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all characters are at least 18

Yuusha [edit]





Technical Help



  • Q: How can I change the color of the characters in Yuusha or Yuusha Digital? I already have the Color 'expansion' installed.
    • A: Start the launcher and go to Options->Custom->Clothes.
  • Q: The guy comes in like three seconds and I'm using the English launcher 1.0?
    • A: This is a known issue. Mount/insert the dvd to have normal behavior or use TheShadow's English launcher 1.0A (or the Color/Item Pack 4 version) or up which fixes the issue.
  • Q: I get an error when I try to run YusyaDigital.exe?

Spoiler Warning

This section may contain spoilers! Reading this section might spoil some surprises in the game.

Game Modes

The Map

You move around on the map and should try to avoid the yuusha's (i.e. the heroines/girls) to level up. Read more about it in the Map section.

Posing Battle System

When you are in the same region as a yuusha, combat will begin. The combat system in Yuusha is carried out in a posing battle system.  The player controls Saga, The Demon King, and the player may either create their own attacks or use the premade ones. Read the Combat section for more about the battle system and how to design attacks.

H Encounter

If Saga loses a battle, the yuusha will attempt to steal Saga's life essence in a H Encounter. If Saga climaxes, one random level is drained and the yuusha's level rises. If Saga wins the battle, he escapes and can initiate H with Sefi, which will restore his HP and SP.

Read more about H in the H Guide.

Free Mode

Free Mode becomes available when you complete the game. During Free Mode you pick a girl, location, the mode and the skill. You enter H-mode and the scene only ends when you exit. There are the following modes:

  • Normal. This is the mode in normal H Encounters in the game. The yuusha can take control if you let her (no longer so with the Color 'expansion'). Posing works as described in the H Guide.
  • Female Dominant: The yuusha is in control and Saga's arms will be in a defensive state. The yuusha will remain in control after climax (no longer so with the Color 'expansion').
  • Male Dominant: Saga is in control and the yuusha will not take control. Posing works as described in the H Guide.
  • Ecstatic: The yuusha is in tongue out mode and will take control if you let her (no longer so with the Color 'expansion'). Posing works as described in the H Guide.

Read more about the effect of the skills and the H controls in the H Guide.

Yuusha Digital

Yuusha Digital is a free poser with many options and items that you can use to create rich scenes with. To run Yuusha Digital, you have to run the Yuusha Digital exe.

Note: You have to complete the game in order to run Yuusha Digital (or you can use the cracked English launcher by TheShadow).

Read more about Yuusha Digital in the Yuusha Digital section.

Privilege Disk - Botsu

Botsu is various animated scenes with several of the yuusha's 'abusing' Saga at once (and/or each other). There is almost no interaction (i.e. animation speed only) and virtually no gameplay (just a sequence of a few scenes).

Note: Botsu must be installed to a separate location than the main game or you will destroy both.


Saga and the yuusha (i.e. the heroes aka. girls) have various skills. These will increase (or decrease!) and new stuff will be unlocked.

From left to right they are:

  • Tairyoku (Stamina, HP - Hit Points)
  • Kiryoku (Willpower, SP - Spell Points)
  • Subayasa (Agility, AP - Attack Power)
  • Chikara (Strength)
  • Kijutsu (Magic)
  • Erosa (Eros Ability)

HP is pretty straight forward, you lose your HP's and you lose your battle.

SP is the pool you draw from to use any of your spells (yellow bubbles). The longer cast time spells use more SP.

AP or Attack Power is the green meter at the bottom of the screen during combat. From what I gather, your regular physical and magical attacks (blue and red bubbles) use this pool to cast. All of your abilities during combat will consume some of this meter. The higher the meter is, the higher damage you deal when one of your attacks hit. Also, the higher this meter is, the more damage you can block or avoid, as well as the higher your chance of being able to block or avoid damage. The higher your rank of Subayasa, the quicker this meter regenerates.

Chikara - Strength, this determines how hard your normal attacks hit (how much of your opponents HP are drained when a normal attack hits, red bubbles)

Kijutsu - Magic, this determines how hard your magical attacks hit (how much of your opponents HP/SP is drained, depending on attack, these are the yellow bubbles)

I couldn't say which, Chikara or Kijutsu affect your SP damaging attacks (blue bubbles during combat), since AP is what is needed to cast these attacks, not SP.

Erosa - The higher the rank of this, the easier it is to get the girls to orgasm. By rank S, it's easy to get the girls to orgasm 3 times to finish the scene without your meter going above 1/4.

Raising Skills

All skills besides erosa are raised by avoiding combat. Erosa is raised by making the girls orgasm 3 times. The yuusha also gain Erosa when they orgasm 3 times.

Losing Skills

Skill ranks can also be stolen from Saga by the yuusha. For each orgasm Saga has in an H-scene with them, he loses a rank at random, and the girl gains it. Saga's ranks can go no lower than C, but the girls will still gain the skill ranks.


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