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all characters are at least 18

Custom Maid 3D2 [edit]

  • FAQ & Technical Help


Running the game

  • Q: I keep getting an "(0) Yotogi.Category enum parse error" error when I run the game and I have tried both AppLocale and NTLEA?
A: You can't use AppLocale to run the x64 version because AppLocale don't support x64 version. but you can use AppLocale to run the x86 version on Windows 7,8 by step below
  1. Copy files and folders CM3D2x86_Data and CM3D2x86.exe from installation folder into your game folder. (example: C:\KISS\CM3D2\)
  2. Right-click CM3D2x86.exe and select Run with Japanese locale. (you need HF pApploc for the right-click options.)
    Note: HF pAppLoc doesn't work with Windows 10 or x64 version.
A: The best way for solve this problem is set window system locate to japanese but if you still want to run the x64 version or window 10 without set window system, you can try this solution, which is using NTLEA x64.
  • Q: My game crashes doing in maid creation or doing change skin color and my graphic card is AMD. How to fix this problem?
A: Maybe this guide is helpful for you AMD CRASH FIX FOR Radeon HD Series or you can access this in case the website blocked.
  • Q: How do I install the translations?
For Reipatcher
A: There is a helpful picture guide here. Or use the CM3D2 System Text Translation.
For Sybaris
A: Use the translate plus plugin for translate within the game.
  • Q: I get this error when running the HF Patch: "... The game is an unsupported version. This patch requires version 1.03...", what can I do?
A: Install the official 1.03 patch and then run the Custom Maid 3D 2 HF Patch again. There are mirrors to the official patch in the CM3D2 discussion.
  • Q: I get a "Daily panel" error during gameplay.
A: Make sure that you have the official 1.03 patch installed (and it is correct version - x86 or x64) and then run the Custom Maid 3D 2 HF Patch again. There are mirrors to the official patch in the CM3D2 discussion.
  • Q: Transparent UI, UI Bug, White UI, Black screen stuck on Day 1, Night service skill name overlapping after update patch.
A: Delete Folder "Assets" and "Texture" in Sybaris\UnityInjector\Config and replace them with files download from v1.49 UI translation. This solve whatever problem you encouter (v1.49 UI translation for v1.52, older version you can find them in HF).
Note: this trouble often found after KISS update the game, be careful this solution in this specific to your game version.
  • Q: It keeps telling me that the "game main executable couldn't be found, path maybe invalid and it says that after I try to install the patch


  • Q: I got this option for my maid to choose between Free and something. What does this mean?
A: You are choosing between making your Maid Type. There are two types of maid is personal (only has sex with you) and free (has sex with the customers). The first earns you less money than the second.
  • Q: How can I replay VIP scenes?
A: If you want to play them again, you must keep a save file before play the VIP. (After 100 days in game, VIP events that have been played over the first 99 days in game are again avalable to be played with forever but the same requirements are still applied as per the VIP event.)
A: After v1.21 and Plus Pack, you can replay unlocked VIP events in Free Mode.
  • Q: What are red options during sex?
A: These are one-time options for the skill. You can use them again next time if you use this skill again.
  • Q: How do I get more maids? I only have 1-2.
A: You need to get your club out of debt first. Also, there is no upper limit on maids, but there is an upper limit on six working maids.
  • Q: How do I unlock new rooms?
A: Increase your Club Grade from cleaning, decorating and eval and other Rooms require expansion installation. This is possible while still in debt.
  • Q: After having sex with my maid, I got a notification. Something to do with being close? What does this mean?
A: It means you've advanced your Relationship with your maid.
  • Q: How do I earn CR for pay off the 10m Debt?
A: You can earn a small amount 50k~100k CR of money by "Dispatch" maids during the daytime, but the most amount of money comes from "Entertain" on nighttime. Entertain can earn 200k~1m CR per night per maid depending on club grade. Both Free Maids and Personal Maids are able to entertain.
  • Q: It is said that I got "Ring" from the Lovers Trophy but I can't seem to find it... where can I find it?
A: It's only unlocked by the time you got the "Lovers" Trophy. You still need to buy it from the shop for 10.000.000CR to equip the ring in the arms category.
  • Q: All of sudden, There is no "Talk to her" option... What am I doing wrong?
A: You didn't put either top or bottom clothes for her, which makes her feels too embarrassed to talk to you. Try to put some clothes instead you ecchi-goshujinsama.
  • Q: I can't seem to make the rental maid to do her VIP event?
A: You need to supervise her daily activities to earn her trust until you trigger all the 3 specific events which occurs per-day, the last one will pop-up a dialogue that tells you the VIP event is unlocked. The VIP event only occurs once and is not replayable since she's a rental maid. Explained in NPC Maid VIP

Text Hooking - Visual Novel Reader

  • Q: Why can't I get VNR to work with the game?
A: VNR doesn't work with the x64 version of the game, use the x86 version instead.
  • Q: I managed to sync VNR to CM3D2 v1.03 but I can't make it translate. The TL box won't come out. What's wrong?
A: Either enable the VNR built in hooker or rollback; overwrite your current VNR folder.

