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(Southeast Quadrant)
(Southeast Quadrant)
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'''Bench area'''
'''Bench area'''
=== '''[[File:Capture.jpg|thumb|left|The bench]]''' ===
At the center of the lake is a small bench that if Nanako chooses to lie down on, triggers a [http://scratchpad.wikia.com/wiki/VH/H-events#Outside_.28daytime.29 H-Scene]
At the center of the lake is a small bench that if Nanako chooses to lie down on, triggers a [http://scratchpad.wikia.com/wiki/VH/H-events#Outside_.28daytime.29 H-Scene]
=== ===
'''Carridge shop'''
'''[[File:Carriage.jpg|thumb|Carriage area]]'''
'''Carriage shop'''
From here you can travel to numerous places in debug mode, in regular mode it allows you to travel to the capitol if you have the free city pass
From here you can travel to numerous places in debug mode, in regular mode it allows you to travel to the capitol if you have the free city pass

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This page contains information about the various locations in the game. When it gets long enough, it will be divided into sub-pages.

Onsen Town region

This is the region where Nanako starts the game. It consists of Onsen Town itself and the areas to the North, East, and West.

Onsen Town

Onsen Town is a small walled resort located on the horse train line between Nanako's homeland and the Capital. Nanako wants to seek her fortune in the big city, but she stops here because she can't afford a ticket all the way to the Capital. Surely there's a way to make a buck around this place.

Overall layout

Onsen Town is build around a crossroads: one main road runs North-to-South, the other runs East-to-West. The roads divide the town into four quadrants. There are gates leading into the wilderness in each cardinal direction, and there's a fountain right at the center of town.


Onsen Town - fountain.png

The fountain at the center of town has several different points of interest. First, if you examine the sign on the south side of the fountain, you'll find that by praying to the Protective Goddess, you can adjust whether or not the game allows you to change clothes in combat areas. This matters more in VH than in most ARPGs, because many monsters rip off or destroy your clothes.

Second, if you're visiting the fountain during the day, you'll find a bald, fat, angry-looking guy standing at the north side. This man is the only decent human being in the entire game. If you talk to him while you have 500 G or less, he'll give you 50 G. You can do this repeatedly, until you have more than 500 G. You can even go blow your money on freaky sex toys and come back broke and he'll start giving you money again.

In addition, if you talk to him while indecently clothed, he'll assume you're desperately poor and hand you 500 G in one lump. He'll cut you off once he's handed you a total of 500 G, though (this is a hand up, not a hand out). Note that if you really want to abuse his generosity, you can get 450 G out of him 50 G at a time, then go topless to pick up your final handout. He'll still give you a full 500 G, making a total of 950 G leeched out of him before he cuts you off.

Finally, if you come by at night you'll see a blue-haired young man walking around the west side of the fountain. He's available for some hot H-event action.

North Gate

Onsen Town - north gate.png

Onsen Town's North Gate is sealed when you first arrive. When you take the Goblin Extermination quest, the gate will automatically be unlocked. While you're on the quest, exiting the North Gate will take you directly to the camp site of the goblins you need to murder. After you've completed the quest, the North Gate remains unlocked and leads to the wilderness north of town. If you ever repeat the quest, the gate will once again lead directly to the goblin camp. It'll go back to letting you access the wilderness once the quest is complete.

You'll use this gate for the Goblin Extermination quest, of course, as well as part of the later Thieves' hide-out quest. In addition, after you reach the Capital and take the Rescue at Wyvern Valley quest, you'll return and head out this way.

The North Gate contains doors that lead inside the City Walls. Walk underneath the gate so that you're hidden from view and then go either east or west. If you have trouble, shift one square north or south and try again.

Also, note that on top of the wall there are small gaps in the battlements. If you're on top of the wall, you can jump down at those gaps to reach ground level. You can't climb back up through them, though.

East Gate

Onsen Town - east gate.png

The East Gate is sealed, but there's a gaping hole in the wall just to the north of it. Note the patches of sand, which indicate where so many people have walked around the gate that they've killed the grass. Why is the soldier facing the nice, secure gate to his south instead of the massive breach to his north? Because he is bad at his job.

