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Game: IV?AV!! (IV?AV!!) Official Website
Company: 硝子工房 (Glass Workshop) Official Website
Release date: November 27, 2022
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Photoshoot Requirements

It's a Interview!

Optional: Red Rice (50,000)

Scene 1: Interview

  1. What is your favorite food?
    1. I'll buy you ice cream next time. (x)
    2. (2xp) Do you get excited when you are licking?
      1. It's about feeling like a lewd. (x)
      2. It's about getting your crotch wet. (x)
    3. (3 bj) Which do you like better compared to sucking cock?
  2. Are you nervous? (x)
  3. Do you enjoy school?
    1. What is your favorite subject?
      1. That sounds like a lot of sweat.
        1. That's a lot of laundry. (x)
        2. That sounds smelly. (x)
      2. What about Health and Physical Education?
        1. How do they make fun of you? (x)
        2. (3 pussy orgasm) I'd give Saya-chan a hundred points right now.
    2. What is your favorite school lunch?
      1. You like milk that much. (x)
      2. Then you like to swallow my cum (x)
      3. (3 cum in mouth) Which do you like better for my cock milk and it?
    3. Do you like to play with friends?
      1. I see you two are good friends. (x)
      2. Everyone can see your underwear. (x)
      3. (1 nude shoot) All the boys will be looking at Saya-chan's panties.
  4. How did you come to participate in the shoot?
    1. Actually, Saya-chan is very cute. (x)
    2. What did your father say?
      1. Because he can't wait to see how cute Saya-chan is. (x)
      2. (3 pussy orgasm) He wants to jerk off with Saya-chan's lasciviousness.
    3. What did your mother say?
      1. I begged your mother desperately for help. (x)
      2. We talked about money. (x)
    4. (3 sex) And now you're a cock sucker.
  5. (3xp) Let's open your legs a little.
    1. Keep it up and pose peace sign for the camera! (x)
    2. Hold it a little longer
      1. I got a piece of trash on your leg. (x)
      2. (4xp) I can smell pee in your panties. (x)
  6. (day 2) It's hot again today, isn't it?
    1. Do you like summer?
      1. I think you're going to get sunburned.
        1. Healthy. (x)
        2. (3 bj & 3 hj) You're good at pulling a foreskin of cock, too.
      2. Shall we shoot on the beach tomorrow? (x)
    2. Then let's take off your clothes. (take off clothes, Nude Shooting)
  7. (nude) It's getting a little cooler, isn't it? (back to previous)
  8. (nude) Embarrassed?
    1. Have you ever been naked outside your home? (x)
    2. (2 sex) Would you like to try "Outdoors"? (x)
    3. I'll get naked too. (join naked on couch Porn Shooting)
  9. (together on couch) (...)
    1. Have you ever touched this place? (x)
    2. Ticklish? (x)
    3. (1 nipple orgasm) Do you like having your nipples fondled?
  10. (together on couch) Do you know what this is? (Hand Job)
  11. (together on couch) I'm going to adjust the camera a little bit. (back to previous)
  12. (handjob) Can you stop moving your hand up and down for a second? (back to previous)
  13. (handjob) Saya-chan, you're so good at fapping cock.
    1. Scrub more at the glans. (x)
    2. You can go harder. (x)
    3. I've got a few lines for you. (x)
    4. (3 bj and 3 hj) Saya-chan, you give good hand jobs!
  14. (handjob) Imitating Saya-chan (fingering)
    1. Do you know what everyone calls this spot? (x)
    2. It's getting kind of hard, isn't it?
      1. Do you want me to tease your clit more? (x)
      2. It's time for the next shoot. -> Scene 2

Scene 2: Mouth Play

Nude Shooting

  1. (Breaaaath)
    1. Give me another huff. (x)
    2. Want a little taste? (x, Kiss)
  2. Let's practice kissing. (x, Kiss)
    1. Kiss me a lot. (x, french kiss)
    2. Next time, let's practice kissing this way too. (Porn Shooting, Sucking Cocks)
      1. Lick. (x)
      2. Suck.
        1. Move your head back and forth. (Cumming in Mouth & Swallowing) -> Scene 3
        2. Let's pull it out once. (back to previous)
      3. I feel like kissing you. (back to previous)
      4. (3 bj & 3 kiss) Come on, serve it.
    3. Let's play baby. (x)
  3. Let's play tongue wrestling! (x, Kiss)
  4. (3 bj & 3 kiss) Stick out your mouth.

