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Matilda R. R. Spook
Title Miss Spook
Full Name Matilda R. R. Spook
Gender Female
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Blue
Breast Size Medium
Shaved Trimmed
Birthday 11/19
Location Unknown
Career Private Detective
Favorite Food Ratatouille
Hobby Cinema
Fetish Tied-Up
Biography: A private detective who is almost a bounty hunter, she's always putting herself in impossible situations where she needs to be saved. Overly confident, she goes after fish that are too big for her and puts herself in danger! In the criminal underworld, everyone's used to seeing her attached to a chair in a dodgy bar where she asked too many questions. Everyone knows she won't be tied-up for long.
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About Her

Miss Spook is a girl in the Invaded Kingdom.

How to Obtain

Obtained randomly from fighting Grunt from the Invaded Kingdom.


Before Main Story







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1-Star Affection Scene
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2-Star Affection Scene
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3-Star Affection Scene