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Juliette Jones
HH Juliette Pose 1.png
Title Juliette
Full Name Juliette Jones
Gender Female
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Breast Size Large
Shaved Trimmed
Birthday 8/3
Location Begin City
Career Ruins Explorer
Favorite Food Coq au vin
Hobby History
Fetish Tied-Up
Biography: Juliette has three activities that occupy and animate her life: ruining her eyes on bibliographies of famous explorers, finding ruins to explore, and getting her ass ruined by adventurous explorers.
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About Her

Juliette Jones is a major character during the Begin City Arc.


Begin City

Bunny's House 1

Juliette enters Bunny's house with Alban to see the Player eating Alban's fruit of power. Enraged, he challenges the player to a Harem fight. Juliette, seeing how the Player does not have any girls in his Harem, proposes that Alban should simply forget about the ideal and to make love to her. They engage in sex, in which Juliette tells Alban that his skills are sufficient enough without the fruit. The player joins in and they all finish on Juliette's face. Afterwards, Bunny licks the semen off Juliette's face.

Bunny's House 2

While Bunny explains the Haremverse to the player, Juliette gives the Player oral, telling him to ignore her and concentrate on Bunny's monologue. After they finish, Juliette donates a handful of cash to the player, as an investment for him to grow his harem.

The Harbour

Juliette sees the player off on his new adventure. But before she can tell him she will miss him, he disappears on the ship.






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