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Content Information

What Will Gameplay Be like?

Gameplay uses a mixture of play styles from two different approaches to life sim games. I like the freedom offered by very open map-based games like Girl Life, but also find that managing every aspect of a normal life each day gets boring and/or tedious pretty quick. On the other end of the spectrum are games like New Life, where activities/actions are chosen in advance. Those games seem to have the opposite issue, where it feels like too little control over the player character. Instead, I’m aiming for a sort of hybrid approach.

Each week, players will be presented with a week planner to schedule certain activities and arrange social activities like dates or hanging out with friends. Most of the boring things like cleaning, shopping for groceries, and the like will be handled easily from the planner in exchange for time. Dates and get togethers can be canceled during the week, and play as an event chain. Work is mostly skipped except for story items. Outside of that, players interact with the world using a map system. Walk around downtown, visit stores, go to a bar, or whatever they feel like doing. Activities take time, and while the player can choose to stay out late, eventually they are forced to go home (or to a bed, at least) to sleep.

Map activity can lead to scripted events (like dates) that use the player’s free time. At the end of the week is the week summary, which covers changes that happened during the week, like decaying or improving relationships, work performance, and health. The process repeats again with the week planner for the next week.

Will There be Pictures or Video?

There will not be video (or animated gifs) in Accidental Woman for sex scenes or during normal play. Similarly, there will not be pictures for sex scenes either. It’s time consuming to find media that matches the specific variation of a scene, not to mention issues of copyright and quality. Considering the amount of variables governing NPCs and the PC, it would quickly become a nightmare.

Content will consist mostly of descriptive text, particularly sex scenes. Art is planned for AW, though the quantity/scope will depend on the kind support of Patreon backers. The game Maps will have art no matter what, the actual top-down map view, as well as an image of the location. (The game already has this in the Bullseye map, though substitute location pictures are being used.) I will do these location images myself if necessary, I’m an okay artist. If possible I’d like to find an artist with an ideal style to create all the images to tie everything together. The maps themselves will be done by me, though I’m a little more used to physical media for maps and landscapes. (meaning I’ll probably go back and do revisions/improvements)

Wish List Art:

   * I would like to have some portraits made of key NPCs like Lily and others. (including NPCs with variable personalities)
   * Next up is portraits of generated NPCs. This will take a LOT of portraits, and will likely be somewhat cartoony. NPCs will have a random portrait assigned that matches their general characteristics.
   * I REALLY want to have a vector-art style full-body picture for the PC. A sort of just-out-of-the-shower nude, as hairstyle and other factors increase difficulty. Basically various size breasts, ass, hips, shoulders, and belly, with different levels of muscle, fat, hair length, pubic hair, and hair color. Trap Quest’s use of this is pretty amazing, but I’m not expecting a similar style.
   * If it becomes possible, it would be great to have a similar vector-art style for NPCs. The PC version could likely be used for female NPCs, but an additional male set would be necessary. 

What Kinky Stuff is Okay?

Pretty much everything. As long as it doesn’t force itself on players, or blatantly break the setting of the game, I’m fine with it. I’m not going to try and judge what is or isn’t “okay”, or what is sexy or not. Different strokes for different folks. Either I limit the game to my own personal tastes (where’s the fun in that?) or I just accept everything. I’m going for the latter.

BUT… I’m not a superhuman with the ability to actually write all of the kinks out there. There’s plenty I don’t understand on an emotional level, tons I probably don’t even know about, and some that are a squick for me personally. I could try to write content for those, but let’s be honest… It would suck. (It would also add exponentially to development time to try and add in content for the wide list of more common kinks.)

This doesn’t mean I’m unwilling to add it, even stuff I don’t care for, but I won’t try to write it. For that sort of content I’m going to rely on players to submit the content for the kink/s they want in the game. As long as the writing is decent, and it doesn’t try to brain-rape players, I’ll try to get it added. (Limited by the code/time of course, but I’ll try to work with authors on making stuff fit.)

