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all characters are at least 18

Custom Maid 3D [edit]

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To enter the H mode you have to first choose location and what activities you want to do. At first you will have only one location and some basic activities. You will have to unlock any additional activities and locations by leveling up your maid and her current activities.

Room Selection

There are 9 rooms in total (4 added through updates and packs). There is a special category of H events in certain rooms:

  • Play Room
  • Bath
    • Bathing skills can only be used here.
  • Courtyard
    • Exhibition skills can be used here.
  • Stage
    • 3P skills, Yuri skills, and Exchange skills can be used here.
  • Poolside
    • Pool positions, 3P skills, and Yuri skills can be used here.
  • Basement
    • SM skills can only be used here.
  • City
    • Exhibition skills can be used here.
  • Cosplay Square
    • Exbibition skills can be used here.
  • Living Room
    • 3P skills, Yuri skills, and Exchange skills can be used here.
  • Toilet
    • Toilet Skills
  • Mansion (NEW)

Planning Screen

Skill selection

When you enter the planning screen you will see a window with tabs on the left, empty bar on the bottom and a "Accept" button. Sone of the tabs are always grayed out because they require specific location (e.g. SM is available only in the basement). In the middle part of the screen you can see the available positions. Each position has a colored name as well as a number value (---/---). Left number stands for the current experience value, the right number is the amount needed to level up.


There are 3 colors that skill can have. Leveling the skill up will change its color until it turns red.

  • Blue names are new things your maid is not familiar with.
  • Yellow names are things she's done once or twice but isn't skilled yet.
  • Red names are positions she is skilled at.

Yellow skill will have extra actions unlocked while red skill will unlock a completely new skill most of the time. In most cases, you can level up a skill to Red by choosing it 4 times and doing well during all of those 4 times. Maximum skill level is 9, high levels usually don't unlock anything new. Performing actions in a certain position will add skill points. After you get enough points skill will level up. How fast you can raise those points depends on player skill, maid's stats, and her current level.

Letters or numbers are often included by the skill's icon, indicating certain characteristics of a pose.

  • V is for vaginal
  • A is for anal
  • AV is for both vaginal and anal
  • C is for customer trade
  • F is for fellatio
  • H is for handcuffed
  • D/DI with dildo
  • Numbers indicate a variation of a certain pose.

Servitude, Reason, and Pleasure

File:CM3D H.jpg During H mode on the top of the screen you can see 3 bars:

  • Servitude (how many actions you can perform, recharges when you change the activity)
  • Reason (If it falls below 60 maid will lose purity and elegance. If it falls down to 0 the encounter will stop. It doesn't recharge between activities)
  • Pleasure (You need at least 80 to cum, starts at 0 and doesn't recharche between activities)

Hovering over an action will tell you how much Servitude it will take. Try to plan out your moves somewhat ahead. The Servitude needed will eventually lower with the position's skill and girl's stats. The middle bar, Reason, will go down with most of the actions. If fully depleted, the current and all other positions planned that day will be cancelled as she is tired out. Unlike Servitude, Reason will not reset itself to max with each position, it is up to the player to bring it up.

Most penetration/sex positions have a "rough" and a "gentle" version of penetration or otherwise. As well as a "pull out" option.

  • The rough option will raise Arousal quickly, but Reason will lower quickly as well. This option takes the most Servitude. Related skills will raise faster but tends to lower Elegance/Purity for most positions
  • The gentle option will raise Arousal slower, but will raise/keep Reason the same. It also takes less Servitude.
  • The pull out option will raise Reason up dramatically, but will lower Arousal dramatically as well. This is best used after orgasm, which drains Reason greatly

NOTE: Some positions do not have these options, mainly posing/some 3P positions. In this case, end the scene early if her Reason is dangerously low and use options that take less Reason from her. Remember to start those actions with high reason! Arousal can be increased almost every time you do something that makes the maid enjoy it. It will decrease if you stop the act or pull a sex toy or your penis out. When reaching # Attended 21 and 41, her Arousal meter will expand, giving you the option to have "store" multiple orgasms for later use. And later on bring her to negative Arousal, usually from Abuse/SM position actions.

Arousal has two levels. The first level is a two part bar. The second level is a four part bar with 3 orgasms levels and 1 negative level.

If Arousal is at the second level and it goes to the negative values almost every action you do will increase the Northeast side of her character graph and she will complain at you for being unsatisfied.

Stat Increase/Decrease

As stated before, rough actions will raise stats higher for the most part. Gentle actions may not increase it at all or less than the rough actions. All orgasms outside will lower Elegance and all orgasms inside will lower Purity. Some positions can lower these dramatically, such as customer trade positions. You can increase those with the Pose position or ranking up in Maid Examinations.

Depending on certain stat combinations or positions, it's possible to lose amounts in other stats in well.

  • You can lose Elegance and Purity when actions are made with low Reason.
  • You can lose other stats when actions are made with Purity very low or at 0.

Personality Change


Some actions will make a ring when selected, sometimes after conversation in the hostess room and sometimes during sex. Abusing her in sex scenes will tend to move the personality Southeast(Down and Right) of the current position on the grid.

Treating her kindly in sex scenes will tend to move the personality Northwest(Up and Left) of the current position of the grid.

Trade sex scenes can shift the personality Southwest(Down and Left) of the current position on the grid.

Once the Yellow Dot reaches the edge of another personality, it will move to the far corner of that personality. The same area that is chosen when you first choose a personality for the girl. After that the girl will ask if you want her to change her personality.

When a personality change occurs, it will affect her voice, behavior and some stats while you have sex with your maid.

Command Log

Saves all actions used during the position. Can be chosen to replayed during Skill Selection for fast track leveling. It is usually dangerous to chain those as reason might go below 60 or even get depleted. If your maid gains a sex level while log is in effect, it will reset the log, if you do not re-save your log, you cannot use it again and have to input it manually after you choose that particular act again. You should notice the log reset when the left log (from the right one from the results) are all zero, that's the cue for it.

Take note of the second number value on the log, this is the Reason stat. Be sure that if you stack multiple positions that it won't automatically bring Reason down to zero.