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all characters are at least 18

Yuusha [edit]





Technical Help



Default Combat Controls

Combat control dial

When in combat you have the combat control dial (see picture) in the bottom left of the screen.

From the top going clockwise the buttons are:

  • Quick physical attack.
  • Slow, but more powerful physical attack.
  • Quick magic attack.
  • Slow, but more powerful magic attack.
  • Quick mind attack.
  • Slow, but more powerful mind attack.

These are the default settings which can be recalled in the pose editor, but also altered there in any way. Especially changing the fourth in a more powerfull magic attack (pentagram) is worth the trouble. As an easy reminder in game: the vulnerabilty is counter-clockwise.

Attack types

There are three types of attacks:

  • Physical (Red) - Damage HP, Strong vs. Mind. (Blue)
  • Magic (Yellow) - Damage HP and MP, Strong vs. Physical. (Red)
  • Mind (Blue) - Damage MP, Strong vs. Magic. (Yellow)

The effect of the attack is in part determined by the previous attack that was made. Vice versa, the attacker's vulnerability to a specific type of attack is in part determined by the last attack done by the attacker. You can determine the type of the previous attack from the color circle under the Yuusha.

For example, when you use physical attack (Red) on a Yuusha that just used a mind attack (Blue), you will do extra damage. Thus, if the enemy uses a mind attack on you again, you will take less damage because you used a physical attack previously.


To hit an enemy, you must attack faster than enemy. Any attack initiated during enemy attack period will count as counter and will most likely to miss. So you can use a quick attack to gain initiative, but light attacks are less effective since they do little damage and are less reliable. Better is to start a slow attack right after the enemy attacked. The enemy will most likely counter and miss, consuming AP in the process.

Both Saga and the yuusha can have the initiative three times in a row at max, but the third one will always miss. After these the initiative will always go to the opponent. This also means that, after two quick attacks from the yuusha, Saga has the time-window to start a slow, powerful attack without any risk of interruption.

Any enemy without MP will only be able to do physical (Red) and mind (Blue) attack, where only the physical attacks can damage your HP. So, a valid tactic (but not always the right one) is to use heavy magic attacks to drain MP. Then she will only be able to damage you by using physical attack and you have a defensive bonus while using magic attacks. Even after your MP is out, you will have no weakness as the yuusha still cannot use magic attack, and if she uses the mind (Blue) attack you will be unaffected (yeah, the AI is not too smart!).

Basic Strategy

Standing still will increase you chance of blocking. Counter-attacking leaves you less vulnerable to their attacks.

  • If I have frame advantage (meaning my attack starts before theirs) I just use a 3 frame "light" attack which sets up a counter attack.
  • If I don't have frame advantage then I just let them hit me with whatever.
  • If they hit me with a "light" attack I just take the damage - After any attack you should at least have a slight frame advantage to set up a counter hit. Hit them with my own 3 frame attack
  • If they start winding up "medium" (around 6 frames) or "heavy" (around 9 "frames") then I do nothing. Chances are they will either whiff or you will block if you just stand there.
  • If they attack with medium moves you can probably do a medium/heavy counter if you block/evade their attack. If you get hit and go into a bit of a hit stun, might want to either try a light counter or a just take their next attack and plan from there.
  • Heavy attacks have a huge recovery - so just counter-slam em with your hardest hitting move.

Random Combat Tips

It seems the safest way is to repeatedly hit them with fast attacks such as the default top one. Spamming that move worked well except against the large amazon who uses blue (magic?) attacks often. Having a full green bar allows you to block red (physical?) attacks and since short moves such as default top take so little green (stamina?) it regenerates quickly to block the physical spamming heroines.

For those who have trouble winning the fights, there's a cheap little trick:
Just wait for them to attack you with a hp attack and do nothing. You will most likely block the attack. Then counter with a fast hp attack (red circle button). Most of the time, the girl will then attack you again with an attack that you can dodge if you do nothing. Repeat. Win. Be liked by Sefi. Win again.
Works 90% of the time.

  • Three different kinds of attacks with 3 different elements. Circle - Light, Triangle - Medium, Star(Pentagram, whatever) - Heavy.
    • Light attacks can interrupt medium attacks if launched within the first few frames of the medium attack (Essentially, if you catch the attack within a couple of seconds, you can nailit)
    • Medium attacks can interrupt heavy attacks, given the same conditions above.
    • All interrupting attacks must begin within a brief 1-2 second window of the opponent's attack launching, or it will fail.
    • Light Attacks will NOT intercept Heavy Attacks. It will 'miss'.
  • The heavy attacks are slow-winding, 3-stage attacks. If you trigger a heavy attack within a few seconds of your opponent, you will sync with them, and strike simultaneously - you will both take damage. This is a prime opportunity to abuse the rock (red) > paper (yellow) > scissors (blue) to gain an advantage. If you pair a heavy attack of the proper color, you will deal an average of double the damage. This strategy is a lifesaver against the last boss, as with proper timing there is little to be done to defend against a heavy attack otherwise.
    • Heavy Attacks are especially difficult to defend against. If your combat rating is not high and you've missed the intercept window, prepare to eat damage.
    • Synching heavy attacks allows you to trade off damage with your opponent. In many cases, this is preferable to risking an intercept, as the window is wider. For many, this will be the only option against opponents that hit Heavy often (i.e. Last Boss).
      • To Sync a Heavy Attack, launch a Heavy Attack of your own as soon as you recognize your opponent's heavy attack. Unlike an intercept which has a small window, Synching a heavy attack can be done anytime within the first frame of the opponent's windup.
    • Heavy Attacks come in 3 flavors, Red > Blue > Yellow. If you match the proper element against your opponent, you WILL deal more damage with your heavy attack even if you have a lower combat rating than your opponent (so remember, choosing wrong hurts).

