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all characters are at least 18

Way" [edit]



The Gate of Summer


Legendary Ochimpo-san

Way LOS.png

Dubbed "The Legendary Penis" by Chucky, it's the only name he's known by in the prologue. After surviving a magical trial imposed by Chucky, his penis has become a living deity, and his left hand imbued with the necromantic powers to raise and command spirits.


Way Chucky.png
A kobold named, like every other kobold, Chucky. Also like every other kobold, he's small, mascot-cute, mostly harmless, and an inveterate letch who knows no shame.


Way Maud.png
A djinn in a form conjured by Azoth's magic, she finds herself bound by accident, or by fate, to the Legendary Penis. She serves as a reluctant yet insistent guide on his Quest.


Way Azoth.png

A wise old Archmage who aids and informs the Legendary Penis on his quest. An obsessive researcher into the unknown, barely restrained by ethics from unraveling the mysteries of the universe.

The Gate of Winter