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This wiki is deprecated.
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Modding Instructions


  1. Make a backup/copy of any file(s) being replaced
  2. Replace the desired files
  3. Clear the game from memory by removing it from recent apps
  4. Restart the game
  5. Profit


Modding on Android DOES NOT REQUIRE ROOT.

File path: /sdcard,internal storage,or 0/android/data/destinychild/files/asset/character

Use any decent file manager, but beware of ones that come with tons of ads like ES File Explorer. Solid Explorer is good.

Nox App Player has ES File Explorer preinstalled, use that to transfer files between PC and Nox Share location from computer is c:\users\user\nox_share\other Share location from ES File Explorer is /mnt/shared/other. Not /storage. Not /sdcard. Click on the "/" to find mnt If / is empty, you have to enable "root" in general settings on Nox Also enable "root explorer" on the menu of ES File Explorer

iOS (Apple)

iOS devices require a jailbreak to gain access to system folders If you don't know how to jailbreak, it's best to use an android emulator like Nox App Player

File Path: /var/mobile/containers/data/application/[random]/library/caches/asset/character

Note: the [random] folder is a string of random letters and numbers, must find the correct folder that contains this game

Filename Scheme

Don't know what skin replaces what? Here's a list to identify them:

 xxxx_00.pck - story skin
 xxxx_01.pck - E class skin
 xxxx_02.pck - S class skin
 xxxx_1x.pck - special/limited/paid/lab skin
 xxxx_89.pck - raid boss/lab skin
 xxxx_9x.pck - censored version skin

Converting from KR/JP to Universal

If you find a mod that only has a KR/JP version, you can often convert it to a univsrsal version that can be used in either KR/JP or the Global game. This method currently requires you to be on a Windows machine, but other operating systems may be supported using methods not listed here.

  1. Download the latest Destiny Child PCK Manager and extract it to a folder
  2. Download the KR/JP version of the .pck file for the mod you want
  3. Drag and drop the .pck file into Repack For Universal Compatibility.bat

A new .pck file will be created in a "universal" folder next to your original .pck. Use the new .pck file in that folder as you would any other mod, and things should work out.

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