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New pc, looking up old installers, checking out wikis, you know the drill. I had some contributions on the Illusion wiki on Scratchpad, but a couple years back - late 2012? - I noticed they (the wiki owners?) apparently nuked it. Probably due to the content. Kinda sucked, since I didn't keep a local copy of some troubleshooting procedures I'd edited there (I generally have ReadMes for all my games, noting what patches to apply and in what order, if relevant - this helps keeps things organized). Forgot about Illusion games for a while, been busy with IRL, etc.

So today I stumbled upon this site and realised it had the Illusion wiki from the original Scratchpad wiki on it, including the stuff I was looking for. Niiice. I'd been pondering whether to bother with Hongfire for a while, but it was always more trouble than it was worth. Good to see this wiki up then, and with a name like hgames I hope it isn't going to be randomly wiped soon. Still, this time I'm going to save local copies in one of my public shares. I suppose it would make for amusing reading, say, 20 years from now.

Fwiw I wrote the Sister AI mod for AG3 (co-authored with MV) although you may remember me going by Trucidation. We're all part of the rotation; if you wanna drop a line feel free, just be forewarned I'm kind of lazy about checking my public-facing emails and it can take anywhere up to a month before I log in again. If anyone from the Singapore region is into the doujin music scene, I'm still with the tmd. - Spinfx (talk) 02:00, 14 February 2015 (UTC)