Harem Heroes/Story/Admittance of the Dead Arc

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Admittance of the Dead
HH Adventure Background 6.jpg
Title Admittance of the Dead
Main Girl Samane
World Number 6
Previous World Juy Sea
Next World Magic Forest


The White Desert

Samane masturbating in her room

After getting accidently killed by Lady Arcana Od Oristis, the Player's soul is transported to a desert area and captured by Donatien.

Alone in the Pit

Meanwhile, at a Shinigami temple, Samane Sanetomo is enjoying her masturbation session, when a flying servant delivers a mission to her. She condescends to him and expresses vulgarity as he explains that a target has been found.

Pelagie navelizing the Player.

The Player, bounded to a wall, is being tortured by Pelagie Aleric. He asks her why she's doing this and she explains that navels, like herself, can't feel any pleasure. She and other navels want all souls to join them in their misery by converting dead souls into navels. Donatien enters the room and further explains that seeing the Player able to enjoy sex causes him great rage. He tells him that he spent his life crafting his body in order to finally have sex with a virgin, but died before he was able to do so, dying a virgin.

The Player begins to slowly transform into a navel, through the process of Navelisation, when it is halted by Samane and her flying servant. They release him from his chains and state that in order to reverse his navelisation, the Player has to release all his frustrations through sex.

During his coitus, the Player disappears into a mysterious realm and sees his penis as part of subconscious. His appendage urges him to listen to his inner powers and determine what his name is. The Player is finally able say his penis' name out loud, "Ginyu gun", and is transported back to his soul as a shinigami. While Samane is astounded at how the Player became a shinigami, Donatien enters the room and challenges them to a harem battle. The Player wins, causing Donatien to flee. Samane, curious about the Player's shinigami status, brings him to the King of the Dead for interrogation.

The Player is saved by the Lord of the Dead.

The King and Enma

The Player meets Kelina

One of the lords of the shinigami is enraged at the Player becoming a shinigami, claiming that it wasn't his destiny, and is about to send his soul to hell when the King of the Dead stops him. He claims that what's done cannot be changed and that he can only send the Player back if the editor says so (fourth-wall break). He orders the Player to work for the Shinigami in exchange for a ressurection and tells Samane to teach train the Player.

Samane hands the Player off to be trained by Kelina Keino, referring to her as "Pussy". When Samane leaves the room, Kelina begins fooling around with the Player when the Player's navel form appears temporarily and acts brutally towards Kelina. Unaware that it was due to the Player's navel powers, she simply gets annoyed and introduces him to his first assignment.

She introduces him to two individuals, a man and woman, who require purification through orgasm so that they may go to paradise with a libido. Hesitant of having to pleasure a man, the Player asks Kelina to do it instead, taking the responsibility instead of just the woman. After Kelina finishes her individual, she notices that the Player is slightly struggling on the woman. Kelina lends the Player a hand and is able to help him finish the woman off, sending her to paradise.

Pelagie threatening to navelize a group of people


Now that the Player has the process down, he helps purify another soul when Samane asks him to help her deal with another navel threat. They run into five people in the process of navelisation and Pelagie Aleric holding a bound Donatien, who is revealed to be a high ranking arch-captain of the Shinigami. Samane lets Pelagie flee to help save the five people turning into navels. She instead calls a backup squad consisting of Kelina and Lola Loche, whom she refers to as "Big Tits". Samane and the Player purify the five souls and return back to the King of the Dead.

A Sphere in a Black Hole

The King of the Dead gives the duo another task
Brainwashed Lola and Kelina detain the Player

The King of the Dead is impressed with the Player's work so far and states that he is very close to earning resurrection. He also informs them Kelina and Lola have not yet return from their mission, but still standing confident at their abilities. Suddenly, he is informed of a navel attack on the libidinal laboratory and sends the Player and Samane to quell the threat.

At the laboratory, they see Kelina and Lola under the control of Pelagie. Samane chases off Pelagie while the Player is held back by Lola and Kelina. The Player has sex with them, breaking them out of their mind control.

The Libidown & up sphere is stolen from Samane

The Player chases after Samane to find her tied down on table by Donatien. When he takes off his mask, he reveals that he was the arch-captain posing as someone being captured by Pelagie. Because he can't utilize his penis, he's been playing the part of a Shinigami by using his fingers and a realistic dildo. Pelagie appears and restrains the Player from interfering.

Donatien begins searching Samane and retrieves out a geisha ball. He states the geisha ball is in fact a "libidown & up sphere". He explains that he plans on using the sphere to heal his libido, destroying the Shinigami to prevent them from purifying more souls, making all the women of the realm of dead be part of his harem, and navelizing all the men. He equips the sphere and is transported away, leaving Pelagie behind to be captured by the Shinigami. As she is restrained by Lola and Kelina, she cries, claiming that Donatien promised to heal her of her navel condition. The Player frees Samane and reports back to the King of Dead.

Bad Cop/Kinky Cop

While debriefing the King, the Player asks how Samane never recognized Donatien. She explains that glasses make a world of difference in how someone looks. The King of the Dead has one more task for the Player before he's able to resurrect him, interrogate Pelagie and find out where Donatien is hiding at. Additionally, he reminds Samane to ask the Player of something afterwards and be convincing.

Samane proposes to the Player to be a substitute shinigami in exchange for joining his Harem

The two of them begin unsuccessfully interrogating Pelagie. Due to her navel status, she is immune to the interrogation tactics they use. However, while interrogating her, the Player is once again transported to his inner power. He is met with his subconscious navel form, explaining that he needs to use his navel powers to pleasure Pelagie. After utilizing his navel powers, he is finally able to get Pelagie to tell them that Donatien is in the Shokushu Dimension.

Resurrection Dragon asks the editor to resurrect the Player

Afterwards, before the Player is preparing for his resurrection, Samane tells him that he owes her sex. During their session, Samane asks to join the Player's harem. The Player asks how it would be possible since she is a Shinigami. She explains that she'll be able to if the Player becomes a substitute Shinigami, serving as a reserve member for the Shinigamis. The Player accepts and sees the King of the Dead for his promised resurrection.

Draco ex Machina

Bunny finds the Player

The King of the Dead gives the Player the Seven Balls of the Resurrection Dragon. After the Player summons the Resurrection Dragon, the dragon calls the editor (another fourth-wall break) and sends the Player back to his body, informing him that his body has been abandoned in the middle of the Magic Forest and that he needs to have sex in order to wake up. He tells the editor to send one of the Player's Harem girls to him and then warps the Player back to his body.

The Player's body is lying down in the middle of forest when Bunny rides in on a pink Unicorn and explains that she "was right in the middle of a BDSM scene with Agate." She jokingly says that she didn't bring the Player into this world to die so stupidly and begins to wake him up through the method explained by the dragon. The Player awakens and the two of them have a proper coitus.

Afterwards, Bunny teleports away, explaining she still has new recruits to test for the Player's Harem. The Player continues on his journey...