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The Cave of Flesh-eating Ghosts (人喰い魂の洞窟) is a Difficulty ★ dungeon in the Eastern Continent. It is unlocked by talking to the man with purple bandana in Hidden Town's pub.


Simple map of the maze part
  • The majority of the dungeon consists of three levels of nearly identical rooms forming mazes. Exits from a room are in all four cardinal directions unless blocked by massive boulders.
  • You will be forced to go through the entire dungeon at once; bring along sufficient supplies for the trip.
  • The spirits here are slow moving but cast spells of fire, ice, and lightning.
  • Common status ailments are Weakness, Fallen, Frozen, Poison, Fear, Slime, Silence, Paralysis, and Blindness ,? ? ?
  • Spirits that move onto you will trigger one of four effects: Tired, Fear (indicated by screaming), moderate damage to either Health or Mana, game over.
  • Having a ranged weapon or Chain Flail will help in the later sections of the dungeons. Equipment with Holy attribute will aid greatly as all enemies here are either Undead or Incorporeal; without the right weaponry (such as Mace (AD)) it may even be impossible to complete.
  • The dungeon has mushrooms that if stepped on or damaged by weapon swings has a chance of poisoning you with Poison, Silence, Paralysis, or ???.
  • Buying the Lighting Insect consumable from the purple bandanna guy in Hidden Town will make this dungeon a little easier.
  • The Morningstar may be found in a chest here; the only other known place to obtain one is the Bug Labyrinth.
  • The reward for conquering this dungeon is one of the following: two Soul Jar 16, Prime Blue, Crystal Fragment.



Consult the map to the left for assistance in navigating the maze. Note that each staircase (marked by either Down# or Up# is paired with its exit on the preceding or following level. Additionally, note that the map is missing a segment of Level 2 leading to the Morningstar chest; to reach it take the Down1 staircase on the western side of Level 1 and then head south.

Using Lighting Insects here will illuminate the map for two minutes. The hostile spirits are light grey colored, while the ones which will attempt to possess you are red. Purple colored spirits are neutral and serve merely to block your path. There are also rare green spirits that will either restore your Health or Mana when they possess you. Without the consumable all spirits will be dark grey and it will be harder to differentiate between them.

Once you climb down the exit stairs you will encounter a single ghost who will be surprised by your presence and begin gathering magic power for a powerful assault. Failure to attack it in time will cause its spell to obliterate you entirely regardless of where you are on the screen, triggering a game over.

Spirit Tunnel

This tunnel consists of several deep chasms filled with randomly moving spirits. Green spirit flames occupy niches in the walls to the left and right. Four static hostile spirits will constantly fire spells from within the later chasms. You need to wait for the moving spirits to align so you can cross. Use a ranged weapon or the Chain Flail to hit the green flames, which will freeze the moving spirits and cause them to radiate a purple glow. For a short period (which is difficulty dependent) you will be able to use these glowing spirits to cross the chasms. Falling into the chasms will damage you and return you to the last solid ground you started from.

In the next area you need to make your way to the north by hitting the green flames in order to make a spirit path. Each flame will grant you a limited time on the path and disappear after being hit. Along the way be sure to strike other green flames to buy more time to cross. Hostile spirits will spit flames that slow you down.

Falling into any of the chasms while at less than 10% Health will trigger a game over event.

Spirit Circle

You will be fighting a constant stream of spirits emerging from the six points forming a circle in the middle of the map. There are three types of spirits: black spirits, light grey spirits, and red spirits (the red spirits here do not cause instant game over like the ones previously). The light grey ones are fast and spew slow-moving elemental magic in four directions as they disappear, while also being able to inflict negative statuses on your character if they happen to run into you. Your goal is to kill the slow moving black spirits; having Holy equipment will make this battle a breeze. The fight is limited to the center of the map and you can still leave this area back into the tunnels. After defeating enough black spirits the points will lose their luster and a shining blue light point will appear in the middle. Walk into it to the next area.

Note that while not having a 'boss' per se, this fight is treated as a boss fight for the purposes of the Boss Subjugation counter.

Dungeon End

You will meet the indulgent ruler of this place. After some exposition she will ask you to serve her. Picking the first option (accepting her offer) will kill you and make you her ghostly servant. The second option will have her attempt to persuade you but you must refuse again to have her give you the option of choosing your reward: two Soul Jar 16, a Prime Blue, or a Crystal Fragment. Afterwards she will kick you from her domain, dealing damage and booting you back to the world map. Note that this kick may kill you if you head straight to another dungeon.


  • After completing this dungeon you may return to have three options: enter the dungeon again, meet directly with the ruler, and reset the dungeon.
  • The ruler and the ghost you met in the post-maze area will both be in her chamber and have some extra dialogue, but not much else.
  • The spirit giving you the options will inform you that resetting the dungeon changes the rewards:
    • Soul Jar 8 x1
    • Status Increase System (Random, grants one of the stat raising items)
    • Money (Random amount; two tests netted 777 and 2801 gold)
    • Attractive Butterfly Dress (妖蝶のドレス) (Increases Neatness and Masochism)(this reward may change in later dungeon resets)