Scene 3: Sex Practice

Porn Shooting

  1. This is what goes in your pussy. (start rubbing)
    1. Does this feel good? (x)
    2. I can't wait to get my cock in your pussy. (x)
  2. Do you have to pee? (x)
  3. (1 creampie) Pee on it.
  4. (3 sex) I guess I shouldn't do this today after all.
    1. How does sex feel? (x)
    2. I'll go hard. (Creampie & Pussy Orgasm)
  5. (rubbing) I guess I'll be inserted soon. (Sex)
  6. (rubbing) Huff... Huff... (Anal Sex)
  7. (vaginal sex) How does sex feel? (x)
  8. (vaginal sex) I'll go hard. (Creampie & Pussy Orgasm)
    1. Did it feel good? (x)
    2. (red rice) Did it feel good? (Fertilization)
  9. (anal sex) Does it feel good to rub your butt? (x)
  10. (anal sex) I'm going to thrust you even deeper. (Cumming in Anus & Anal Orgasm)

Shooting at the Beach!

Requires: Micro Bikini (1,000), Nipple Cover (500), Tape (500)

Optional: Band-Aid (1,000), Condom (2,000), Popsicle (2,000)

Scene 1: Posing on the Beach

  1. Are you good at swimming?
    1. Where do you change into your swimsuit? (x)
    2. (3 sex) That's why you're so tight.
  2. Are you sure you've got the nipple covers on?
    1. So help me out, Saya-chan.
      1. Please look at the camera. (x)
      2. On all fours. -> Scene 2
    2. I still need to see it in person. (shift bikini top)
      1. Oh, you can put it back. (x)
      2. Then let's just shoot it like this.
        1. It's like you're naked
          1. Is it still a sports bra?
            1. Of course. (x)
            2. I like the little one better. (x)
          2. Sexy lingerie?
            1. No, it's not. (x)
            2. Kid's panties look great on elementary school students. (x)
          3. (3 porn shoot) I can't jerk off without kid's panties.
        2. (1 nude shoot) Then let's take off the nipple covers.
          1. I'll check the swimsuit bottom.
            1. Okay (back to previous)
            2. Not allowed.
              1. Then I'll take the crotch cover too.
                1. You're used to shooting naked by now. (x)
                2. (condom) Now, try holding this in your mouth.
                  1. You're looking good, Saya-chan!
                    1. Keep it that way and give me the lines. (x)
                    2. Please let me hear the lines well. (x)
                  2. Let's start again from the beginning. (back to start)
                3. Let's just put the crotch cover back on. (back to previous)
              2. Put your bikini back on. (back to previous)
          2. (3 sex) You're not even covering your crotch
          3. I knew I should wear nipple covers. (back to previous)
        3. Put your bikini back on. (x)
  3. (3 sex) Was it really really getting on???
  4. (popsicle) Would you like a popsicle? -> Scene 3
  5. (condom, 5xp) Okay, let's start with the condom shoot. (shortcut to condom pose)

Scene 2: Holding on all fours

  1. What do you usually play with?
    1. Have your dog ever mounts you?
      1. Imitate the dog, Bow-wow. (x)
      2. Give me this line. (x)
    2. Dogs get in your crotch, don't they? (x)
  2. Saya-chan, you have trash on your bum.
    1. Hold your bum with your left hand, Saya-chan. (x, self spread anus)
    2. Will you excuse me for a moment? (x, spread & lick anus, somehow doesn't count as nude/porn shoot)
  3. (wearing bikini bottom) Looks like your bikini is about to slip off. (x, thong)
  4. (wearing bikini bottom) Try holding the edge of your bikini. (holding bikini bottom)
    1. Just a little! (x, show anus)
    2. Let's take off your bikinis now! (take off bikini bottom)
  5. (bikini bottom off) Saya-chan, you must be a little tired, right? (spread anus)
    1. Have you ever had your bum touched?
      1. How about now?
        1. So you don't like me? (x)
        2. (1 anal orgasm) Say you love me!
      2. Did he do anything else to you? (x)
    2. Here it must be groped especially carefully.
      1. Here's what I'm thinking. (x)
      2. The anus needs more groping. (x, Porn Shooting, Anal Orgasm)
  6. (bikini bottom off) Oh, it smells so naughty. (x)
  7. (bikini bottom off) I guess you should put your bikini back on.

