Harem Heroes/Story/Plains of Rituals Arc

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Plains of Rituals
HH Adventure Background 9.jpg
Title Plains of Rituals
Main Girl Lenaëlle
World Number 9
Previous World Hamelin Town
Next World Heroes University


Ardente Veritatis

In a conference room at the Magic Academy, Virginia Springfall briefs the members on the situation with the world. Monsters have been manifesting through Finalmecia's summoning. She's protecting the ritual sites through a magic shield, which is being maintained by three demonic creatures from the meadow of rituals. She explains that the way to stop them is to purify the three creatures through white magic and orgasms. She has obtained the help of the Hero, Refias and Lenaëlle Cœur-de-Lion for the purification process.


The Hero and Refias appear to have a rivalry. While they argue, Bunny enters the room to start briefing them. She decides to reconcile the two through a threesome group activity. However afterwards, the two of them still argue. Lenaëlle Cœur-de-Lion enters the room to greet Bunny. The Hero and Refias notice her and ask who she is. Bunny tells them that she's a priestess, and laughingly states she's a virgin. She also explains that Lenaëlle comes from the Hero's world.

The four of them get briefed by Virginia. Each of the members will lead a squadron to purify Finalmecia's souls. The Hero is to go to the burning cave and Refias will explore the silent town. After they're done, they are to head to the ruins of the Mazo civilization.

Cave in Fire

At the burning cave, the Hero's squadron finds a magic door guarded by two scorpion monsters. Salem explains that the door is powered by sexual energy, similar to how her own magic works. Therefore, the only way to open it is to provide enough of their own fluids She decides to create a diversion to lure the two monsters away, while the Hero is to open the door. The Hero doubts his own ability to produce that much, but Zoe Martins informs him that she's has the ability to produce the fluids. She offers to go along with him and is confident that, between the two of them, they should be able to generate enough fluids to open the door.

Salem uses her magic to distract the two scorpions away, but realizes she doesn't have enough energy to defeat them. She calls on Lenaëlle to help her generate enough sexual energy. Meanwhile, the Hero and Zoe reached the door. Zoe, with the help of the Hero, attaches herself onto the door and they start generating the fluids. After going at it for a while, they realize they won't be able to generate enough fluids. Salem decides to help them out by using her energy to force one of the scorpions to produce enough liquid. It proves fruitful and they are able to break open the door.

On the other side of the door, the squad sees one of Finalmecia's souls. She is surprised that the group was able to break open the door and transforms into a monstrous form. Salem reminds them that in order to purify the soul, they have to stimulate it enough for a climax. She places a time stop spell on the monster to allow Zoe and the Hero time to stimulate it. When the time spell stops, Lenaëlle performs her ritual to finally purify the soul. Afterwards, Refias calls to ask about the status of their mission. He then teleports Lenaëlle to execute his part of the mission. The squad get ready to conduct the next part of the mission, but Salem says she's exhausted and needs to rest but that she will send a Edna as a replacement member.

Trapped City

Meanwhile, Refias is having trouble with his mission. He's incapacitated by part of Finalmecia's soul and Lenaëlle has been captured. Finalmecia decides to turn Refias into one of her servants by scanning and exploiting his psychological weaknesses. After she tricks and turns him, he transforms into a purple sac. She then finds out that Lenaëlle is a virgin, believing that to be the source of her purification powers.

The rest of Refias' squad are trapped in a bookstore. They are surrounded by hordes of nymphobias, humans infected with the contagious nymphomania virus, causing them to be obssessed with insatiable and brutal urges. One of the squad members propose that they can invoke a magical creature if the other two female members can bring her into a trance through the generation of sexual energy. She gets excited enough to finally go into a trance and conjures a dragon. It clears the nymophobias out and attacks Finalmecia, rescuing the squad and Lenaëlle.

Now with Lenaëlle free, the dragon starts stimulating Finalmecia's soul. When the climax is reached, Lenaëlle purifies it. They then turn their attention to Refias, who is still transforming in the sac. They decide it's best left to HQ to deal with and teleports Lenaëlle to the Hero.

Yonaguni Ruins

The Hero, now replacing Salem with Edna Psaish, have reached the ancient Yonaguni civilization. Edna explains the Yonaguni were a sex-obssessed and technologically advanced civilization. They went extinct when the machines they created were too good at their job, causing them to lose interested in biological relationships. Lenaëlle joins their group, and after informing them of Refias' situation, they head to the location of Finalmecia's soul.