To reiterate... OKAY: snuff, canibalism, pedoshit, rape, violence, torture, scat, etc. etc. NOT OKAY: aliens abducting the pc and taking them to a sasquatch gangrape until mutant refugees from the zombie apocalypse arrive and eat everyone.

Will Content be Limited to M/F only?

No. M/F will be the first to receive attention, but eventually there will be F/F as well. The F/F content will naturally be a little more limited for anatomical reasons, but otherwise should be similar. There are also some threesome/orgy scenes planned, and there could be more content if submitted by the community.

Can I Play as A Man or Futa?

No. This is actually a tall order. It would require extra writing in every sex scene, lots of extra writing elsewhere, and additional mechanics. Having a male pc would be even more work. Lily is my way of adding some futa content without all the development of a PC futa option. When we reach the "fetish stage" of development, I'm planning on using polls to find out the most desired extras that aren't in the base content. So I won't say it will never happen, but it's also not likely. Some things have to be left out to meet a reasonable development schedule. When the base game is finished though, it might be nice to start development on an “expansion” that includes options to play as a man or futa.

It might be possible to include a “non-functional” futa PC, though it would be somewhat limited in scope. To me, it seems like it’d be a drag to be able to play a futa character, but then not have any of the potential impregnation content. I’ll be putting some more thought into the subject. I really WANT a full futa PC option, but also don’t want to drag out development.

What Kinks/Content Will You actually Include?

It’s important to me to avoid feature creep by committing to extra content. I have a plan for the “essential” content I’m going to add, and plans to add in user submitted content. In addition, I plan on using polls towards the end of development to determine what extra I should add within the planned timeframe. If it isn’t on the list below, it’s welcome, but I don’t have time allotted to put it in.

   * Basic Vanilla sex with a good deal of variation and scene content. Several sex positions including variants of: missionary, doggystyle, cowgirl, standing, bent-over, side-by-side.
   * Sex content involving PC with male or female NPCs (F/M, F/F). Instances of scripted group sex/orgy scenes (sex cult), and at least minimal threesome support.
   * Heavy pregnancy/impregnation content, including birth control sabotage.
   * Prostitution, though scenes/avenues for performing will be limited.
   * Anonymous sex via gloryhole and sex club
   * Exhibition content including public sex.
   * Differing levels of dubious consent, non-consent, and rape/assault. More content for softer stuff. (limited to victim side)
   * Body modification via drugs (and limited amount of surgery), including very-oversized assets.
   * Limited amounts of submission/dominance content in addition to basic options in vanilla scenes.
   * Cheating, open relationships, and polyamourous romance.
   * “Standard” content like Anal, Oral, Titfucks, etc.
   * Several other items that I don’t have time to type at the moment, will complete when I have my notes. :)

What is “the Institute”?

It’s the Thornton Institute for Technology, Information, Engineering, and Science. (Because long acronyms are fun, and it almost spells titties.) Basically, it’s an organization heavily involved with the government, subsisting mostly on government research grants and secret project funding. It’s not exactly evil, just like Lockheed Martin and other corporations and organizations involved with the government aren’t evil. The Institute isn’t exactly a bastion of safe and ethical behavior though.

Part of the concept for Appletree came from a show on the Sci-Fi channel called “Eureka”. Obviously not as crazy with new inventions, and plenty more sex, but the idea of a secluded town filled with “less-than-normal” people kind of came from that show.

Gameplay Questions

How is the player character customization expected to work in the game?

There are a few different types of character customization, and the type of customization affects how the game will actually implement customization.

Physical: Physical customization is easy, as parser functions allow describing the pc based on their characteristics. With a few minor exceptions, the appearance or body of the pc won’t really impact play. (Need boobs to give a tit fuck, ugly characters won’t be as attractive to NPCs.) Of course, every scene won’t describe every part of the player’s body, but it also won’t be so vague that it feels like the traits don’t matter. Using parser functions will make most physical attributes really easy to include.