Scene 3: Lick Popsicle

  1. Eat freely.
    1. Move careful with the tip. (x)
    2. (1 nude shoot) Keep licking that popsicle. (take out cock)
      1. Here, lick the popsicle. (x, heart eyes)
      2. Want to get a closer look? (cock in front of face, porn shoot)
        1. Smell it.
          1. It makes me feel more naughty this way. (x, cock slapping)
          2. (1 porn shoot) Oh! Saya-chan!
            1. Come on, come ooon. (Sucking Cocks)
              1. Saya-chan, you look like a baby. (x, suck glans)
              2. Oh, I can't take it anymore. (Cumming in Mouth & Swallowing)
              3. Saya-chan! Stop! (back to start)
            2. Time's up. (back to previous)
        2. Finished. (return to previous)
      3. Finished. (return to previous)
  2. It's hot even in the shade. (holding bikini top)
    1. Like fanning yourself with a bikini. (x)
    2. Like showing off your boobs.
      1. Keep it for a while. (bikini bottom moves)
      2. Like a pull. (bikini top removed)
  3. (band-aid, 1 nude shoot) Let's replace the tape.
    1. I think I'll put the pussy cover. (return to previous)
    2. I think I'll put the band-aid. (band-aids on pussy and nipples)
    3. We don't have to put it up.
  4. (3 bj) I know you're imagining naughty things.

Shooting in the Room!

Requires: School Uniform (10,000)

Optional: Rotor (5,000), Vibe (10,000), Red Rice (50,000)

Scene 1: Saya-chan in Uniform

  1. I wish I could take shooting in different poses.
    1. Roll up your skirt.
      1. I love Saya-chan's panties. (x)
      2. Well, yes.
        1. Saya-chan, pleeease! (x)
        2. I'll force myself to watch it. (x)
    2. (sex practice 1xp) Let's take a shooting in the chair. -> Scene 2
    3. (sex practice 1xp) Let's take a shooting with your back to the wall. -> Scene 4
  2. (sex practice 1xp) Do you have a favorite boy at school?
    1. (Wow, what should I do?) (x)
    2. I'm so sorry. -> Scene 3
  3. (rotor, sex practice 1xp) We'll use the toy today.
    1. Off
      1. (Click) (x)
      2. Introduce yourself. (x)
    2. Low
      1. Does it feel good to vibrate it? (x)
      2. Well, introduce yourself. (x)
    3. High
      1. Your voice is leaking all the time. (x)
      2. Come on, time to introduce yourself. (Orgasm)

Scene 2: Saya-chan with the Chair

  1. ...?
    1. Like a drive? (x)
    2. Making out in the room. (x)
    3. Have sex until you get tired of it. (x)
  2. Put the end of the skirt in your mouth. (skirt lift)
  3. (skirt lift) Have you ever masturbated? (Masturbation)
  4. (skirt lift) Show me your panties more.
    1. Could you do "Kupaa"? (x, spreading own pussy under panties)
    2. Take off your panties. (Nude Shooting)
      1. Shall I tape it so you can see it clearly? (x)
      2. Put some pressure on your belly. (x)
  5. (masturbating) Tease your clit. (x, speed up)
  6. (masturbating) Can't take it anymore? (Orgasm)
  7. (after orgasm) Finally, show me your pussy. (say lines)

Scene 3: Saya-chan with Making Out

  1. What do you want for dinner tonight? (x)
  2. Grasp, grasp
    1. Relax. (x)
    2. Excite. (x, flip up skirt)
  3. Do you like having my cock rubbed against your pussy? (grinding)
    1. Try rubbing it on yourself. (x, legs up)
    2. (1 sex) Huff, huff (remove panties)
      1. See, you don't have to hold back the good feelings anymore.
        1. Go ahead and beg for me. (Sex)
        2. Oh
      2. Huff, huff
  4. (sex) Let's take it slow today.
    1. Try moving yourself. (x)
    2. Your disheveled face is so cute. (x, Kiss)
  5. (sex) I'll go hard after all.
    1. (Cum inside)
    2. (Cum outside) (x, Bukkake, Vaginal Orgasm)

Scene 4: Saya-chan with Open Legs

  1. Have you ever had your skirt pulled up by a boy?
    1. Do you prefer adult men? (x)
    2. I'd be mean to a girl I like, too. (x)
  2. Can you do me a favor? (peeing)
    1. Have you ever gone out without panties on? (x)
    2. (vibe) Do you know what this is?
      1. (Runs vibrator with no panties)
        1. Your pussy is so loose.
      2. (Runs vibrator with panties on) (Pussy Orgasm)
        1. (vibrator running again)
      3. (Piston the vibrator)
  3. (vibe, open legs 3xp) I'll interview you.

