to a dog collar and the "Adult Experience" H-ability, though this seems to only happen after the second time. More investigation into this event is needed - note that piercings, pregnancy and sensitivity of the rescued character is calculated after the character is picked up, while the dog collar/two piercings are constant.

No (Yes)
Talk to the man wearing purple robes and he will give you an erotic massage. Increases breast sensitivity and leaves the character with arousal and the "slime" debuff.
Goblin Cave
Get beaten by Goblin King with ??? status to become sex toy
Get beaten by regular goblins or without ??? status to become goblin toilet Yes
Rock mountain cave
Beaten by the lamia (map ID167), become sex toy for lamias
If playing as Nakoruru speak to lamia in Ray-On pub then get captured by lamias to be transformed into one
Lose all HP in zone 4 (slime nest)
Undersea Temple
Iron Maiden death: Answer one of the Iron Maiden questions wrong Yes
Sacrifice End: At the lowest level, before the boss fight get caught by the final boss tentacle. HP either at 10% or HP 20% and ??? Status. 1% of success Yes
Slave City Shrike
Become a member of the city by talking to the guard captain. After 1-4 days of work are adbucted and wake up in a cell in Life Science Institute

(The code in the game says a random number from 1-4 so it's a 25% gamble there.) This will not occur if you already been to the Life Science Institute before.

Life Science Institute
In "life engineering lab" go into the room at right side Yes
In the room where the prisoners are held, go to left side and ask the scientist to let you take the place of the girl in the cell. You will gain the "Huge Breasts" H ability.
[Futanari needed] Ask to do the experiment for the boy in the same place as above - you will gain the huge breasts H ability and also the "Ejaculation Slave" H ability.
[Futanari needed] Go to the room on the right side of the genetics lab - you will be raped by slimes.
In 2/F there is a red face npc called ダイジョーブ博士 that will remodel your body. (Hint - you can save and reload until you get the desired outcome) The result seems to be random, but after extensive testing the results were found to be directly tied to the event (n.b. list is most likely not complete).
  • 10% chance - NPC beats you - Permanent increase to all stats
  • 20% chance - Maids give you cosmetic surgery - Breast and Hip size changed.
  • 35% chance - Pushed into a tentacle bed - Random area has its vulnerability and sensitivity increased by 4 (B/V/A/N/U). In the case of the nipples and urethra, a H ability is gained as well, and with the ass and vagina, their size is increased.
  • 35% chance - Machine - one of the following:
    • Gain Exhibitionist H ability (No equipment restriction in town, EX increases when you're ashamed)
    • Gain Erogenous Body H ability + Sensitivity raises by 4
    • Gain the "Milk Secretion" H ability
    • Gain Futanari H ability

After enough machine-related transformations, you begin getting advanced ones, which add weird modifications that currently only increase vulnerabilities/sensibilities (Vagina nipples, etc.)

Once both the machine and the tentacle bed run out of possible enhancements, further attempts at transformation gives you a choice between a looping H-event of either the machine or the tentacle bed (which can be ended by pressing enter) which slowly increases your sensitivities.

Sometime before the cutoff point where you start getting bad ends, your character now begins getting strange looking, which is a decent means of telling when you should stop (currently only apparent with Rena, the blue haired girl with the 3D modelled pictures). Not sure how this works if you've only been getting the bonus stat transformations.

He can also remove a sex slave collar, however you will gain a large number of H abilities, increased sensitivity and it counts as 5 transformations. After 20 transformations, you get a game over event. Additionally, if you use the machine on the left before remodelling, you are guaranteed to become a futanari in your next remodelling attempt.

Female security guard (quest?) talk to the girl at the entrance than talk to the scientist below the library (to the right of the security guard), sleep at the bed, then you will wake up at midnight and found that they are transforming the guard. The scientist ask you to give 4 herb to them, please view Item ID or 生命科学研究所 - Life Science Institute page for details. You will be rewarded for each herb you bring the scientist and you will be able to see the scientist rape the guard at night once it's completed.
Sleep in the bed in the left side of the room - you will be molested. Full
Talk to a scientist near the woman being experimented on near the enterance. You will take her place. Full Yes
If you get kidnapped from Slave City Shrike, bumping into a scientist, trying to walk through most doors or standing on one of the plates on the ground will cause you to be gassed and taken for an experiment. Additionally, it also seems to happen sometimes if you go to the pharmacy (the room with the item seller) in slave mode. Yes Yes
If you go to the transmigration lab as a slave, and speak through the grate to the girl who you can turn into a slimegirl (after turning her into one), she'll jump out and rape you. As Nakoruru at least, this will result in her becoming a slimegirl herself, as of revision 752 (Rena also has slime portraits but in the current version slave mode seems to be nonfunctional in the lab). Found this as a full slave, but may work otherwise, as it didn't require actually getting kidnapped into the life science insitute. Additionally, it seems to revoke your slave status (your collar melts off of you), and you can just snake your way out of the facility unimpeded. Full?
Talk to the item seller on the left side with either a Rubber suit or a Hydra Suit. You will be offered to upgrade the rubber suit. The upgraded suit is a very strong armour and provides immunity to slimes, parasites, status effects. The only downside is that it will destroy itself if you leave the menu screen with another or no armour equipped, it prevents masturbation and periodically interrupts casting and attack charging (like a constricting corset).

