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The Labyrinth Garden (迷宮庭園) is a Difficulty ★☆ dungeon in the Central Continent. It is unlocked by paying 50 gold to a pirate wearing a purple bandanna in Ray-On Village's pub, by the bar.

General Info

  • The entire dungeon is a randomly generated maze without a clear endpoint or boss fight.
  • Areas follow a general pattern; monsters get harder as you get closer to the "center". There may be a remark made when crossing difficulty zones:
    • "This area seems to be relatively safe." - Low danger area.
    • "You have a bad premonition." - Moderately dangerous area.
    • "Your knees automatically start to shake." - Very dangerous area. Populated by aggressive souped up Cave Worms with ranged spells.
    • "[Character] clutched her heart in fear and almost fainted!" - Most dangerous area. The only enemies here are bunny girls who move extremely fast, are extremely aggressive, cast numerous spells, absorb Health on attacks, and inflict various negative statuses. You will usually appear in the middle of this area, making it very hard to escape to other areas.
  • Be careful when exploring as difficulty levels may jump or drop unexpectedly, sometimes by several levels. Retracing your steps may not necessarily return you to safety.
  • Monsters constantly respawn in the maze; casting the level 2 general magic (リパルション/Repulsion) to stop this may make things a lot easier.
  • One of the four herbs (the Plantain Flower) for the scientist's quest in the Life Science Institute may be found here. It appears as a single red flower on the ground.
  • The Master Sword, a Large Sword with a ranged attack (only usable at full health) and good attribute boosts (+80 Attack Power, +40 Magic and Willpower), may be found here. It appears as a sword lodged inside a boulder.

Special Areas

There is a 17% chance that a special map containing either nothing, a chest, a Vending Machine, the Master Sword, or the Plantain Flower will appear. This chance increases as you go deeper into the maze. Chests and Vending Machines are very common.


Vending Machine
Item Cost Note
Potion 50
Hi-Potion 200
X-Potion 800
Ether 50
Dry Ether 500
Super Ether 1000
Elixir 1000
Panacea 50
Hisohi Grass 50
Rod of Flame 12000
Rod of Ice 12000
Rod of Thunder 12000
Leaky Breasts 30000
Mehimun 40000 Strongest purchasable Dagger
Firework 131072 Strongest purchasable Bow