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What happened?

Over the weekend, the Spanking Arts Wiki was shut down by Wikia. Spanking Arts is a non-pornographic wiki that deals with a sexually-related topic ("spanking in art, movies and literature"). According to second-hand information, it was shut down after a complaint from Wikipedia Review (a bunch of groups who are Anti-Wikipedia and pretty much Anti-Wikia also). While further details are not currently available, suffice to say the current contents and language on certain IllusionGames wiki articles are even more problematic in comparison.

As we are currently not a full wiki, but just a mini-wiki existing on Scratchpad, it is possible that we'll slip under the radar of those Wikipedia Review people. However, to be absolutely safe, I ask that everyone who has the time to help out by cleaning up the language used on this wiki.

What to do?

One of the easiest thing to do would be replacing the three-letter S word (or any four-letter F word) with "WooHoo" (Electronic Arts did get away with it). Other terms that may be explicit will require our collaborative creativity to find non-explicit replacements.

What will happen?

I have already joined in with members of the Spanking Art community asking the Wikia staff for more information regarding the specific reasons why the SA Wiki was shut down. Hopefully we will get some concrete answers that will provide guidelines to ensure our wiki here will not get into trouble.

Have you considered moving off Wikia?

There are several factors involved:

  • If we move elsewhere, we need to make sure *that* host provider can withstand the criticism and pressure from the Wikipedia Review folks.
  • Wikia perform regular database backups, and provide copies of the backups for download for free. So even though Spanking Arts Wiki is shut down, the community can still obtain the database backup from Wikia and set it up elsewhere. If we are to move elsewhere, I would like to have similar assurances from the new host (so we won't lose everything if one day the new host decide not to host us anymore).
  • During our peak popularity (right after AG3 release), this mini-wiki had over 30 thousand (30,000) pageviews a day. Any new host should need to be able to deal with that amount of traffic.
  • Any personal wiki site (say a fellow Illusion fan who sets up his own server paying out of his own pocket) has a single point of failure: if anything happened to that one person (hit by a car, food poisoning, etc), we lose the entire wiki.

Thus on general principles, I perfer to stay with Wikia, and will only consider moving to other hosting options if it is certain that Wikia will not be able to stand up against the Wikipedia Review people to keep us here.

Feel free to ask questions or discuss the issue on the talk page.

To follow the development of the Spanking Art Wiki shutdown issue, see here.

-Afker 02:05, 29 January 2008 (UTC)