Personality: This is the one that can become a real mess, and also why character creation has these items broken up into two groups. There is your personality, and personality traits. Personality describes who your character is, while traits describe small aspects of your character. Personality has only 2 variables: Extroversion and Openness (with Libido and Willpower being an important-but-different 3 and 4.) It’s just not possible for me to write meaningful fiction while trying to incorporate a dozen personality factors. It would take far too long. This is why most RPGs use a small number of personality factors, and include a larger number of flags and/or use minor traits.

Like many modern RPGs, I don’t want to constrain players too much based on arbitrary personality settings. While I will use the personality factors to guide my writing, I don’t want to limit options much based on them. Like in most games, if you want to play a certain specific character, you have to avoid picking options that character wouldn’t pick.

‘Big 2’ Personality: Used in the writing the most, but primarily has impacts on your character’s mental health and the mechanics of relationships, employment, and others.

Non-Fixed Personality Stats: Willpower, Libido, Satisfaction, Loneliness, Need, Stress, and others. Have limited impact on the writing, usually related to small blurbs. These determine your mental health, and also what options are available for you. In many cases they work together to determine if certain options are available to you. A high-libido and low-willpower character will find willpower checks to stop a sexual activity more difficult.

Personality Traits: These are almost never used in the story content, with a few exceptions for when a particular trait is especially relevant. Mostly they are used to affect skills and skill checks. Skill checks are used to determine if a certain action is possible, or the odds of that action succeeding. Convincing your partner to go down on you requires a skill check. The difficulty of the check is based on the NPC. Having a trait like persuasive can make the check easier. Some personality traits only (or mostly) affect game mechanics, usually how your mental health is affected by certain things.

Sexuality: These will have occasional blurbs of extra writing, but are mostly intended to impact mechanics or act as “soft gates” to certain content. For the most part, a player’s actions will be up to them.

Wait… What?

Yes, I know I was talking about not wanting to limit the player, AND how some things would limit the player in the same answer. I suppose it comes down to the difference between the ability to take an action, and the ability to have that action succeed. Anyone can TRY to do something, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will succeed. When it comes to limiting options, I think there’s a difference between choices and actions. Personality won’t take away the choice to quit your job, for example, but it might limit your ability to have fun partying that night.

What’s Up With the PC Liking Men but Then Women?

The sexuality thing will be tough until more is written, but it's intended as a literary effect. The pc just went through a mind-boggling and extremely disorienting transformation. Rather than repeat variations of "I feel confused" the entire time, I'm using a little cognitive dissonance to make the players feel that confusion. The pc is legitimately attracted to men Monday night, swaps back to women on tuesday, and will keep flopping a bit through the introduction. Notice that the pc never mentions disliking a particular sex, just seems to be attracted to one more than the other. Officially, the pc will be bi, or however the player plays her. There's no actual "lesbian or not" setting or variable. It'll make more sense a bit later when the pc talks to Lily about the confusion near the weekend.

What Will Jobs Be Like?

Most of the stuff that happens at your job will occur “behind the scenes” though there will be events and a general story progression to most jobs. The Institute jobs will get the most attention, but you’ll also be able to work in some other jobs as well.

How do Bad Ends Work?

Bad ends aren't something that will pop up out of nowhere, so you probably won't be surprised by one. You definitely shouldn't be an "organ donor" when Lily asks, though. A bad end is planned to happen in 3 ways:

   * you let an important stat get perilously bad, such as becoming suicidal, incredibly ill, starving, etc. (organ donors won't get leeway at the triggering point, while non-donors get a brief window to recover.)
   * You let certain stats stay in a bad or "unhealthy" range for a long time, which introduces an increasing chance of a bad end triggering. (only organ donors)
   * You follow a storyline in a direction that results in a loss of your free will. (involves your choice, like choosing to become chattel or something.)

I also plan on implementing an autosave that occurs on the week planner screen

How Will Clothes Work?

