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all characters are at least 18

[[{{{game}}}]] [edit]


Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)
The {{hgame}} template works similar to the {{gamecompany}} template, but it is for game related pages.
Parameter Required* Description Default value
game YES The name of the game. Must be the same for all pages about that game.
company YES The name of the game company.
category Optional The name of the category this page should be in. {{{company}}}
modpage Optional Prefix of a modding page for that company. Link will point to "{{{modpage}}} modding guide". General modding guide
overrideDisplaytitle no Overrides the shown game title
*YES = Will break the template if not given; Optional = Will not break the template if missing; no = Will override some automaticly filled parameters in the template

For the page list, requires a separate template '''Template:Nav/{{{game}}}'''. Will put the page in the {{{category}}} and {{{game}}} categories.

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