They enter a Yonaguni laboratory and find Finalmecia's soul fused with a Yonaguni synthetic body. Finalmecia explains that the Yonaguni mastered all aspects of pleasure and were close to becoming the Gods of sex. However, they were stopped by the wars raged by their neighbors, rather than simply dying out from infertility. She mentions the Akachinpo and their goal of succeeding where the Yonaguni failed. She then challenges the Hero to a battle of pleasure. Due to her optimized synthetic body, Finalmecia has an advantage, even after the Hero utilizes his powers. Edna then decides to create two Yonaguni male robots to assist the Hero. Just before the two synths deactivate, they successfully assist the Hero in climaxing the Finalmecia's synthetic body, giving Lenaëlle the window to purify the soul.

They report back to Virginia, when Finalmecia appears, kidnaps Lenaëlle, and disappears. The squad hurries to join in on the final battle to rescue her.

Portal to Shokushu Dimension

With three of her guardian souls purified, Finalmecia, accompanied by the Dark Lord, hurriedly try to finish the ritual. Donatien, from the Shokushu dimension, tells Finalmecia that the portal should be ready in a just few minutes when the Hero arrives to stop her. Laughing at his attempt, they scoff at the thought of a single man defeating a sorcerer and warrior. However, the Hero reveals he brought the help of Samane, Agathe, Lady Arcana, and Pelagie, and delivers a short monologue about friendship. Arcana then reveals that she and Dark Lord were old lovers, and that it pains her to have to go against him. Meanwhile, at the Shokushu dimension, Samane and Pelagie. who is infuriated at Donatien's betrayal, confront Donatien.

Just when Finalmecia seems to have the upper-hand against the Hero, Salem lends her hand and body to him. She is able to give him the upper hand and together they break Finalmecia's portal. Frustrated at her failure, she teleports away to her base to enact revenge on Lenaëlle and their other friends. Because Salem used up all her powers, she is unable to teleport the Hero to Finalmecia's base, causing the Hero to have to run on foot.


Once he arrives at her base, he notices that the entire place is crawling with demons. He is informed by Virginia that all available squads are occupied defeating demons and that Refias' squad was most likely captured and is being held in the base. However, she relays that Edna is coming to assist him with an army.

Edna and Kimberly arrive, delivering an army of robots modeled after Edna. She orders them to attack the base and keep the demons preoccupied, while the Hero proceeds to rescue Lenaëlle.

Hatching and Winged Angel!

Finalmecia is able to slow the Hero down enough for Refias to transform into Refirith. She orders him to take Lenaëlle's virginity while the Hero is unable help. However, right before Refirith is able to, Bunny teleports in and kicks Refirith in the nuts, incapacitating him and saving Lenaëlle.

The Hooded Man appears teleports Finalmecia and Refirith away. Before he teleports himself away, he puts Lenaëlle in a trance, which causes her to feel extremely attracted to the Hero, claiming that he looks like one of her childhood crushes. She attempts to seduce him, but the Hero sees she is not thinking straight and resists sleeping with her. Bunny also intervenes by stating that sex shouldn't be performed when one isn't in control of their thoughts. The Hero promises her that he'll still want her when she snaps back. This causes her to transform into an Angel, rare beings that protect the Haremverse and elevate sex.

Lenaëlle expresses gratitude and tells the Hero that this is the first time she has felt peace. She asks Bunny if she can move in with the Hero, and both Bunny and the Hero gladly accept her in.

Becoming a Better Hero!

While searching for Finalmecia, Bunny and the Hero meet the All Mastery, who invites the Hero to join the Heroes University. Virginia notifies them that they have a signal on Finalmecia's location due to a bug placed on them by Bunny.

Finalmecia, losing her powers quickly, is put into a stabilizing chamber by the Hooded Man. Him and Refirith begin pumping the chamber with sperm to heal Finalmecia. As they're pumping it, Refirith notices Bunny's bug on the Hooded Man's shoulder. The Hero arrives and the Hooded Man introduces himself as a member of the Akachinpo, an organization with the goal of bringing other fields of unknown pleasures to the world, all at the cost of a large portion of the Haremverse population. He stops himself from digressing and spawns four green-skinned girls. They jump onto the Hero and begin draining away his energy. The Hooded Man is about to kidnap the Hero, when the All Mastery arrives and scares them off. After the Hero thanks him for the help, the All Mastery urges him to enroll in the Heroes University, stating that he will be able to perfect his abilities and make new allies.