In the week planner you’ll be able to create and save outfits from your wardrobe. (you should eventually be able to do this during the week at the cost of time.) You’ll be given options to pick a couple “default” outfits during the week planner. Before a date or similar event, you’ll get to pick from your saved outfits. During open map play, you can change to a new outfit in your bedroom.

The stats or attributes of a piece of clothing are based on its style, substyle, fabric, and to a lesser degree color. However, these stats are not always the same. The style, substyle, fabric, and color do not add or subtract a fixed amount from clothing stat values. Instead, each has a weighted random range of values to add or subtract. This means that two otherwise identical clothing items are very unlikely to have the same stats. This mimics clothing in real life, where small differences in style/design impact how good it looks. (Basically, not all black satin demi-cup bras look the same.)

The price of clothing is based on the type of clothing and its attributes, and there is a multiplier to change the price based on the store. Pricing is done outside the clothing generator to allow for things like sales. Currently, the price of clothing is based entirely on its stats, with no randomness, meaning that better clothing costs more. It's always possible to add some randomness later if desired.

Exposure is a numerical value representing how exposed relevant body parts are. In the case of a bras, blouses, and overwear, this is how exposed the breasts are. The scale goes from 0-completely covered, to 5-completely exposed. The areas in between allow for different levels of exposure. a low value may allow people to detect hard nipples, while a high value may be thin and sheer so that it hardly hides anything. Exposure is also affected by the "protection" a garment gives. An ultra sheer shirt may allow you to see everything, but wouldn't let you touch it directly, so doesn't have an exposure value of 5. In addition, exposure works based on the cumulative level of exposure for all the garments covering that part of the body. You can be wearing a cupless bra, and a transparent latex shirt, but your exposure level would still be extremely low if you were wearing a sweatshirt over those. (Unless you pulled the sweatshirt off, or hiked it up over your chest.)

Status is probably the neatest or most original mechanic when it comes to clothes in AW. Each clothing item has a range of possible status values based on the style, substyle, and fabric values. The status of a garment affects its primary stats. For example, a thin cotton tee-shirt would normally have a relatively-low exposure value, but could have that modified to be higher by being wet. A skirt could be hiked up, a shirt could be unbuttoned, panties can be pulled aside, or jeans could be unbuttoned, unzipped, and worn quite low. The value is coded to allow multiple status effects at the same time, such as being wet, torn, and unfastened all at once.

How Will Babies/Children Work?

The more pertinent question would be: “why the hell am I asking myself a question about one of the few things I’m pretty unsure about?” Honestly, I’m not exactly sure. I was kind of going with kids existing in the background, and not really affecting gameplay beyond a token impact to free time during the week.

Having real kids, the last thing I want are digital ones to take care of. At the same time, I realize that it might be something of interest to some people. Pregnancy/Impregnation is right at the top of the list of kinks I like, but it doesn’t really extend that far. Also, it would suck to have a kid, and be stuck for the rest of the game as a housewife or something. Not a bad thing to be, but kind of boring for a game.

If you have an idea on how to handle kids, let me know!

What is the Breast Size Scale?

A quick question: in your breast scale, what size would be considered DD? Is it E cup? or Big D? What scale do you use for the game?

AW uses the U.S. (modern) size scale, which is the same (in letters if not exact size) as the International size scale. In this scale, cup size is based on a difference of circumference from the band. Each larger cup size is 1 inch larger than the band size. This means that the difference in volume between cup sizes increases as the cup size gets larger. It also means that cup size is relative to band size. These are all (about) the same size/volume breasts: 30E, 32D, 34C, 36B, 38A. The AA cup size is a "fake" size, and refers to a cup less than 1 inch larger than the band, usually 0.5 inches.

To answer your question, E = DD and F = DDD. In the bra section of the store in the U.S., you'll usually see sizes denoted as either E/DD or DD/E on the tag, (also F/EE or F/DDD) but some manufacturers have refused to update. Also, the insane British scale exists to confound everyone.

A "small" size is one that is a little loose in the listed cup, but still too big to fit in the next smallest size. "large" means that it barely fits.