Installed Guide

More information can be found in CM3D2 Hongfire or CM3D2 Reddit.

Installing the Game

Click the highlighted button to install
Insert disk 2
  1. Set the window system locate to japanese or download HF pApploc
    Note: HF pAppLoc doesn't work with Windows 10 or x64 version.
  2. Extract cm3d2_1.iso and cm3d2_2.iso (DO NOT extract the .mds files)
  3. Mount cm3d2_1.iso with Daemontools Lite (If you have trouble using other mounting software, Daemontools Lite has been confirmed to work)
  4. DO NOT autorun, but open the mounted dvd in explorer and click Installer.exe if your computer locale already in japanese, otherwise, right-click Installer.exe and select Run with Japanese locale as an administrator (you need HF pApploc for the right-click options)
  5. Optional: Change the install folder (default is C:\KISS).
  6. Click the button インストール to start the CM3D2 setup.
  7. Confirm that you want to install to that location and wait while the setup until setup asks for disk 2.
  8. Mount cm3d2_2.iso and click Retry.
  9. Wait for the setup to finish and close the installer.

Updating Patch

KISS official update webpage
Extracted .zip files
  1. Set the window system locate to japanese or download HF pApploc
    Note: HF pAppLoc doesn't work with Windows 10 or x64 version.
  2. Download the latest full update that is meant for the version you run (either x86 or x64).
    For lastes update patch:
    For old update patch:
    Or visit forum for mirrors update patch: CM3D2 discussion.
  3. Download the updater ver.1.00~1.12 (cm3d2_up_for_1_00-1_12)
  4. Extract the .zip file and execute the update.exe located inside the extracted folder. (It will auto-detect your installation directory) you can simply execute the update.exe if your computer locale already in japanese, otherwise, right-click update.exe and select Run with Japanese locale as an administrator (you need HF pApploc for the right-click options).
  5. Choose 適用 -> 開始, and wait for the patch to be extracted and installed.
  6. Download the latest updater (example: cm3d2_up148_x86_sub or cm3d2_up148_x64_sub) and repeat step 4 and 5 after downloading the latest updater.
  7. After update complete, next time you can update the latest patch into your game without update ver.1.00~1.12 again.

Additional screenshots for Step 5 as below:

Kissupdate patch1.JPG
Kissupdate patch2.JPG

1st Note: If the patch didn't detect your installation directory and/or somehow the update.exe bugged, you can overwrite the GameData folder, and you will also need to update the update.lst file, which is advanced for veteran users.

2nd Note: The update.exe will not install an already installed patches/DLCs as seen in additional screenshots for Step 5 where the START option is greyed out, it follows the update.lst file, in case you are wondering it is located on your CM3D2 Root directory. (example: C:\KISS\CM3D2\)

Installing Sybaris

Sybaris FAQ

  • Q: What is Sybaris?
A: Sybaris is loader that runs plugins other than the official plugins have been installed in the base game.
  • Q: What is the difference between Sybaris and Reipatcher?
A: Both loader have no difference in usability. The only difference is the methods of operation.
  • Q: Why use Sybaris?
A: Sybaris have the advantage better than Reipatcher is:
  1. Does not affect the base game, you can go back to vanilla anytime.
  2. Updating the game causes less problems.
  • Q: Sybaris have a disadvantage?
A: Sybaris has the following disadvantages:
  1. Many plugins for Sybaris are only available in japanese language.
  2. Some Reipatcher plugins are incompatible with Sybaris, such as Unified Translation Loader.
  • Q: Requires Sybaris the use of Reipatcher?
A: No


For an easy installation you can download Sybaris Starter Pack 1.52.
This Package contains:

  • Sybaris support v1.52+
  • Plugins
  • Translator
  • Uncensor

1. Download Sybaris or Sybaris Starter Pack
2. Copy opengl32.dll and Sybaris folder into the game folder. example: C:\KISS\CM3D2
Please use opengl32.dll according to version game you play.

