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The latest to publically engage in translating VH naturally, RogueTranslator began his efforts from scratch based on a late August, 2011 release of the game. Over the ensuing month, he managed to translate all but a scant few events in Onsen Town (Normal Play) and begin efforts in the Capitol. Shortly after the release of his first patch, the quantity of Bugfix and New Content releases during his initial efforts encouraged him to repeal his decision to limit further efforts [to translating this original August release until its completion and only then updating his own copy], and his second translation release [version 0.5, aka the Capitol Release], debuting on November 9, 2011, was based largely on VHv111025. As of December 10, 2011, RogueTranslator has released one more translation patch, v0.6, also based on VHv111025, but is setting VH aside to focus on other translation projects for the time being. Below is a list of those areas translated to date.

Each patch can be used on any released version of VH, provided the associated content is present.