Note: You can get a rubber suit as a gift by working as a hostess in Avalon, buying it for 4000 from the clothing store in Avalon (interact with one of the bottom tables) or from the wardrobe in the disused factory. If you sleep while wearing the suit, a skippable H event will occur. If you choose not to skip it, you will be able to pay the scientist 80 000 gold to remove the suit. However, he makes a mistake and the suit is not removed + you gain the "Rubber Addict" H ability, but the suit stops crushing you (meaning that it no longer interrupts charging spells and attacks). If you somehow lose the suit (e.g. a tentacle or stripping spirit removes it) and you have the rubber addict ability, you can talk to the pharmacist again to either buy sedatives that remove the rubber addict ability or to get the suit back again - if you get the suit again this way, you will gain the "Rubber Slave" H ability and you will automatically get another suit if you talk to the pharmacist after losing your old one. It also seems that you slowly lose mana while not wearing rubber clothing when you have the rubber addict or slave H abilities. This also regains your ability to masturbate. If you get your suit back using the bottom option instead of the middle one, or if you talk to the scientist after getting the Rubber Slave ability, you can get your suit permanently intergrated into your body, granting you the "Whole Body Rubber" H Ability. After this, it is completely impossible to remove the suit by any means.

Further speaking with the scientist after this will cause him to ask you if you want to pay 5000 gold to have your suit (which is now intergrated into you) experimented on, which will randomly either increase some of your stats, or screw up and cause your suit to start randomly increasing your EX.

Randomly at this point the scientist will ask you if you're happy with your suit, and answering with silence will have him comment that since your head is uncovered, your whole body isn't rubber, and if you respond with silence, and then the two options after that with the responses in parenthesis, he attaches a mask to you, which is also permanent, like your rubber skin, granting you the "Rubber Doll" H ability. (Nobody currently has art or sprites for this, but there's generic sprites for this condition, in both regular and loli variety.)

Recent updates have added a new assimilation process to rubberization which involves having your suit experimented on the first time to make it unremoveable, and after you sleep enough, it'll become more comfortable, and later intergrate with your skin, and then give you the rubber slave H ability, these do not require watching the events, and in fact, will force the events during specific points in the assimilation.

If you talk to the scientist while in slave mode and wearing a rubber or hydra suit, he will forcibly turn it into the "Invasion rubber suit", which has better stats than the living rubber suit but continuously rapes you. In recent revisions the suit has been fixed and, from recent testing, no longer causes an infinite loop when attacked by a parasite and the event that results in a guaranteed KO has been removed. The suit currently acts more or less like the parasite clothes from RAYON but the healing is far less responsive, making the suit very dangerous to wear while fighting monsters.

It should be noted that most of the body modification processes in the laboratory won't happen if you're permanently rubberized, so it would probably be a good idea to get whatever you wanted out of that first before potential rubberization.

In the insect lab go into the cell at upper right side. Bloody end... Full Yes
After defeating the final boss on 浮遊大陸ラピュタ - Laputa Floating Continent, you'll be able to enter the mechanization room. If you enter the top left room as a slave and attempt to exit, the door will close and you will be transformed into a mechanical doll (increase mag, def, attack and hp, decrease MP and spirit, ignore all abnormal statuses except for ??? at high EX) and be able to enter the testing room to the right. In this room, you will either have to fight a guard (which gets you a crystal fragment, guaranteed to and only occurs the first time), fight mechanical dolls, giant woms or slime women, kill (defenseless) women (note that this test often causes the game to crash), undergo maintainence or be used as a sex doll by various possible creatures (e.g. Giant Worm, regular man, Loli-obsessed man from Avalon, slime). If your character is a futanari, you can also enter a test where you are forced to rape another doll. If you try to exit one of these tests prematurely, you will be re-remodeled and gain three random H abilities each time.

If you try to escape through the front door or the garbage chute, eventually you will receive messages - the first seems to be a warning, the second gives you the "Breakdown" ability (all stats halved), according to the TXT files there's a third and fourth event but their significance wasn't clear. Furthermore, you become unable to remodel on the second floor.

Ruins of Melbel
Defeated the boss, speak to character at the upper left side without hypnotic medicine: Masturbation show or 3 other special ending events. Yes
Brainwashed City Melbel
You can find a chest on the very top right handside of the town, next to a guard. Open the chest for a supprise. First option (surrender) send you to prison, where you will be abused using hypnosis by night. Second option (resist) kills you in a few seconds. Yes
Once you've talken to him at night, the pokemon boss will open a shop during the day. You can gain H hypnosis abilities there.