Development Questions

Will You Gate Content for Patrons Only?

No. Content will not be gated. The only thing that will be restricted to patrons are extras like cheats that don’t prevent you from playing the game.

What Sort of Release Schedule Are You Expecting?

Eventually I’d like to settle into a schedule of weekly releases with a single public release monthly.

How Will Development Progress?

It all started with game design, where I roughed out a general conception of what I want the game to be and how I will make that work. Once I had that down, I started building the actual framework of the game. Development will progress in a series of stages that outline the general focus I will have in development. Note that while I may not be focusing on content during a certain stage of development, this doesn't mean that I won't be adding content from contributor submissions.

Stage 1: Framework - build the basic mechanisms that allow the game to be playable. This includes character creation, clothing system, npc generation, basic home system, week planner and progression, pc status, and basic activities.

Stage 2: Expanded Framework - build NPC essential NPC interaction, create major locations in Appletree (stores, club, bar, gym, park, cafe, sex store, hotel, Bullseye), develop modular sex scene system, expand PC status to game effects and skill building, build work/job system

Stage 3: Content - add content to existing framework, permanent NPCs, flesh out Lily's story and interactions, add prostitution and sex club content, add content to job, add home items/luxuries content, expand housing options, expand date system

Stage 4: Fetish - complete existing fetish systems and add more obscure ones, add fetish content, expand sex system and date system to include fetish content and more diversity.

Stage 5: Flesh - flesh out existing sex and interaction content with more random text to increase diversity of interaction and sex scenes. Create permanent NPC storylines to build their characters. Implement NPC story system to give generated NPCs backgrounds and storylines.

Stage 6: Random - Implement random event system by adding random event content. Add variability to all content with different event/NPC story progressions based on choice, circumstances, and randomness.

Stage 7: Flags & End - round up game ending flags, and create flags as appropriate to existing content. Write ending system content to describe numerous potential endings. (main endings, and wide range of details based on flags.)

What’s your take on dealing with planned, but incomplete, content?

It depends on the situation. In many cases, I will be putting placeholder text. It isn’t pretty, but I think it’s better to have the mechanics in place (with content incomplete) than to wait for an entire module or chunk to be done prior to releasing it.

A lot of times, particularly early on, you’ll see placeholder links or minimal text. I’ll be putting out things that don’t quite work yet. I think that development will go faster that way.

Why Twine? Why not Java/AS/Etc?

Twine is a pretty convenient platform for interactive text games. Unlike a Java exe/jar or Flash Actionscript, Twine is based on HTML and thus is more supportive of displaying text by default. It also supports CSS styling, and makes displaying varying text easier. It supports using images and videos, and uses a simple point and click interface that anyone can use. It's also platform independent, meaning you can play the game on PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and even some other devices like smart TVs. It's also completely free for commercial use, and allows the use of Javascript in your game.

It also helps that I became familiar with Twine and Sugarcube while contributing to Free Cities and Pregmod, which allowed me to jump right into development with this game.

There are downsides to Twine, but they aren't insurmountable. The available interface is a little limited, limited mostly to HTML forms but without drop down boxes. Multimedia resources have to either be hosted online or provided in a directory structure, and generally don't work on mobile platforms. (something I want to find a fix for)

General Questions

I’m Seeing Tons of Variable Names and Nothing Works, What’s Up With That?

Probably a browser issue, most likely. In the past, closing your browser and clearing the cache has seemed to work. It hasn’t actually happened to me yet, even with Free Cities, but lots of weird things can happen between twine and your browser. Of course, I’d appreciate any bug report you’re willing to give!

Who Is ThaumX?

I’m a grown-ass-man probably too old to be writing porn games. On a more serious note, I’m a fairly (not really) normal person with a wife and kids and a job in IT. I’m a disabled veteran, I served in the USAF for just over 6 years. I’ve been working on one project or another for years, I’ve had a pretty wide range of interest. I live on a tiny island in the Pacific ocean called Guam. It’s 30 miles across in the longest direction, and 6 at the shortest. The climate is a little like Hawaii, but hotter and generally shittier. There is an old German guy though that imports some awesome beer, so there’s that.

