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Some items from Japanese wiki:

  • Does Cursed Warrior have a greater chance of disease?
  • Why are Hero results divided by 3?
  • What are the effects of the Hero and Heroine's element?
  • How are skills (2nd and 3rd) determined? How is score calculated?
  • Why does that snow crystal appear next to the contraception charm?
  • How do you check Inhibition level? And how do you insert with less than 4 stars on the zone (non-Exhibitionist, obviously)
  • Cause of sexually transmitted diseases?
Most common cause is whores. Elvish whores may be immune but aren't less likely to carry. Roze has a ridiculously high susceptibility even though she's elvish and exclusive to one lover -- why?
  • How do I select which girl is in charge of Cooking?
Top1 girl of the Harem. If none, defaults to Haine.
Aside from Crystal Gazer's 100% Appraisal and [Enlight] effects, what benefits do others grant?
Crystal Gazer's isn't 100%, but it is the highest: 65%. Bookworm is 2nd highest: 44%. And there appears to be such a massive list of modifiers for each Heroine that they couldn't possibly fit into the current class table.

And some of my own. I'll probably chip away at these while browsing the code.

  • The manual says max 5 for Seeds of Wisdom -- is that per Seeding, per ejaculation, or per sword? Where exactly is this applied?
I don't see where it's limited during ejaculation, or in the combined Seed data, but the sword creation process is still cryptic. I can at least confirm there isn't any limit during the hanafude rounds, so Wisdom Seed effect + Skills + Artifact Skills + Follower Bow can add up to as much as you have. Also no cap in Quests; if you have a full row of 5 archers, an equipped bow will deal damage on top.
  • How are Seed types added up for the final product?
  • What makes zone indicators light up, other than Dark Fighting Spirit or yaku Seed? I've seen them light up in the middle of a round without either of these.
  • How the hell do you get the LOS effect, exactly?
  • Is there any benefit to increasing the Skill attributes above 10? 1st skill won't change, but does it contribute to better 2nd and 3rd skill?
I can always get at least one, but the explanation for getting them all reliably is still confusing, even after experimenting with every possible interpretation of it. If I happen to record a Seeding from which I get all 3 and then repeat it, I can get the same results, but varying the method changes the results in ways too unpredictable to make useful observations.
  • How do you acquire Feminine Spirit?
Could it have shown up from the Audience, and I just overlooked it because it looks like a Courage Seed?
  • Are there any secrets in the fifth chapter?
  • Is it possible to get a 6th inventory book?
I've found 5, and located in the code where the flags for them are set in an array. However there's a gap between them where another flag would be most likely, but I've never found it referenced by index, not directly.
  • What are the Hero Classes' base values? And how exactly are their seed ranks applied?
  • What can the Heroine Classes do with artifacts made for their class?
Some of them only have benefits for Heroine Classes. Getting a Follower who matches the class affinity doesn't turn a Hero's artifact red, but are there still benefits? Perhaps you need to have the Follower before gaining the artifact, but I doubt it.
  • Is there some condition for Side Stories to become accessible?
I've seen the scripts, the "Side Story" button graphic, and file reads for Extra Chara's SideStory.txt. But I've never seen that button appear in any character's Harem room.


  • Serious Bug on entering the Blacksmith's. If you've had Enforced Estrus with any girl, her results will be ignored, and if she turns out to be the top scoring result, all results will be wiped and karma and food reset. The workaround is to leave exit the harem and re-enter.
  • Bug or typo in a few jobs. Musician maxes out lower than listed. Minstrel maxes out much higher, but at the slowest rate. Some of the flat rate jobs have a maximum income higher, but there doesn't seem to be any possible way to increase a flat amount.

DokEnkephalin (talk) 19:39, 8 July 2015 (UTC)

  • Probable Bug: Hunt and Search values overlap, so the 3rd round of Hunt and 1st round of Search are the same value. Even in item creation these use the same series of numbers, so descriptors that mod Search and the ones that mod Hunt both add to the value. This would explain why it can get so high in relation to the other rounds of Hunt/Search.DokEnkephalin (talk) 16:53, 9 July 2015 (UTC)
  • Lots of bugs in sword creation, several times operations were performed with the 3rd girl's results instead of the 1st, and at least once the 3rd girl's results overwrote what was supposed to be the sum of 3. It's just as well Life isn't used, because it got shortchanged in the calculations by adding the wrong series of numbers; instead adding of 1st/2nd/3rd, 2nd/3rd/artifact is added. So it's probably a bug that artifacts raise your base Power Lv; it's only because artifact's ID is added to Life Seed calculations. DokEnkephalin (talk) 19:23, 16 July 2015 (UTC)