  1. cm3d2_e_317\opengl32.dll for the 64bit version (x64).
  2. cm3d2_e_317\x86\opengl32.dll for the 32bit version (x86).

SybarisArcEditor is optional. This program will allow you to view and edit .arc files.

Basic Plugin

1. Download Basic Plugin or Sybaris Starter Pack
This Package contains:

  • MaidVoicePitch Plugin
  • ExternalSaveData Plugin
  • FastFade Plugin
  • AddModsSlider Plugin
  • ExternalPreset Plugin
  • ConsistentWindowPosition Plugin (Optional)
  • EditSceneUndo Plugin (Optional)
  • LogWindow Plugin (Optional)
  • PersonalizedEditSceneSettings Plugin (Optional)
  • SkillCommandShortCut Plugin (Optional)
  • VoiceNormalizer Plugin (Optional)

2. Copy .dll files in folder Loader and Plugin\UnityInjector from basic plugin to sybaris in game folder.

  1. cm3d2_h_58\ReiPatcherレス化プラグイン一式170606\Sybaris\LoaderCM3D2\Sybaris\Loader
  2. cm3d2_h_58\ReiPatcherレス化プラグイン一式170606\Sybaris\Plugin\UnityinjectorCM3D2\Sybaris\Plugins\UnityInjector

3. Copy files in folder Plugin\UnityInjector\Config to CM3D2\Sybaris\Plugins\UnityInjector\Config in game folder.
4. For optional plugins, you can install them by copy .dll files in Sybaris\Loader\オプション and Sybaris\Plugins\UnityInjector\オプション from basic plugin into Sybaris in game folder.

Note: FastFade Plugin will change the display of the game. If you don't need to use the plugin, then shouldn't be installed.

Translate Plus Plugin

1. Download Translate Plus Plugin or Sybaris Starter Pack
2. Copy files below in the translate plus folder to these folders.

  1. CM3D2.TranslationPlus.Sybaris.Patcher.dll ➡ CM3D2\Sybaris\Loader
  2. CM3D2.TranslationPlus.Hook ➡ CM3D2\Sybaris\Plugins\Managed
  3. CM3D2.TranslationPlus.Plugin ➡ CM3D2\Sybaris\Plugins\UnityInjector

3. Translate Plus Plugin is require a translate data to run with the plugin. you can find translate data in HF or Sybaris Starter Pack, then put a translate file into Sybaris\Plugins\UnityInjector\Config (for system text translate, go to step 2)

  1. Create a new folder "Assets" and put translate files into Sybaris\Plugins\UnityInjector\Config\Assets.
  2. Create a new folder "String" and put translate files into Sybaris\Plugins\UnityInjector\Config\Strings.
  3. Create a new folder "Texture" and put translate files into Sybaris\Plugins\UnityInjector\Config\Texture.

YASDPlus Plugin

First Step: Prepare File
1. Download Soft-Demosaic Plugin (Password: byreisen)
Copy file CM3D2.NoMosaic.Plugin.dll from the CM3D2.NoMosaic folder to CM3D2\Sybaris\Plugins\UnityInjector
2. Next Step (If you have Sybaris Starter Pack, skip to step 3)
Download Female Uncensor-Menelol(R4) (Password: 4HF)
Download 適当ツールまとめ

  1. Go to folder Girl Uncensor\UnityInjector\config of Female Uncensor-Menelol, find all .png file inside the folder.
  2. Import .png files in Female Uncensor-Menelol folder to program [CM3D2]tex←→png変換.exe in cm3d2_d_84\[CM3D2]適当ツールまとめ then convert .png to .tex, doing all the files until complete.
  3. Go to folder CM3D2\Sybaris\GameData, create a new folder "FemaleUncensor" then pull all .tex uncensor files from converts into this folder.

You can skip this step, If you don't need to male uncensor. but If you need to do the following:
3. Download ManTNP or Sybaris Starter Pack
then put male uncensor into CM3D2\Sybaris\GameData folder.

Second Step: Installation
1. Download YASDPlus Plugin or Sybaris Starter Pack
2. Copy file cm3d2.yasdplus.plugin.cs into folder Sybaris\Plugins\UnityInjector\AutoCompile. when opening the game, the game will generate this files below

  1. cm3d2.yasdplus.plugin.dll in Sybaris\Plugins\UnityInjector
  2. yasd.ini in Sybaris\Plugins\UnityInjector\Config

When you get the above files, YASDPlus Plugin installation have been completed.
Note: You can setting uncensor in the game by opening yasd.ini file in Notepad. See the setting from here.