Why Do You Have A Patreon, Can’t You Do This For Free Like Game X?

I’m not ThaumX, guardian saint of porn. I’ve done a lot of stuff for free, and I’m even giving AW away for free too. But there’s a difference between doing something every once in awhile for fun, and getting paid to do something. It’s a pretty big difference, and not just because it makes it easier to convince my wife to leave me alone to work on it.

Really though, there’s just something about a donation bucket that triggers my obsessive work ethic. When a situation comes up, and I have to choose between some other activity (like drawing) or working on the game, it’s suddenly a lot easier to decide what to do. I can also pass up freelance work pretty easily when I know I’m getting paid to do this instead.

Probably the biggest deal is just knowing people are really interested in what I’m doing. I tried working on another project a while back called Life and Love Between the Stars, which is/was a visual novel. I told myself I’d get to a certain point before ever showing it to the public. Friends and family liked it, but that’s also a somewhat limited pool of feedback. I finished it to the point I had planned, but by the time I did, I just didn’t feel it anymore. That’s not something I want to happen to Accidental Woman. Patreon is my insurance policy in case I do hit a hard spot, to keep me bound to the project.

Are You Dedicated to Working? How Much Time Will You Spend On Development?

I’m dedicated, of course, and I’ll probably end up spending too much time on development. I know it sounds like standard bullshit, but my usual problem is actually wearing myself out working, rather than not getting things done. In fact, I’m working on writing this thing right now when I should probably be getting ready to sleep for my hellish travel home starting (retardedly early) tomorrow morning.

Hopefully, you’ll give me enough of a chance to just hang out and watch so that you can see for yourself. I don’t expect anyone to just take my word for it :)

Oftentimes, people don’t realize how much work goes into making something. People who do know often think that a project is impossible or will never be finished. I KNOW that AW is a big project, making something worthwhile is rarely quick and easy. I also know that a lot of what I am hoping for depends on community support in the form of fetish/scenario writing. If you doubt the project or my ability to do it… I don’t blame you, and I won’t try to convince you. Hopefully my work will speak for itself, and everyone will be able to enjoy the game.

Discord Server Q&A ^.^

Pregnancy Duration


yo first question time

ik this is probably way in the future but...

how long are pregnancies going to last in terms of turns?

and will pregnancy hormones or w/e have an effect on gameplay


well there aren't really "turns" so to speak. Game flows from day to day, but I suppose a week would be the best time unit to use.


Pregs will last the default natural duration of 38wk from ovulation, but players can do things to shorten that, or take the mutation to shorten it, or do all of the above and become some sort of baby factory


hehhh cool!!

so does that mean that you expect average games to last upwards of 50wks (once all content has been added)?


The earliest a game should end is 52 weeks. Players will probably be shoveled into a "decided to stay a woman by default" ending at about 156 weeks.

      • except bad endings, those can happen way sooner
      • especially if you're an organ donor

Being an Organ Donor


but how does... donating your organs mean that you'll be subject to bad endings


because if people are legally able to take your organs when you're dead, in the world of AW, that means that there's a lot less motive for certain people to keep you alive...

Razgriz Gundam-09/01/2017

also hides evidence


It's more of an in-story version of turning on "hard mode" rather than actually losing organs

Points for Character Creation


Do you plan to use points for character creation(kinda like Free Cities) or leave it free as it now?


outside of skillpoints, it'll be free. I see no reason to limit people's characters they want to play, more like my philosophy is that people should be able to have fun playing all sorts of different characters without worrying too much about stats or anything else.

The roleplay challenges are a little different, but in that case your character is made for you to fit the challenge.

Gaining Sexual Traits (Kinks)


I have a question, you can gain sexual traits in the future of the game? Or are these permanent?


