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Igor - Jeeves - Alfred...
Title The Housemaid
Full Name Igor - Jeeves - Alfred...
Gender Female
Hair Color Unknown
Eye Color Blue
Breast Size Small
Shaved No
Birthday 5/22
Location Invaded Kingdom
Career Servant
Favorite Food Allsoft
Hobby Humanitarian Work
Fetish Orgies
Biography: No one knows how many of them there are. Entirely dedicated to their princess, the housemaids do everything for her and her lovers. For example, they don't mind making love to the princess's entire harem when she's kidnapped. And masturbate them while she's sleeping. And sucking them behind her back. Actually, it's not so sure they're that devoted...
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About Her

Housemaid represents a number of girls in the Invaded Kingdom.

How to Obtain

Obtained randomly from fighting Grunt from the Invaded Kingdom.


Before Main Story







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1-Star Affection Scene
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2-Star Affection Scene
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3-Star Affection Scene