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all characters are at least 18

Yuusha [edit]





Technical Help



  • Q: How can I change position to e.g. doggy?
  • Q: Sefi's orgasm meter is stuck at 90% and won't go any higher whatever I do.
    • A: Saga needs at least Eros level A to make Sefi cum a second time.
Whenever 'Yuusha' is mentioned here it is about the Heroines in the game, while 'girls' is about these Heroines and Sefi.

H Encounter

When Saga loses in combat to a Yuusha, the girl will try to steal Saga's lifeforce in a H encounter. When Saga wins the battle Sefi will show a heart above her head on the map and he has the option to click on Sefi (purple crystal) for an encounter with her instead. This does not count as a move in the adventure map, which makes it a free choice. Most actions between Saga and one of the girls are the same, but there is one big differance between Sefi and the Yuusha: Saga cannot excite Sefi while she is in control.

H Encounter Result

  • Yuusha: Each time Saga cums during an encounter against holy sex magic, he loses a rank in a random stat, and that girl will gain it, making her tougher in later battles. Because a virgin won't cum, she'll always steal a rank on the first encounter. After their first encounter, the Yuusha will attempt to make Saga cum twice. The encounter will end after total a of 3 orgasms between Saga and the Yuusha. When the girl cums three times, Saga's stats are saved, and if she had a super orgasm, both he and the girl gain rank in Eros.
  • Sefi: Sefi's sex magic is naturally as dark as Saga's, so there's no penalty for orgasm. Any H encounter with her will refill Saga's health and magic, but better performance opens better dialog, and may be necessary to complete the game. The encounter will end the first time Saga cums, or after making Sefi climax 3 times. Sefi starts with a higher Eros level, which means that their first encounters only ends when Saga cums, when choosen to do them. She will only come once and the next will be stuck at 90%. After reaching Eros level A Saga can make Sefi cum more then once, which makes a super orgasm for her possible too (she makes a suggestion in that direction after these first encounters). Sefi also will not take initiative (on command or on her own) as long as Saga's Eros level is below A.

Eros Skill

Basically this is the H ability of Saga, Sefi and the Yuusha.

Saga Eros Skill

The Eros skill determines how easy it is to get the girls to orgasm and how good Saga is at holding back. By rank S, it's easy to get the girls to orgasm 3 times to finish the scene without your meter going above 1/4. Saga start at rank C and increases his rank by H encounters and by making the Yuusha climax.

Yuusha Eros Skill

The Yuusha's will start at rank C, which means they are virgins and they cannot climax. With each H encounter they will gradually increase in rank. Higher ranks will allow BJ, 69 and Paizuri mode. The Yuusha will also require more of Saga's effort to climax at increased ranks.

H-Mode Control

Action Field

Saga can change position and do thrusting and grinding in H-scenes. The Action Field is used for controlling the action. The Action Field is a square in the top right corner of the screen. It is blue when Saga is in control and pink when a girl is in control.

When Saga is in control you can do the following with the mouse over the Action Field:

  • Left click for manual thrust.
  • Left click rapidly for quick thrusting.
  • Left click and hold, moving mouse in a circular pattern for manual grinding.
  • Scroll wheel: Auto-thrusting / auto-grinding (depends on the last action).
  • Left click to stop auto-thrusting / auto-grinding.
  • Middle-click to change position: Missionary to doggy, cowboy to reverse cowboy etc.
  • Right click: Saga's hands to default.
  • Right click and drag up/down: Change position, missionary to kissing missionary, things like that.

H Control Dial

H Control Dial

When in a H-scene you have the H Control on the bottom right.

From the top going clockwise the buttons are:

  • Toggle between who is in control, Saga or the girl.
  • Hyper mode.
  1. When Saga is in control and in auto-h this will speed up grinding to extreme speed and pleasure can rise very quickly too. This will also increase the pleasure rate in 'manual' grind mode. Be careful as it can make Saga climax really quickly. To time it right, look for when the girls bar is rising faster than Saga's bar.
  2. When the girl is in control this pauses Saga's pleasure rate for a short time.
  • Undress toggle. Click to undress/dress.
  • Bondage. Click to lock the current girls pose and partial animation. When bondage is enabled you can move her limbs without her changing pose. Can be used both when Saga and the girl is in control. Note: Bondage will reset at climax and when the girl takes the initiative.
  • Pause/View: Click to toggle complete stop of all action. Use it to get a better view only - no other actions or posing is possible when enabled.
  • Toggle Insertion Mode: Toggle between normal insertion or bj/paizuri/69 (randomly chosen, some yuusha's don't do paizuri).

Mouse Controls

When you mouse over Saga or the yuusha, the mouse cursor changes:

Purple Crystal (when over Saga)

The purple crystal appears when the mouse is over Saga's body.

  • Click and drag: Move the position in the observer X and Y plane.
  • Middle click and drag: Move them around their Y plane.
  • Right click and drag: Move them around their Z plane.
  • Hold A, S, or D and right drag: Rotate on X plane, Y plane, or sideways.

Green Crystal (when over a girls limbs)

  • Click and drag: Move the part around.
  • Middle click and drag: Move the part in its axis.
  • Right click and drag: Move the part in its axis (equivalent to middle click drag).

Spacebar (hold): Disables telekinetic fondling (hand) and the purple crystal (for moving Saga) for easier access to green crystals

Hand mode (when over a girls head, breasts, etc.)