Most sexual traits are set at the beginning of the game and stay that way. Certain traits can be "learned" by certain story interactions or as part of a side effect/disease, including traits that aren't available at the start. Finally, the "slut" chain of traits go along with sex addiction and can be added that way.

Is Lily A Love Interest


Will lily be a love interest?

Razgriz Gundam-09/10/2017

I would hope so


yes, lily is absolutely a love interest, though as a "permanent" NPC, also more challenging than standard romance

Use Clit to Penetrate?



Question: will we be able to use clit to have sex?

To penetrate.

Or grow a full fledged Penis in addition to female equipment (futa/herm)


officially, no. but I may add that in as a variation of a strapon.

Not Wearing the Sweatpants

devindev-Last Monday at 5:25 PM

cool cool

when Lilly gives me sweat pants to wear, If I dont click it, nothing bad happens. I'm left wondering did I go to the mall in my old clothes?

Razgriz Gundam-Last Monday at 5:31 PM

you go there in PJs

ThaumX-Last Monday at 5:31 PM

nope. Totally went wearing pajamas, you person of walmart, you

devindev-Last Monday at 5:33 PM

Ok, I only ask because there was no status text. Can always add that later. or snide comments from Lilly.

ThaumX-Last Monday at 5:36 PM

Yeah, the code that lets NPCs react to your clothes doesn't exist yet, and neither do random events. It'll get there eventually. For now, you can always see what you're wearing in the status view

What Happens to Your Children After Birth?

GreZZo-Last Thursday at 11:28 PM

What happen to all the children that you delivery?

ThaumX-Last Thursday at 11:28 PM

they swarm you.


Can Lily get you pregnant?

Sorter-Last Thursday at 11:31 PM

can she get the PC preggers?

ThaumX-Last Thursday at 11:31 PM


How Does Double-Womb Work?

Sorter-Last Thursday at 11:32 PM

and how will the double womb mutation work? Can the same person impreg both at the same time?

ThaumX-Last Thursday at 11:33 PM

2nd womb only becomes active once the first is pregnant, basically. same person could knock up both, but not in the same encounter

Twine History “Navigation Arrows”

Sorter-Last Thursday at 11:34 PM

well in Twine games that I have played they have left and right arrows on the top left corner

ThaumX-Last Thursday at 11:35 PM

oh, the history controls

Sorter-Last Thursday at 11:35 PM

they allow you to go back and forward from the current "page" you are in, remembering your choices and allowing you to possibly ...

I guess

ThaumX-Last Thursday at 11:36 PM

no, I won't be using those, in fact I had to put in javascript to disable them.

Sorter-Last Thursday at 11:37 PM

I guess I'd have to save spam ><

ThaumX-Last Thursday at 11:37 PM

history controls undo things, which causes problems

Sorter-Last Thursday at 11:37 PM

will you add relationship counters or something of the sort?

ThaumX-Last Thursday at 11:37 PM

particularly when you have a bunch of context menus, and you have "invisible" autoforwarding passages inbetween

Sorter-Last Thursday at 11:38 PM


the game can't remember the state it was in on the last passage?

ThaumX-Last Thursday at 11:38 PM

like you could try using the back arrow and basically kill yourself

Sorter-Last Thursday at 11:39 PM


ThaumX-Last Thursday at 11:39 PM

it remembers the state, but you can't get there because what you think of as the last passage isn't actually the last passage

Sorter-Last Thursday at 11:39 PM

how would the PC "die"?

ThaumX-Last Thursday at 11:40 PM

and there are separate code sections that AREN'T included in the history

if you were on a passage where you lost health, and you were already at low health, clicking backward could result in you doubling the health loss

(and leaving you on the same passage you started from)

basically... the way I'm using twine, and the way a lot of CYOA games use twine, are very different

If you look at Free Cities, you'll see that the history controls are disabled in that game too, for much the same reason When you se <<COPIED FROM ON 24-JAN-2018 @ ~19:00:00 CST>>