Legend of Queen Opala II

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Legend of Queen Opala II
Developer: Gabeworks
Release Version: LOQO II Full Version (Episodes 1+2+3)
Development Status: Completed
Theme: Fantasy Adventure
Wiki: http://loqo.wikispaces.com/
Series: Legend of Queen Opala - LoQO
HF Discussion: No HF Thread
AS Discussion: No AS Thread
- Gabeworks - Legend of Queen Opala II

Legend Of Queen Opala II is the Second in a developing series of Fantasy Adventures. You play the part of a semi retired rogue/fighter who has settled into a rural life, keeping his farmstead and telling the local lord where to stuff his taxes when calamity breaks loose setting you off on the second wild adventure of the series.

Notes from MrTTAO - http://www.hongfire.com/forum/showthread.php/407862-List-of-Free-amp-English-community-made-RPGs-%28RPG-Maker-or-similar%29

Author Description:
My Notes (Episode II v2.01):
A complete game. I started playing it when the final version was released. I found it a bit too grindy. then gold edition was released which includes an "easy mode" which should eliminate the need to grind. But I would need to restart the game for that and haven't gotten around to doing that yet. The scavenger hunt returns and this time with unique images not available outside the game (as far as I can tell). There is also an achievement mechanic this time around. RMXP.

This game uses RPG Maker XP - If you don't own RPG Maker XP please download the RTP for free from http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/download/additional/run-time-packages#rpg-maker-xp to allow you to play this