Anyway, walking out this gate will take you to the wilderness east of town. This is the gate you'll use for the Bodyguard and Babysitter quests, as well as the first part of the Thieves' hide-out quest.

This gate also has doors that lead inside the Walls. One entrance is on the northern side of the hole, and the other is on the southern side of the gate itself.

The top of the East Gate has just one gap in the battlement, on the interior side. Once again, you can use this to jump down but not to get back up.

South Gate

Onsen Town - south gate.png

The South Gate is closed, and currently can't be opened. A little odd, since it appears to be the main gate, with what appear to be pretty beefy towers on either side.

As of update 11.12.06 the South Gate is now open, it leads to an open grassy area with train tracks and a singular house. Approaching this house gives a scene with a mother walking in on a brother and sister having sex, the scene

File:South Gate.jpg
The South Gate and the house
hasn't been expanded past this.

West Gate

Onsen Town - west gate.png

The West Gate is open from the time you arrive. It leads to the wilderness west of town.

You'll head out this gate to complete the Medicine Delivery and Minotaur Extermination quests.

It has doors that lead inside the Walls, and on the top of the wall there are gaps you can jump down from on either side.

Northwest Quadrant

The Northwest part of town may be the most important, as it contains both the inn and the Adventurers' Guild. You might think of it as the business district.

Adventurers' Guild

Onsen town - Adventurers' Guild.png

The Adventurers' Guild is located right on the main East-West road, next to the West Gate. It's your primary source of quests here in town. You'll need 50 G to join. If you're a little short, you can go to the Fountain and mooch off of the fat guy. If you're a little short and you already exhausted his generosity... I dunno what to tell you. You must have been actively trying to screw yourself over.

You'll use the guild both to receive quests and to wrap them up: the last step is talking to the guild master to receive your reward. Also, if you "die" in the vicinity of Onsen Town, you'll wake up in here... assuming you joined the guild first, you have a VH-Heart, and you weren't killed in some awful rape-you-to-death situation.

You can receive a free horse train ticket to the Capital by working your way to the top of the local rankings, but keep in mind that simply completing all of the quests won't do it; you'll have to do the repeatable quests a number of times.


Onsen Town - inn.png

The Inn is also on the main East-West road, right between the Adventurers' Guild and the Fountain. It is an important source of healing, time-killing (advancing night into day), and, of course, hot beef injections. A night at this inn costs 100 G, but you get a free night if you've just completed a quest at the Adventurers' Guild. If you're short on cash, you can stay for free by helping out with chores or working out some other form of payment.

Secret Shop

Onsen Town - secret shop.png

Just north of the Adventurers' Guild you'll find this unusual building. Step into the alcove as shown in the picture and press the action button to go into the secret shop, staffed by a naked, ghostly Nanako.

This is sort of a cheating/debugging shop. It sells some powerful gear for cheap; if you're playing this game for the story and don't care about challenging combat you might find it useful. There are also some debugging tools and stuff with no apparent purpose. It also carries costumes, including some that you ordinarily only receive for the duration of a quest or event; now you can go waitress-style all the time.

Finally, the shop sells a few different unique items (like Nanako's comb and hair clip) in case you managed to lose them to a bug or something.

Loan Shark

Onsen Town - loan shark.png

In the northern half of the same building that houses the Secret Shop, you'll see a staircase leading downward. It leads to the local branch of demon loan sharks. They charge a hefty 1% per day, and if you don't pay off the loan within 30 days you receive a bad end.

Run-down Shack

Onsen Town - run-down shack.png

This run-down shack is located east of the loan shark, north of the inn, west of the cafe. When you first arrive, you'll find a blue-haired guy in front bitching; listen to him and you'll find out that he bought the place sight-unseen and can't fix it.

The dialogue gives the impression that there might be a quest here in the future, but for now he just goes inside and disappears. If you head in, you'll just find an empty, run-down room; he won't be there.