Designing Attacks

In the pose designer there are a total 9 pose slots available.

  • Saving poses to 1-3 will give you light attack
  • Saving poses to 4-6 give you medium speed attack
  • Saving poses to 7-9 will give you slow, but heavy attack.

First position of each pose slot (1, 4, 7) will determine the name, effect and power of technique created. Some will also affect by second position.

Note: The best type of attack may not necessary acquire filling all nine pose slots. If you set a pose to all slots you will get a heavy attack and more animation, but definitely not the most powerful one.

Pose Attributes

Each pose that you design will get combat attributes based on the complexity of the pose. The attributes go from C (worst), to S (best). They are:

  • Power
  • To-hit
  • Defense
  • Action Point cost (a numerical number indicating how much Saga need to spend of his Agility bar).

The combination of pose attributes and the attack type (light, medium or heavy) will determine the overall attributes of your attack. These are shown when you save/load the attack.

Using the Preset Poses

Single best preset pose is number 4 and 26 which give the rank B, B, B respectively. Put rank BBB pose in position 1 and 7, else in blank will give you the rank SSS, AP18 heavy attack. But using these preset move will give a very weird animation, so its better create your own Rank BBB pose. After you have created your best move, save it and and import to an attack button.

Creating a New Skill Translated

If you don't have the English translated interface (for some reason), this section may help.

Refer to the image.
Skill Menu Rough Translation
  1. make a pose
  2. make sure you choose a keyframe
  3. click register pose
  4. make another move
  5. make sure u choose another keyframe
  6. click register pose
  7. set skill type. red=physical, yellow=magic, blue=spiritual.
  8. save skill. You MUST save skill to be able to register it to be used in battle.
  9. choose one of the buttons in the bottom, the the one with either a O, triangle, or 6 sided star, where O=fast triangle=middle, star=strong... i think
  10. click Skill Registration. there your skill is registered to your shortcut.
  • The cancel button beside the register pose button is to remove a pose from a keyframe.
  • Power/accuracy etc come from length of skill/how many poses(frames) you use

->Original post: https://www.hongfire.com/forum/showpost.php?p=2027621&postcount=21

SPOILER: Lepist (Rupisuto/Gilgamesh)

Lepist is a Gilgamesh armor wearing creature that you have to defeat to win the game. Lepist's shadow may appear in various places. It is not possible to initiate combat with Lepist until all of Saga's stats are at rank S, after which it will wait at Danka Ruins. If Saga loses a rank to any of the yuusha, Lepist will disappear.

When you beat Lepist s/he will incarnate in a new, even more dangerous form. Lepist will do this three times and then it will turn into a "Super Saiyajin" and whoop Saga's ass.

How to beat Lepist

Below are various assorted tips that will help you beat Lepist. There are probably more ways to do it, so please edit this if you find any.

  • Wait for the attack and you will block it most of the time. Then just use the quick red attack right after he attacked.
  • One tactic I use on the last form was that I saved all my yellow attack for that battle. I simply kept using the basic yellow attack on her over and over. Once I my blue meter was out and I could no longer do yellow attacks, Lepist was at about 50% HP (I was about 65%). From there on out I just kept hitting her with red attacks (I use the small attacks often so she couldn't get a move in to often).
  • The strategy to spam yellow circle works, but if Lepist (Gilgamesh armor wearing thing) does not fall after you attack, don't spam it anymore. Just let him/her attack you. For some odd reason, I managed to dodge all of his/her afterward attacks. So if s/he doesn't fall, let him/her attack, and then counter attack.
  • Create custom moves in moves creator to get past the third incarnation. I mostly used the top 3-frame red attack, a custom 6-frame red attack, 10-frame red attack, and the 6-frame yellow attack.

  • This boss has 3 forms, as per typical JRPG fashion. All three are fought in succession, no break and no healing inbetween.
    • Be mindful of the first two forms. They are not powerful, but they are capable of clipping your health and mana, making the 3rd form that much harder.
  • Use the Editor to change the default Heavy Blue Attack to Yellow. Heavy Blue only deals mana damage and is worthless for this fight.
    • With that in mind, do NOT try to tank any hits from the 3rd form. You WILL take obscene amounts of damage. Sync every heavy attack you can, intercept every medium attack possible. If need be, sacrifice a couple of attempts simply to identify moves and practice countering them.

Super Saiyajin Level 3 (SSJ3)

When you have defeated Lepist three times it will turn into a "Super Saiyajin" and defeat Saga. But then Sefi steps in and makes that "level up noise" she likes to make and then she turns Saga into a SUPER SAIYAJIN LEVEL 3 Saga!

Then Saga basically just mop the floor with Lepist with an ultimate attack that does 99.999 damage.

How to get SSJ3

It is not known exactly what is needed. Here are some unverified findings:

  • Get all skills at ranks S. - This is needed in order for the last boss to appear for you to fight. If you can fight the last boss, the only thing to worry about is surviving round 3.
  • Get the Special Sefi scene, where she tells you she is your sister (see the H Guide).
  • Give Sefi a Super Orgasm (see the H Guide). I think finishing her with hyper the third and final time is important. At the end you get a little of picture of Sefi hugging Saga saying how she loves him (aishiteru). This might be what triggers her helping Saga get SSJ3.