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Is 'WooHoo' really a good euphemistic substitution for sex? It's not really necessary if we're using Wikipedia's content as any guide. You could easily replace the word 'fuck' with 'penetrate', and titfucking with 'Mammary Intercourse' [1] 04:23, 29 January 2008 (UTC) -DokEnkephalin

I like "WooHoo" as a general replacement for "sex" because a ESRB: T game uses it and can get away with it. It also adds a degree of humor, which might make the critics go a little easier on us. -Afker 06:12, 29 January 2008 (UTC)

I don't know about the content on Spanking Arts, but spanking is pretty vanilla compared to Wikipedia articles on BDSM and kink lifestyles, and so is a 3D sexual simulation. Phrasing the content in diminutive terms may not appease, but I think tighter editing and organization, replacing slang with generic and technical terms, giving a presentation comparable with Wikipedia standards, may get more credibility with any Wikipedia review. Out of all the Illusion Games, RapeLay may have the most cause for concern because of the depiction of non-consensual sex. 16:04, 29 January 2008 (UTC) -DokEnkephalin

Alright, before this censorship hysteria goes too far, I think this article will put it in perspective: [2]

Pedo and borderline-pedo is a pretty hot-button topic; Internationally the laws against it are draconian and the courts don't have much sympathy for offenders. Without that kind of fuel, I don't think Wikipedia Review would've been able to get Wikia's advertisers to take notice enough to put pressure on Wikia to remove it.

In fact, Wikipedia Review describes itself as "Speaking out on behalf of principled scientists for over two weeks". They're a very new watchdog organization, hungry for some coup, but I expect they're going to be on the whole toothless without this kind of sensationalist fodder.

I think the kind of language Wikipedia uses to discuss adult topics is perfectly acceptible here. Replacing straight-forward language with euphemisms that many would deem less mature is more than likely to backfire, since it gives the impression that this game is supposed to be accessible to children.

Why don't we just call genitals genitals and a fuck a fuck? 01:38, 1 February 2008 (UTC) -DokEnkephalin

It would be worth noting that the games made by IllusionGames are, quite simply, pornographic. To dress up the Wikia pages relating to them would basically be hypocrisy. As DokEnkephalin suggests, using adult words to discuss adult topics should be quite acceptable by anyone's standards, as long as minors are not given free access to them. Enacting a warning page where you are presented with a statement of adult content and an agreement that you are over 18 (or your country's equivalent) before being allowed to access any adult topics would be the simplest way to protect Wikia from criticism by review groups; as with all pornographic or adult content on the internet, once you consent to view the content the responsibility is yours, not the site's. 01:44, 10 February 2008 (UTC)

Sorry I haven't been around lately. Anyways, thanks DokEnkephalin's research and's commentary. There are stuff I don't exactly agree with, but I do see the points you are making. There is still the prohibited content imposed by Google to worry about, but I'll let you guys decide how to interpret the policy as it applies to the choice of words of articles here. -Afker 08:00, 15 February 2008 (UTC)

I had a look, and the only problem I can see is with these guidelines:

  • Excessive profanity
  • Pornography, adult, or mature content

The first can be dealt with easily enough by adopting clinical, anatomical terminology. But the terms we use won't change the material content. If discussion of mature content is itself prohibited as mature content, then the entire Illusion wikia is in as much violation as these wikias: http://www.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Sexuality It's a bit chilling to note that both BDSM and Erotica wikia have gone inactive and are now as empty as Spanking Arts. If they've been recently removed then perhaps it's not a question of quality but quantity; how much is 'too mature'? AliceSoft's wikia is still there. 02:13, 26 February 2008 (UTC) -DokEnkephalin

AliceSoftWiki is still there, but the content of the wiki itself isn't porno, adult, or mature content. That's the main wiki I care a lot about, and I strive hard to both keep the language and the actual content clean. It makes references to things containing adult/mature content, but the wiki itself is actually pretty "safe-for-work". For the most part, it reads much like a wiki for the Final Fantasy series or Civilization 4, because the wiki doesn't actually need explicit instructions telling people how to perform adult actions. Games by Illusion is one of the few among the eroge industry where a "gameplay guide" can possibly be flagged as not being work-safe. I think the BDSM and Erotica wikis became inactive simply due to decline in user interest, and probably happened a long time ago. -Afker All hail AliceSoft! 08:03, 28 February 2008 (UTC)