Onsen Town - cafe.png

Right off the main North-South road, north of the inn, you'll find this cafe. The food here will instantly restore HP or MP, and it's considerably cheaper than buying potions, but you can't carry it with you. That really limits the usefulness of this place, since you could usually just go sleep at the inn instead, but if you want cheap healing and for some reason don't want to advance the clock by sleeping you might find it helpful.

The woman behind the counter describes the amount of healing each food provides, while the man actually sells it.


Onsen Town - pub.png

The last building in Onsen Town's Northwest Quadrant is the pub. You'll come here (probably many times) for the Adventurers' Guild's Waitressing quest.

Northeast Quadrant

The Northeast part of Onsen Town has a couple of points of interest, but also quite a bit of filler.


Onsen Town - onsen.png

The onsen (a hot spring that people bathe in) is the feature for which the town is named. It'll cost you just 20 G to enter and get access to all the ridiculous H-events within.


The onsen actually forms the southwest corner of a little market plaza.

Weapons and Armor
Onsen Town - weapon shop.png

...and lottery tickets and lingerie.

Yes, the gentleman on the left sells a selection of weapons and armor, though it mostly duplicates what you have. This might be useful if some of your original equipment has been dissolved by slimes.

The woman on the right sells lottery tickets for 100 G (i.e. takes money from you and gives nothing in return). She also sells underwear, but again, it mostly just duplicates the starting equipment of various characters. Drop by here in case something... "happens" to your panties or those of your companions.

Onsen Town - item shop.png

The woman in the middle stall mostly sells expendable items (potions and whatnot). She also sells horse train tickets, but they're seriously expensive. You might be better off earning the free ticket at the Adventurers' Guild, since you'd probably have to work there anyway to get enough money for a ticket here.

She's also involved in the Medicine Delivery quest; she gives you the item to deliver, and at the end of the quest she'll give you a few items as a bonus on top of the payment you receive back at the Guild.

Onsen Town - toy shop.png

Come by during the day and the shopkeeper will be busy unpacking and setting up. Return at night and he'll be open, offering an array of marital aids with little to no in-game purpose.

Boarding House / Barracks

Onsen Town - boarding house.png

The boarding house (formerly the barracks of the City Guard, but now available for rent) is the large stone building just north of the market. It has four entrances: two on the south face and two on the north. All four entrances lead to the same common area. The above picture shows the southwest entrance.

At the moment, there's really nothing to do here. There are a few people to chat with, but that's all. Note that after you finish the whole Thieves' Hide-out quest, the boarding house will be closed, but you won't be missing much.

City Guard headquarters

Onsen Town - City Guard headquarters.png

The headquarters of the City Guard is to the north of the boarding house, right up against (and connected to) the Walls. There are three doors on the south face; the picture shows the westernmost entrance.

The western entrance leads to a training area, with several soldiers sparring. The central entrance leads to an unmanned counter. The eastern entrance leads to an information desk, where you can report crimes and be raped in exchange.

Most of the interior of the barracks is inaccessible from these three public entrances; to experience the rest of the building, including a soldier who craps lava, you'll need to get in the back way by going inside the Walls.

Southeast Quadrant

There are a few different events around here, but the southeastern portion of town is mostly dominated by a big lake.


Onsen Town - restrooms.png

Just to the southeast of the fountain you'll find the public restrooms. There are, of course, H-events to be had here. Also, the clock on the front of the building can be used to advance time (day to night or night to day).

Bench area

The bench

At the center of the lake is a small bench that if Nanako chooses to lie down on, triggers a H-Scene

Carriage area

Carriage shop

From here you can travel to numerous places in debug mode, in regular mode it allows you to travel to the capitol if you have the free city pass

Secret rating area

This area is found by going to the East Gate but instead of going out the little side door, go down into the wall and you will be inside it, keep going down untill you reach a set of stairs to the right, you will be outside again, go down onto the grassy area up towards the child, he will see if you're wearing panties ( though it doesnt really matter if you are or not). Continue on into the stairs to get to the secret room, viewing the mirror will have Nanako check her self out, talking to the man will have him rate you and going as far left as you can and then down and talking to a barrel will give you a similar scene.

NOTE: this area is largely untranslated.