  • Click / right click: use left / right hand to touch.
  • Click / right click and drag: fondle, can be used simultaneously.
  • (On breasts only) click and drag: fondle entire breast.
  • (On breasts only) right click and drag: torture nipple.
  • Click (during auto-thrusting): Change the Yuusha's arm positions.

Note:Mauling the girls' butt or boobs can also raise the pink bar.

H-Mode Basic Knowledge

For best effect, you need to alternate between grinding, slow and fast thrusting, while keeping a close eye on the excitement meter left on the screen. If one action doesn't increase the girls bar, then IMMEDIATELY try another. Cycle between the three and always do what brings her the max possible pleasure.

By doing this carefully, you should - with a little practice - bring the girls to the big O. Using the scrollwheel of your mouse in the action field will automatically repeat the last action; you can control speed by scrolling up and down.

A better alternative: Try left-clicking on the action field, which will thrust once and then wait until she has reached the top of the thrust animation. When she starts thrusting back at you, left click again and you will fall into a kind of natural rhythm. To maintain the rhythm you have to left click at that same time every thrust. It takes a little practice to get the timing right (exact timing makes a big difference), but it does seem to be a bit of an "I win" button with the ladies.

Sometimes neither grinding nor thrusting seem to have any effect on her arousal. Try switching positions if this happens.

Changing Position

When Saga is in control, basic position changes are made with a middle click within the action field: Missionary to doggy, cowgirl to reverse cowgirl etc. You can right click and drag within the action field to vary the current position: Missionary to kissing missionary and so on. You can then reposition Saga (purple crystal) to get all kinds of positions, like reverse cowgirl to standing doggy to kneeling doggy to raised from behind etc. etc..

Note that the girls will continue in the current position if she gains control, so to e.g. have a reverse cowgirl with her in control, you should change to that position and then transfer control (or wait for her to take it, with the risk that she swaps to her prefered position). As long as Saga manages to fill her excitement meter within a certain short time (ca. 1-3 sec. depending on his Eros skill) the girl will not take over the initiative.

Finally, you can click the Toggle Insertion Mode button to change insertion mode. The yuusha will randomly choose between BJ, 69 and paizuri*.

These are some of the available positions depending on who is in control and the Eros level of the girls:

  • Cowgirl
  • Kissing cowgirl
  • Reverse cowgirl
  • Missionary
  • Kissing missionary
  • Lifted missionary
  • Doggy
  • Standing doggy
  • Lifted from behind
  • BJ with him or her in control
  • BJ, with Saga holding her head (forced)
  • 69 with him or her in control
  • 69 with Saga's licking her
  • Lying paizuri with him or her in control
  • Standing paizuri with him or her in control
  • Many more depending on your imagination...

 *): Only some girls do paizuri. Eclair, Enis and Viara has not been found to do paizuri.

Raising Saga's Eros Skill

Having H Encounters will eventually raise Saga's Eros skill.

This unverified technique to raise Eros was posted:

  1. When you start [a H Encounter] don't press anything - let the girl do her thing when your bar goes up to about 2/10 of the way up, press the Horny pause thingy on the top right, do this until she Cums (note: sometimes she will try different things to get you Cum and her bar will pause, let yours go up a bit but after her bar starts to rise, spam the horny pause spell.)
  2. The second time around you will take over and have to try and manually fuck her brains out, but being careful to not Cum yourself, to get around this simply switch to foreplay mode. Don't press anything! wait about ten seconds eventually she will take over then switch back to Fuck mode. Let her do her thing similar to step 1.
  3. Well basically same as step 1 but you may need to repeat step 2 if you take over, your bar at this point may be higher by now but, just keep spamming the horny pause spell eventually she will CUM 3 times and you shall CUM NONE.!

Super Orgasm

Super orgasm is when the girl climaxes very loudly with the tongue out. She will remain in this state for the rest of the H encounter. It has a tendency to initiate during the end-stage of their second orgasm. The only requirement is to give the girl two orgasms in a row.

Removing Saga's Clothes

To remove Saga's clothes during H-scenes you basically got to switch and let the girl take the lead. Depending on her mood, she will sometimes remove Saga's clothes. Removing the girls clothes first seems to increase the chances she will do this, but her Eros skill is a more important factor, since removing clothes is a spell she needs to know.

Sefi Special Scene

To get the special scene, you have to do the following:

  • Make her climax three times. If that doesn't do it, try the following:
  • Basically you have to use the "Hyper mode" in a H encounter and finish to finish her off three times (I think finishing her with hyper the third and final time is most important). At the end you get a little of picture of Sefi hugging Saga saying how she loves him (aishiteru). This might be what triggers her helping Saga get SSJ3.
- if the little picture is orange and Saga hesitantly says aishiteru back, That scene can be gotten by making Sefi orgasm 3 times regularly. SSJ3 is the power up to beat the final powered up gilgamesh correct? It is a nice additional scene, but it is not required to finish the final boss.

More Controls

press C while mouse over action square = same as middle-click when Saga's in control, make the girl turn around


Q, W, E, R, T: Center on face, bust, pelvis, default, autorotate.

Free Mode

Below each climax meter on the top left, there is a pentagram and a heart.

  • Click the pentagram to toggle raising of climax on/off.
  • Click the heart to instantly set the climax to 90%.


F1 = Options.

1 = Background on/off.

2 = Saga on/off.

3 = Joystick on/off.

4 = Crosshair when moving camera on/off.

5 = Toggles visual cues for moving the Yuusha' extremities.


PrtScr or F11 = Screenshot (placed in /data/cap folder).

Alt+F4 = Exit Game (without confirmation).