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Pelagie Alaric
Title Pelagie
Full Name Pelagie Alaric
Gender Female
Hair Color Purple
Eye Color Brown
Breast Size Large
Shaved No
Birthday 2/8
Location Admittance of the Dead
Career Jobless
Favorite Food Waffles
Hobby Novels
Fetish Kindness
Biography: When she was alive, Pelagie was contaminated with nymphobies. Damned to a life of sexual frustration, the curse pursued her in death. Frustrated and impossible to purify, she found in Donatien a leader and a promise to finally, one day, feel ecstasy. That, however, was without your intervention...
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About Her

Lola is an antagonist during the Admittance of Dead Arc.

Lola is the partygoer of the shinigamis. She spent her life sculpting her body. She loves alcohol, parties, fun, being surrounded by cocks to suck and pussies to lick. Her big tits allow her to service three men at the same time, it's her secret technique to purify many souls in record time.

How to Obtain

Lola is obtained through random drop from defeating Donatien.


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