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Running The Game

  • Q: Can I run Koikatsu in Windows XP?
    A: No, Koikatsu will only runs on Windows 7 and above due to the use of DirectX 11 graphics API.
  • Q: Does Koikatsu requires the game DVD image to be mounted in order to play?
    A: No, Koikatsu doesn't requires the game DVD image to be mounted while playing. This is related to the fact that it uses the Unity 3d engine instead of Illusion's own Yayoi engine.
  • Q: Can I run Koikatsu on the 64-bit Windows OS?
    A: Yes, on the 64-bit version of Windows, you can run either the 32-bit version or 64-bit version of the game. However, running 64-bit version of the game is recommend if you have 64-bit version of Windows OS installed on your PC.
  • Q: Will Koikatsu ever run on Windows 10?
    A: Yes, it can run on Windows 10, without any locale emulator at all. However, installing the game still requires the use locale emulator and since Applocale and HF Applocale are no longer work on Windows 10 as Microsoft had rewritten the locale/region system, users are advised to use either NTLEA or Locale Emulator for installing the game.
  • Q: How to change Resolutions?
A: Open up the launcher (InitSetting.exe), there should be a scrollbox to change your resolution.
  • Q: Does it supports lower than 1280x720 for fullscreen?
A: Yes, as long as your Graphics Card supports widescreen with a lower resolution (e.g. 640x400) however you will need to edit manually setup.xml file located under the UserData folder in your game directory, otherwise you will have to opt into windowed mode. To Enable windowed mode, uncheck the box just below the resolution scrollbox.


  • Q: Help! my waifu got upset, something to do with date? how to get her back to love me?
    A: Spam
    Apologize option till her forgive you.. and Yes, you just left her beautifully dressed on saturdays for nothing.
  • Q: I kept H her but I don't see her sex state changing from Unfamiliar state?
    A: Max out all her sensitive parts (butt, nipple, chest, crotch, inside, lips, anal, anal-inside), she will somehow instantly becomes a nympho. Familiar state is skipped, could be a bug in the english translation.
  • Q: How to grind fast for her sensitive parts?
    A: Look for Special H locations (library, pool, rooftop, etc.) you can get her addicted fast without having her exhausted for each school period. Having her cum outside the special H locations counted as a total, she will be exhausted and no longer feel joy in having "intimate relationship".