In addition to this, whenever you sleep after the first 2 times, he will make your character masturbate in front of him and orgasm a few times and either grant her a random Hypnosis H ability or offer to upgrade one to a more potent brainwash version.

Melbel Public School
Fellatio, Masturbation, and Masochism classes are available from the start. They change to advanced versions once you get enough education.
At night, can perform various sexual acts with faculty members for extra credit. More faculty members become accessable the more acts you do.
Lesbian, Bestiality, Tentacle, and Futanari classes become avalible after second floor is unlocked at an education level of 20 and the first exam is passed.
Sex with Elves and Masochism 2.0 classes become avalible once the third floor is unlocked at an education level of 50 and the second exam is passed
Massocism study session with student council president avalible from education lv 30 until second exam is passed.
Hypnotic Rape event after talking to transfer students about suspicions Can lead to one of 4 events including 2 seprate game oversdepending on which classmates you invite to your investigation. See the talk page for more info. Yes
Hypno-Sensei's Lecture can lead to one of 6 different events depending on your interactions with your classmates prior to the lecture. (what's the difference and how do you trigger them?) Unlocked at education 70 with access to the third floor.

Nurses Assistant has masturbation, Teacher on Loli, Gangbang, Stripping, and Bestiality events at night. Some missable depending on outcome of Hypno-Sensei's Lecture.

Graduation Exam event contains one of 4 outcomes, 2 of which are automatic game over and one of which allows rescue attempts. (what's the difference and how do you trigger them?)

Bug Labyrinth
Got beaten in the fight, the bug will use the character as reproduction use. You can ask for rescue from other characters.
Get captured by one of the tentacle bed and do not escape.
Lose the car race, eaten by the cockroaches Yes
After cockroaches car race, try to open the chest near the exit Yes
Forgotten Mansion
As Loli Nakoruru or as young Rydia v1 examine the Dog House outside the front door (map ID236), then talk to the boss in the boss room (map ID263) to be transformed into a cat. Afterwards you can roam the house without being attacked by monsters (sometimes it bugs and monsters spawn anyway; just enter an exit the room to fix this). It seems that any character gets turned into a cat, just that only a few have the sprite and picture.
Faint in the boss room (ID 236) to be transformed into a plant. Effectively the same as being transformed into a cat - monsters don't spawn in the mansion. Note that not many characters have a plant sprite (Monica and Fairy do), so it can seem like nothing happened.
As Tina/Terra(who? I couldn't reproduce this with Tinna) examine the Dog House outside the front door (map ID236), then talk to the boss in the boss room (map ID263) to be transformed into a plant monster.
After being transformed into a plant or cat, talk to the owner and she will ask if you want to play. Say yes and you will receive 2 nipple piercings (鈴のピアス - Bells) and 1 clitoris piercing (Masochism piercing - very expensive to remove and has harsh side effects).
Capital Avalon
Entering the capital as a slave will get you captured, leads to game over. Only happens under certain conditions? Yes Yes
Mess up your lines when performing at the opera, get raped by 4 men on stage. Afterwards, instead of offering to perform the Opera, the man offers you to have sex on stage again.
Work as bar hostess - sometimes you will be molested (the man that molests you looks different from the regular customer; it is possible to walk away and skip the H event). No
Work as a Bar Hostess with the hypnosis status - you can get this by talking to the witch outside the inn in Rayon at night, or through one of the events in Merberu (bumping into a hooded man or sleeping at the inn after talking to the maid in the well). No
Work as a Bar Hostess as a slave. Yes
In the house you can buy, there is a functioning demon hanger and delta horse in your bedroom. Additionally, you can take an unlimited number of Masochism and Slave piercings from the drawer in the upper left of the upper right room. See the Avalon page for more house events.
Going to the empty cage in the pet shop as any of the reincarnation classes (dog/bee/etc) gets the cage locked and you sold as a pet. Note that this only happens with certain characters (apparently only the ones with special pictures in their reincarnated form - I experienced this end as Nakoruru (dog) but the cage didn't close for Iroha under the same conditions). Yes
Different Village
There seems to be a quest here, when you get to talk to the Mayor. You have to save a monster girl that was kidnapped by poachers. I don't really know how the quest goes, but you can see their Bad Endings by going directly to the last map (ID 708) and talking to the Green DragonGirl in the middle of the room. You don't actually need to trigger anything on the Village, and the endings depend on your current transformation. Yes
Talk to the Casino employee dealing cards on the top left part of the map and agree to play. Two different endings whether you accuse him of cheating or not - if you accuse him of cheating, you can escape the building, though if a guard catches you it will result in a game over.

The building can be reached by going into one of the buildings in the top right of The Night City. A grim reaper will block your way and will only let you pass if your character is a full slave.

Full Yes
At night, go to the Inn. The innkeeper will ask if you want to prostitute yourself, select the first option.

Choosing the second option results in normal dialogue of an innkeeper.