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I respectfully suggest that information on the original and un-modded game cannot ever be out of place or "obsolete" on a wiki about a given game!
A mod cannot make the original game obsolete to begin with, and updates to the mod are not updates to the original game.
Additionally, it's always best to specify which mod and version is being discussed, when including information, I believe!

I removed the information about previous versions because one of the current developers, qwertyu, said that multiple versions are confusing to newer players who might think that there's multiple concurrent versions of the game being developed (previously we had the original, v1.7.5, v2.1, v2.2.2-3, etc. throughout various articles to the wiki that were made over the years which makes it look like the game is forked and there's multiple teams working on each version) but also because the number of people that play the original at this point in time is probably close to zero as it has been abandoned by the original developer for nearly a decade now. The most up-to-date version of the game cannot exactly be called modded even if subsequent additions to the game have been made through mods being balanced into the game or community led bug fixes, for all intents and purposes the game is being actively worked on by volunteers and the only active branches of the game that are developed, to my knowledge, are the English version and the Russian version (possibly some Chinese mods too) which have different content from one another and neither are worked on by the original developer. I'm not going to say that the original game shouldn't be in the wiki but it's clear to me that the information about the original is either incomplete (as I've had to add a lot of information to update the wiki to v2.2.3 despite it being content that would be in the base game or previous modded versions) or it won't realistically be completed (people had ~10 years to add the missing information and they never did); there's also the issue that some information was just added on top of existing information so it's very likely that at least some of the original game is just earlier versions of the modded versions and so forth since none of it has been thoroughly verified and neither am I willing to play the original and/or read its code. I don't disagree that it wouldn't be partially useful if someone wanted to play the original but it does bloat out the articles about the current game and makes it harder to view and update the version that is relevant for the overwhelming majority of players. There's also the philosophical argument of whether the original is of any greater importance than the most up to date version given that the "un-modded" game is not being actively developed and the "modded" version is the de facto game. If you want to keep the partial information about the original version of the game that's fine with me as I did expect that not everyone might agree and hence why I brought it up with the dev to begin with, but I would suggest that the information be kept separate and to not restore pages to versions that would include information about previous versions of the mod like what happened with Player Housing. In that particular case the information about the Barn is incorrect or downright speculative and there's already a fully dedicated article to it with about 10x more information so it's ultimately redundant. If you want to, there's also the possibility of separating the information from both versions and just putting it on different pages (for example: a nav link to the "Old Huntsman (v1.1.2)" and it lists all the pages that only have the original information, like "White Town (OH)" and so on. Many of the pages in the wiki still haven't been updated to v2.2.3 so some of the information is still together anyway. If you agree to either of my suggestions just let me know in my talk page. - Df