Shooting in the Hotel ♥

Requires: Lingerie (20,000), Nipple Cover

Optional: Spiral Candy (5,000), Towel (5,000), Blindfold (10,000), Balance Ball (10,000), Red Rice (50,000)

Scene 1: Shooting on bed

  1. (sex practice 1xp) The receptionist saw you, Saya-chan.
    1. Why don't you ask them when you leave? (x)
    2. You'll report back to him when we leave. (x)
  2. (sex practice 1xp) Saya-chan, you look so sexy.
    1. (1 Creampie) Well, excuse me... (move behind her)
    2. Can you hold your leg with your left hand? (Nude Shooting)
  3. I brought all kinds of tools for shooting.
    1. (spiral candy) Candy. -> Scene 4
    2. (balance ball) Balance Ball. -> Scene 3
    3. We'll get to that later. -> Scene 2
  4. (behind her) What are your school friends doing now? (x)
  5. (behind her) Try to report it. (Sex)
  6. (sex) Go on. (x)
  7. (sex) It's almost time for dessert. (Creampie & Vaginal Orgasm)
  8. (after sex) If you take my cum this much, (x)
  9. (after sex, red rice) If you take my cum this much,

Scene 2: Shooting on chair

  1. Shake your butt.
    1. Shake slowly. (x)
    2. Shake a little fastly. (x)
    3. Shake vertically. (x)
    4. Do it like you're dancing. (x)
    5. That's good enough. Thanks. (x)
  2. What's wrong with your butt? (move aside, Nude Shooting)
  3. (move aside) What's wrong? Saya-chan. (x)
  4. (move aside, 1 masturbation) Is it time to get your butt stiff?
    1. Let you try to loosen up it yourself. (anal fingering)
      1. Looks like you feel good. (x)
      2. Next, try putting your fingers in. (Anal Masturbation)
        1. You can do what you want. (Anal Orgasm)
        2. Stop! Stop!
    2. (Dildo) And here's the tool to do it.
      1. This is how we use it. (x)
      2. Do you want me to put it in soon?
        1. I'll move it. (x, piston)
        2. Hey, Saya-chan? (end, Anal Orgasm)
  5. Let me see more clearly. (x)
  6. Put some pressure on your butt. (x)
  7. Grab your butt. (x)

Scene 3: Balance Ball

  1. (Squat)
    1. Let's use your hip a little more. (x)
    2. Just move your hips. (x)
    3. Go deeper! (panties ride up)
    4. Last spurt! (x)
    5. I wonder if it's like this. (go back)
  2. Let's try a little ingenuity.
    1. (Squat)
      1. (1 sex) You want this, don't you?
      2. Let's take a break. (back to previous)
    2. (1 sex) Saya-chan, what's wrong?
  3. Saya-chan, your're getting out of breath, aren't you?
    1. We have to be very careful to loosen here. (x, cunnilingus)
    2. (1 sex) It's pretty stiffy inside, isn't it?
  4. Maybe I'll join you. (take out cock)
    1. (Squat)
    2. (1 sex) (Shifting bikini)
  5. (balance ball 5xp) Lets's get lots of "exercise" today!

Scene 4: Candy Licking

  1. Put your elbows on the floor and look at me. (x)
  2. Lick candy more.
    1. You lick it like it's delicious. (x)
    2. (3 bj) Do you notice what we're shooting next?
  3. (towel) Shall we play a game?
    1. Silhouette Game
      1. (?) (x)
      2. (?) (x)
      3. (?) (x
      4. (?) (Sucking Cocks)
        1. (?) (blowjob) (x)
        2. (?) (blowjob) (x)
        3. (?) (blowjob) (x)
        4. (?) (blowjob)
          1. (?)
          2. (?)
          3. (Move towel out of way)
            1. It feels so good. (x)
            2. I'm about to cum. (Cumming in mouth)
              1. Rinse your mouth. (x)
              2. Gokkun. (x, Swallowing)
        5. (Quit Game)
      5. (Quit Game)
    2. (blindfold, 1 bj) Blindfold Game
      1. How's the smell? (x)
      2. How's the taste? (x)
      3. Try it in your mouth. (Sucking Cocks)
        1. You get it by now?(x)
        2. Okay, then... (Cumming in mouth)
          1. The correct answer was... (x)
          2. You already see it, don't you?
            1. Rinse your mouth. (x)
            2. Gokkun. (x, Swallowing)

Shooting in the Stand ♥

Requires: Bunny Suit (30,000)

