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all characters are at least 18

Custom Order Maid 3D 2 [edit]


In COM3D2, The core gameplay loop has undergoes some changes but still maintain the same pattern throughout the CM3D series.

Changes made to the gameplay are as follows:

  • You will have 3 initial maids rather than 1 maid.
  • The game's main phase are more story-oriented.
  • Activity nodes are no long locked to a certain phase of a day
  • Addition of more NPC maid such as Unique Maids and Facility Maids
  • Addition of mini games.

Add to that, you will be able to transfer costumes and maids from CM3D2, provided that you are able to link COM3D2 to CM3D2.


Your troublesome uncle is back and decided to give you a new club, operate as a branch from your main club, as an apology gift for the trouble he cause when you are managing the previous club from CM3D2. However, the new club still have debts that need to be settled, as well as other problems that arise. With only just 3 maids left working for the new club, you will have to make miracles again to return this new club to it's former glory.


There are currently 13 personalities you can choose from, 7 of which are personalities that can be transfer from CM3D2.

COM3D2 Core Pure
Pure and Angelic Puppy-like
Serious but Not Good with Sex
Cold but Sometimes Affectionate Elder Sister
DLC Slient
Silent and Spoiled Bookworm Girl
Naturally Sadistic Little Devil
Elder Sister
Attractive and Ladylike Elder Sister
Transferable from CM3D2
CM3D2 Core Innocent
Pure and Lovely
Cool and Mature
Proud and Unyielding
DLC Yandere
Abnormally Earnest and Feminine
Motherly Big Sister
Healthy and Sporty Tomboy
Sadistic Queen That Can Entice A Masochistic Heart

Empire Club Status




The Shop in COM3D2 is not different that the CM3D2 ones, just different catalog.

Replay Mode

Replay Mode in COM3D2 is not different that the CM3D2 ones. The only difference is that the Event section allows you to see the main events.



Guest Mode

Room Editor