Optional: Magnifying Glass (50,000), Red Rice (50,000), Pregnancy Delusion Medicine (100,000)

Scene 1: Hopping Saya-chan

  1. Have you ever been to one of these places?
    1. It's very sexy. (x)
    2. (1 nude shoot) Just grab the pole for a second. -> Scene 2
    3. (3 sex) Tips for making yourself look attractive... -> Scene 3
  2. Imitate the bunny.
    1. Hop around a little more. (x, expose nipples)
    2. (1 bj & 1 hj) For a cute bunny... (take cock out)
      1. What do you think? This carrot. (x)
      2. Try hopping around. (Hand Job)
  3. (handjob) Let's let everyone see your hand job today.
    1. (Leave it to Saya-chan.) (Bukkake)
      1. See, you have the last word, don't you? (x)
    2. (Can't leave it to Saya-chan.) (mouthfuck/cum in nostrils)
      1. See, you have the last word, don't you? (x)

Scene 2: Saya-chan with the Pole

  1. We used to have this kind of playground equipment.
    1. How about unicycles? (x)
    2. (1 masturbation) Does it feel good after all? (x)
    3. (1 anal sex) Shall we play "Climbing Pole"?
  2. (1 orgasm) Since your boobs are out there...
    1. Saya-chan's breasts... (x)
    2. Now, what am I going to do with you?
      1. (Teasing)
        1. (Stroke, Stroke) (x)
        2. (Fondle, Fondle) (x)
        3. (Squeeze, Squeeze) (x)
        4. (Digging) (Nipple Orgasm)
          1. (1 anal sex) Nipples aren't enough for you, right? (take out cock)
      2. (Forced Erection)
        1. (Stroke, Stroke) (x)
        2. (Fondle, Fondle) (x)
        3. (Squeeze, Squeeze) (x)
        4. (Digging) (Nipple Orgasm)
          1. (1 anal sex) Nipples aren't enough for you, right? (take out cock)
  3. (preg medicine, pole 3xp, 1 fertilization) (Delusional)
  4. (cock) Which would you prefer today? (x)
  5. (cock) Come on, get up off your waist. (Anal Sex)
    1. Tell me what you like about anal sex. (x)
    2. I'll make it harder. (Anal Creampie & Anal Orgasm)

Scene 3: Seduction Saya-chan

  1. In the meantime, try something.
    1. Not desperate enough.
      1. Beg for more my cock!
        1. Beg everyone in front of the screen! (x)
        2. Beg me more like a dog! (x, spanking)
      2. If you want it so bad... (Sex)
        1. Try moving yourself. (x)
        2. You want to cum soon? (Creampie, Pussy Orgasm)
          1. How did you like the play today?
          2. (red rice) How did you like the play today? (Fertilization)
    2. Be serious! (spanking)
      1. Beg for more my cock!
        1. Beg everyone in front of the screen! (x)
        2. Beg me more like a dog! (x, spanking)
      2. If you want it so bad... (Sex)
        1. Try moving yourself. (x)
        2. You want to cum soon? (Creampie, Pussy Orgasm)
          1. How did you like the play today?
          2. (red rice) How did you like the play today? (Fertilization)
  2. (seduction 3xp) You're already in heat.
    1. Try moving yourself. (x)
    2. You want to cum soon? (Creampie, Pussy Orgasm)
      1. How did you like the play today?
      2. (red rice) How did you like the play today? (Fertilization)

Sports Ground

Requires: Cheer Leader (100,000)

Optional: Tablet (50,000), Magnifying Glass (50,000), Red Rice (50,000), Pregnancy Delusion Medicine (100,000)

Scene 1: Dancing Saya-chan

  1. Well, let's get you dancing.
    1. Try to jump up and down with energy. (x)
    2. Try to get into the groove. (x)
    3. Let's do it like radio exercises. (x)
    4. Let's try something more daring.
      1. Wiggle your waist. (x)
      2. Try to do it like Idol. (x)
      3. Try to move your hips around. (x)
      4. I think it's time to end this. (back to previous)
    5. I think it's time to end this. (back to previous)
  2. (Tablet, dancing 2xp, 3 sex, 3 anal sex) (Play Video)
  3. I think we should take a break. -> Scene 2

Scene 2: Break Time Saya-chan

  1. Saya-chan, you're really cute.
    1. I'm really happy
    2. (3 sex) Here, look at this.
  2. Can I talk to you for a minute?
    1. (About the costume) (x)
    2. (About the customer) (x)
    3. (3 sex) (About sex)
  3. (3 kiss) Come here.